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Personalized Learning in Corporate Training: What, Why, and How

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

The old-school, one-size-fits-all approach to training just doesn’t cut it anymore. Modern workplaces demand personalized learning, which is far more than just another educational buzzword. It's a transformative strategy that tailors corporate training to each employee's unique needs and interests, ensuring they get the right skills at the right time.

So, why does your company need personalized learning? What challenges might you face, and how can GoSkills help tailor your training strategy? We’ll delve into these questions and reveal how personalized learning can transform your approach to employee development.

What is personalized learning, and why is it important?

Personalized learning is an educational approach that caters to the unique characteristics, preferences, and needs of each learner. It involves adjusting the pace, approach, and content to match individual learning styles, skill levels, and personal goals. This flexible and targeted method is particularly effective in corporate environments, where the diversity of skills and knowledge across the workforce is broad.

Adopting a personalized learning approach can bring a host of benefits to your organization, such as:

  • Enhanced engagement: Tailored content connects more effectively with learners, significantly increasing their interest and active participation in training.
  • Accelerated skill development: Personalized learning targets specific needs, speeding up skill acquisition and effectively closing skill gaps.
  • Increased training efficiency: By focusing on areas that require improvement, personalized learning reduces time spent on familiar topics, enabling learners to advance at their own pace.
  • Improved knowledge retention: Relevant and role-specific materials enhance learners’ ability to absorb and retain information, making learning more impactful.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Despite its individualized approach, personalized learning can be applied broadly across large organizations thanks to learner-centric systems like learning experience platforms (LXPs), which provide scalable and flexible solutions.
  • Optimized resource utilization: Personalized learning paths ensure that training resources are allocated effectively, maximizing ROI by concentrating efforts on necessary areas of development.

Key strategies for implementing personalized learning

These benefits sound great, right? Let's explore some ways you can tailor the learning experience at your company to reap them.

1. Conduct a skills gap assessment before training

A skills gap assessment provides a solid foundation for any personalized learning program. It ensures that the training you develop is precisely targeted to fill those gaps and enhance your team’s capabilities. Begin by accurately identifying your workforce's current skills and pinpointing the areas that need development.

GoSkills enables learners to take an initial test before enrolling in any course. This initial assessment provides a personalized skills analysis, pinpointing their current strengths and weaknesses and offering tailored recommendations to enhance their overall skill set.

GoSkills' initial test assesses learner skills, offering personalized recommendations to enhance their skill set.

2. Create targeted assignments

Once you have a clear understanding of your team's skill gaps, tailor assignments that directly address these areas. Creating specific, focused tasks not only makes the learning experience more relevant but also ensures that every minute spent training is effective and directly beneficial to improving job performance.

Using the Assignments feature in GoSkills LMS, administrators can easily assign specific courses to individual learners or teams. Simply access the assignment tab, select the desired courses, and begin the assignment process. With a free GoSkills account, you can also set due dates for these courses, adding structure to the learning timeline.

GoSkills' Assignments feature allows easy course assignment and due date setting.

Additionally, administrators can utilize the Teams feature to form specific groups within their organization, enabling tailored learning experiences for distinct teams or departments.

Hampton Roads Transit, a GoSkills business customer, effectively used these features to deliver a targeted training program. By creating separate teams for their current and future leaders and customizing the learning paths for each group, they achieved impressive completion rates of up to 69%.

Read the full case study to learn more

Discover how Hampton Roads Transit leveraged GoSkills LMS for effective personalized learning

3. Monitor progress and adapt learning paths

Personalized learning is a dynamic process. Monitor each learner's progress regularly and use this data to adapt their learning paths. This approach allows for real-time adjustments in the training program, ensuring that it remains aligned with individual learning speeds and evolving needs, thereby maximizing the learning outcomes.

GoSkills offers robust reporting capabilities that help administrators quickly access and understand comprehensive learning data. This detailed insight is available at every level—from individual lessons to entire courses and from single learners to whole teams.

GoSkills reporting features provide detailed insights into learning data, including metrics for individual lessons.

Additionally, if you're creating your own courses using GoSkills' built-in authoring tool, the Course Builder, you can include a course review form to gather more qualitative feedback.

The GoSkills course builder allows creators to add a review form to gather qualitative feedback from their learners.

These analytics tools empower you to monitor progress effectively and adapt learning paths as needed, ensuring that your training remains aligned with the goals of both learners and the organization.

4. Embrace adaptive learning technologies

Leverage cutting-edge adaptive learning technologies that utilize AI and machine learning to analyze learning behaviors and outcomes. These technologies can automatically adjust the complexity and type of content presented based on individual performance, ensuring that each learner is constantly challenged and effectively supported throughout their training.

The GoSkills dashboard suggests relevant training content to learners, enabling quicker starts and improved training outcomes.

5. Promote learner autonomy

Empower learners by involving them in their own learning process. Allowing choices in the timing, pace, and even the type of content accessed promotes a sense of ownership and motivation toward learning. This autonomy not only enhances engagement but also encourages learners to take responsibility for their development, leading to higher satisfaction and better learning outcomes.

Challenges in personalized learning (and how to solve them)

Implementing personalized learning in a corporate environment comes with its own set of challenges. However, with the right strategies and tools, these can be effectively overcome.

1. Resistance to change

Many employees are accustomed to traditional training methods and might initially resist a shift to a more personalized approach. This resistance often stems from unfamiliarity with new learning technologies or methodologies.

How to solve it: Effective communication is key. Clearly articulate the benefits of personalized learning and demonstrate its direct impact on each learner's career development. Implementing pilot programs or introducing personalized elements gradually can help employees adjust to the new system at a comfortable pace.

2. Complexity in customization

Tailoring learning experiences to individual needs can become complex, especially in a large, diverse workforce.

How to solve it: Choose technologies that are easy to set up and use yet rich with robust features like dynamic learning paths, automated skill assessments, and AI-powered content creation and personalization.

GoSkills leads the pack with the highest Ease of Use, Ease of Admin, and Ease of Setup ratings in the Corporate Learning Management System category from G2’s Spring 2024 reports. This recognition underscores its capability to streamline personalized learning at scale across organizations.

3. Measuring effectiveness

Traditional metrics may not fully capture the effectiveness of personalized learning initiatives, making it challenging to assess their impact.

How to solve it: Use comprehensive analytics tools that provide detailed reports on learner engagement, progress, and competency development. GoSkills' advanced reporting capabilities allow for a thorough assessment of learning outcomes and enable ongoing adjustment of learning strategies.

4. Maintaining engagement

Keeping learners engaged over time can be challenging, especially in remote or asynchronous learning environments.

How to solve it: Develop interactive and varied content that caters to different learning styles. Incorporate a mix of videos, quizzes, interactive simulations, and real-world projects to maintain interest and engagement throughout the learning process.

By addressing these challenges with thoughtful solutions, organizations can successfully implement personalized learning strategies that improve individual performance, employee satisfaction, and overall business outcomes.

Wrapping it up

Personalized learning is transforming the way companies approach training, offering tailored solutions that boost engagement, accelerate skill acquisition, and optimize resource allocation. By implementing the key strategies outlined, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your training programs.

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