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GoSkills Courses for Business | Bite-Sized Online Employee Training

A complete, award-winning learning solution to train, upskill, and empower your team.

Expert-led, bite-sized courses that have trained over 450,000 learners.

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Trusted by more than 8000 organizations worldwide

  • Ubisoft
  • LaZBoy
  • Continental
  • JCDecaux

One course library for all your training needs


With 110+ award-winning business courses, you can tap into essential training for your entire team. Our library is constantly being updated with new courses to meet industry standards and trends.


An all-in-one training platform

The GoSkills course library is seamlessly integrated with our fully-featured LMS, so you can assign, manage, and track learning all in one place.

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Track progress and award certifications

Get big picture and granular reporting for both individuals and teams. Track time spent learning, test scores, completions, engagement, and measure improvement.

Empower learners with industry-recognized certifications.


Hand-picked, expert-led courses

All of our instructors are industry leaders in their field, hand-chosen by our team for their ability to share knowledge in an effective, approachable way that learners love.

Better training, better outcomes

Our higher-than-average course completion rates are no coincidence. We use bite-sized learning techniques to keep learners engaged and motivated, increasing learning retention by 20% and learning speeds by 28%.*

Accessible anytime

Accessible anytime, anywhere

A fully mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform means learners can learn from any device, anytime, in any location.

As an administrator, you can assign courses and track progress right from your phone.

Gamified learning to boost motivation

Make learning fun with time-tracking goals, daily streaks, GoSkills coins, and personalized rewards. Tailor your own reward system for learners at different status tiers!

Unique learning style

Content for unique learning styles

GoSkills learners benefit from a buffet of content to cement their knowledge and improve learning retention. Each video lesson comes with a transcript, reference sheet, quiz, and exercise files where applicable.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2

200+ reviews

GoSkills has received dozens of prestigious badges on G2, a trusted software marketplace featuring reviews from real users.

Since 2020, we’ve repeatedly been recognized as Leaders, High Performers, and the Easiest to Do Business With among online course providers. These badges from independent third-party sites indicate that GoSkills provides high-quality content and instruction methods that meet and surpass the expectations of our learners.

Consider us an extension of your team

Missi Sarah

Our customer success team is invested in your success: from setup to implementation. We are here to help you strategize and achieve your training goals.

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What our corporate learners say about us

From the leadership

Employees can be trained in every location

“Before using GoSkills we experienced challenges in developing our employees across a multinational network. GoSkills reinforces that development can occur even when one cannot leave one's home. Employees can be trained in every location in relevant productivity tools used in their jobs daily. GoSkills is a progressive company with a wide range of relevant online courses and a supportive staff who recognize the need to listen and present solutions to their customers even in challenging times.”

Lance Dowrich

Caribbean Airlines, Senior Manager Organizational Development and Design

From a learner

It made the learning experience a joy.

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Information and examples used throughout the course were on point and easily relatable. The short segments also made it very user friendly and therefore manageable. The presenter’s enthusiasm, encouragement and enjoyment was infectious. It made the learning experience a joy.”

Donna M

Leadership course


Your organization will get access to the growing library of 110+ award-winning business courses, covering topics including:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Soft skills
  • Office productivity
  • Leadership and management
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • Development
  • Data analysis
  • Design
  • Lean Six Sigma

These courses are taught by industry leaders and are intentionally designed in bite-sized chunks to improve learning retention. Our courses also come with plenty of interactive learning aids, including video tutorials, quizzes, practice exercises, and gamification to make learning fun and competitive.

GoSkills Courses are designed to enhance your team's professional skills and productivity. Our library is regularly updated with in-demand courses to keep up with industry trends and best practices.

At GoSkills, we hand-pick industry experts to deliver up-to-date and relevant course material.

All our courses are based on the ‘GoSkills format,’ which means courses are broken down into bite-sized lessons. Each lesson includes a short 3-10 minute video tutorial, a practical exercise to apply your knowledge, a short quiz to test understanding, and a ‘cheat sheet’ for easy reference later.

All courses are bespoke, created in this format, and designed for our audience of busy working professionals. We perform all quality assurance in-house to ensure a high quality and consistent experience for every course.

Finally, we continuously and meticulously curate our course library, to ensure it’s updated regularly to reflect the latest technologies, industry standards, and best practices.

Of course! Our ‘Teams’ feature allows you to create different groups of people (e.g. Finance team, Asia-Pacific team, or any grouping of individuals you like). You can then assign an unlimited number of specific courses for each team to complete (e.g. Excel course for the Finance team). Individuals can also belong to multiple teams. For extra accountability, simply add due dates to ensure courses are completed on time.

Each individual learner will see courses assigned to them under ‘Assignments’ on their learning dashboard when they sign in to their GoSkills account.

In terms of tracking, GoSkills provides detailed analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to easily monitor each team's progress, identify areas for improvement, and track their overall performance. Additionally, you’ll be able to set custom rewards when individuals reach learning goals, so you can stay proactive and involved in your team’s success at every stage.

Absolutely! GoSkills allows you to customize learning paths based on your team's specific requirements and goals. Learning paths are courses that need to be completed in order to gain a skill or qualification. Learning paths can be assigned to teams or individuals, ensuring that each member receives a personalized learning experience.

Yes! GoSkills seamlessly integrates with various LMS and HR platforms, allowing you to streamline training across your organization.

You can export GoSkills courses for your existing LMS simply and easily. Or you can import your own courses into the GoSkills LMS. Our platform works both ways for ultimate flexibility.

We also integrate with HR platforms using our developer-friendly API to share information across different platforms easily, and we provide a range of Single Sign-On (SSO) options to streamline access.

Our dedicated support team can guide you through the integration process. Please contact us or email us at for more information.

Yes! Our free plan allows you to view up to 10 lessons from each course in the GoSkills Courses library, so that you can check out the quality of our course content before buying. This plan is free forever!

You can also invite learners, and each learner will be able to set up their own account and get access to 10 free lessons from every course in the GoSkills library.

If you need to see more than 10 lessons, you can send us a message and a Customer Success Manager will help.

Yes, you can. We work with several schools, colleges and universities to provide GoSkills online courses to staff and students.

We provide flexible options for school administrators and teachers to provide access to students. You can do this either by purchasing licenses for your students, or allowing students to purchase and sign up themselves as a prerequisite to your classes.

You can contact us at or call us on +1 650 822 7732 to discuss options for how this might work for you.