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Scholarships for women

A scholarship for women who want to be the boss

Look, guys. This is business; nothing personal.

Let’s talk numbers -- just the cold, hard facts.

Did you know… Female founders outperform their male peers?

Have you heard… Female CEOs in the Fortune 1000 drive three times the returns as S&P 500 enterprises run predominantly by men?

Unbelievably… Only 18 percent of all startups have a female founder, and when talking Series A, only 10 percent are female-led. In fact, of the $114 billion in funding given to these startups, only 6 percent of it makes its way to a female-founded startup.

And did you know… Women-owned businesses added 340,000 new jobs between 2007 and 2015 while men-owned businesses cut 1.2 million?

How about this one… Among the most successful companies, men begin their businesses with six times as much capital as women do!

And have you read… Less than five percent of VC dollars go to women-led businesses?

Well, we have, and we believe them to be true. That’s why we’re eager to offer a scholarship exclusively for women who want to execute on their business ideas.

Bhavneet Chahal - GoSkills Co-Founder

As a female founder, I want to encourage other young women, who are thinking about starting up a business, to just give it a go. It doesn’t matter if you fail. You will learn so much, and gain so much more experience than starting at the bottom of the ladder at a large corporate. And if you discover that startup life isn’t for you, you’ll still stand out from other applicants when you re-enter the workforce. It’s a win-win!

What I love about startups: Autonomy over your work, being able to influence the direction of a company or product, pulling together resources and working as a team to make something valuable out of nothing.

I also want to encourage more women to get to leadership positions and strive for the C-suite and board-level roles, whether in a startup or multinational corporate. Advice I’d give to young entrepreneurs is to follow your gut and surround yourself with the smartest people you know.“

Bhavneet Chahal

GoSkills Co-Founder

Bhavneet Chahal - GoSkills Co-Founder

Here’s the nitty gritty

Who is eligible?
Any female high-school or college student, who wants to start her own online business.
How much is each scholarship worth?
How many scholarships are you giving away?
Two scholarships per year
When are the deadlines and award dates?
  • Fall Deadline: Sept. 15
  • Fall Award Date: Oct. 15
  • Spring Deadline: March 15
  • Spring Award Date: April 15
How will I know if I won?
Either way, win or don’t win, we‘ll notify all applicants via email on the announcement dates (see above).

Congratulations to our past winners

Dominique Smiley

2020 Spring

Dominique Smiley

As a travel enthusiast, it wasn't hard for Dominique to jump at the opportunity to co-own and operate an online travel company. XpertTravelers was birthed in 2019 from a deep love of travel and the need for quicker, more convenient travel planning services. The website is set to launch in 2020 with future plans including an app and so much more. Thanks to the GoSkills Scholarship, XpertTravelers can put more money towards marketing and quality assurance.

Hannah Esch

2019 Fall

Hannah Esch

Hannah founded her business, Oak Barn Beef, in 2018. She aims to bridge the food chain education gap by selling her premium, family farm beef direct to consumers across the USA and sharing her entrepreneurship journey on social media. She plans to use her GoSkills scholarship funds to continue growing her business. Hannah is pursuing a Bachelors in Animal Science and minoring in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship at the Univerity of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Ritika Shamdasani

2019 Spring

Ritika Shamdasani

Ritika co-founded Sani, a line of Indian inspired occasion wear, with her sister when she was 16. With the GoSkills scholarship funds that she has received, she is growing her business further by making Indian fashion more accessible to women across the United States. Ritika will be attending North Carolina State University to major in Fashion Design and Computer Science.

Alexandria Marrow

2018 Fall

Alexandria Marrow

Alexandria started her business, Sweets by Alexandria, when she was just 17, and was soon dubbed “the Queen of Sweets.” Alexandria now delivers her signature cupcakes across the United States, and is putting the GoSkills scholarship funds she received towards growing her business further. She is also studying Marketing at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Serene Chan

2018 Spring

Serene Chan

While still in high school, Serene won third place at the Young Founders School with her app prototype, Purpose. With the scholarship funds awarded by GoSkills for her app, Serene is exploring her passion for entrepreneurship while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree at the University College London (UCL). Serene’s plans for the immediate future include participating in two startup programs run by UCL, Business Game and Kickstart Programme.

Lia Winograd

2017 Fall

Lia Winograd

When Lia applied for the GoSkills scholarship, she had just funded a successful Kickstarter campaign for her startup Pepper. With the scholarship funds she received, she was able to fulfill all of the 2,000 pre-orders and fully launch as an e-commerce company. In the following year, Pepper has seen organic and consistent month-over-month growth. Most recently, they closed a pre-seed round to be able to continue to scale next year. Lia is also an MBA Candidate at NYU Stern School of Business.

Love what you read?! Apply already!

To apply, complete the form below and send us a business plan.

To apply, send us a link to your business plan for an online business. Include 2-3 sentences (or more, if you need to) on Problem, Solution, Market Opportunity / Competition, Business Model, Go-To-Market Plan and Team. Upload your file to any provider you like (Dropbox, Google drive, etc) and ensure the document can be viewed by those who have the link.

The following conditions apply in addition to GoSkills standard Terms and Privacy policy:

GoSkills will endeavour to treat applicants information and business proposals in confidence, however, GoSkills is not responsible for any proprietary information and/or intellectual property included in your application.

The winner will be notified on October 15 for the Fall Scholarship and on April 15 for the Spring Scholarship. Once notified, we will post the winner’s name and a short description of the winning business idea on our social media accounts, monthly newsletter, and in any other forms of media we may choose at a later date.

  1. Winner selection is not based on financial need, GPA, or demographic criteria.
  2. Scholarship entries are only accepted online through this webpage.
  3. Entrants must submit a completed entry form with all required information.
  4. If any false or misleading information is submitted, the application will be disqualified without notification.