About us

We believe that life-long learning should be rich, stimulating and fun.

Our mission is to help individuals and teams reach their full potential through high quality learning experiences.

Our commitment

Focus on quality & innovation

We hold ourselves to high standards to ensure you have the best possible experience and achieve real results in your training.

Surprise & delight our customers

Your happiness = our success. We make customer satisfaction a top priority with every interaction.

Be good

We make choices to reflect good moral character, and strive to be the most responsible organization we can be.

Our unique approach to learning

As pioneers of microlearning, we’ve been creating bite-sized courses since 2013. Our unique ‘GoSkills format’ includes a 3-5 minute video, an exercise to apply your knowledge, and a short quiz for every lesson.

This data-backed approach works, increasing retention rates by 20% and learning speeds by 28%. GoSkills also has one of the highest completion rates in the industry.

Here’s what our customers say:

“Perfect bite-size lessons that were brief and to-the-point, well thought out to build on key skills, with great exercises to build "muscle" memory, and solid quizzes that hone important points.”

“Love the bite sized modules! Easy to squeeze one or two in when I have time.”

“I liked that the lessons covered one thought at a time, in small bites.”

Our simple and easy-to-use online training platform empowers managers to create bite-sized and interactive learning programs for their teams, so they can achieve the same results.

We help businesses grow their teams

We’ve made it our business to help teams reach their goals through high-quality and effective training. We offer a library of bite-sized business courses to upskill teams, an easy-to-use Course Builder to create your own interactive courses, and a flexible Learning Management System (LMS) to manage and track all your training in one place.

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We help individuals grow their career

Our subscribers have access to over 100 bite-sized courses taught by leading industry experts. By learning the most sought after business and technical skills, we help individuals stand out in the job market and find confidence at every stage of their career.

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Our team

We’re a fully remote team with a strong work culture rooted in flexibility, openness, creativity, and treating others well. We connect through time zones all over the world, share an impressive number of emojis with each other on Slack, and meet up once a year in an exotic location. Our team values include:

Freedom & equality

Everyone deserves autonomy in their jobs and an equal chance at success.

Openness & creativity

Speak up! We encourage open communication, questioning minds and thinking outside the box.


Infuse fun in your work! Stay curious, love what you do and don’t take life too seriously :)

We are a completely virtual team, with members spread around the globe.

Where in the world is GoSkills.

Interested in joining us? Check out our careers page or drop us a line!