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“I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to my friends.”

Shawn Visser

“Knowledgeable tutor, great for brushing up on some handy every day skills.”

Kyle Roberts

“Great course. Some really good hints and tips, and really clear rationale for best solution when there is potentially more than one available.”

Dave Mitchell

“Great format. Very intuitive.”

Mark Banks

“It was good, it's been 10 years since I have used Excel and I was surprised to see how much has changed. ”

Anna Maria Pecoraro

“It was very informative. I have learned some new techniques on effective business writing. ”

Noeleen Scodnick

“I have been using Word for years, but I learned more in the few hours of taking this course than I did in all the years of actual usage. Excellent course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone using Word, either occasionally or constantly. ”

Terry Horne

“I found the course a concise and efficient way of delivering the necessary information for the basics of Project Management!”

Christian McLeish

“The course was very informative; I noticed that a lot of the functions that you originally had to create formulas for have been made more user friendly. I rate the course an A+ and one that I would recommend to others whose goal is to learn the basic and/or advanced functions of the program. ”


“Great course. Progressively builds your knowledge base on Project Management. Each lesson builds and expands on core concepts to completion.”

Mark Banks

“Great course.”

Mark Banks

“This course is excellent. The videos explain everything clearly and there is great freedom of learning because you learn at your own pace so that you can monitor your progress. I have leaned so many things in this course that I didn't know about. Now I feel like an Excel expert, so thank you for the great work you've done putting this course together.”

Eddie Mange

“One of the most interesting Courses i have done so far, Going to be moving onto the expert course in due time.”

Brandon Bottinger

“Awesome course! Thank you so much I feel so much more confident applying for the job that I want. I had 1 query about importing data that you helped me with via email which I thank you for. May be worth having a video on doing that and some problems that can occur whilst importing data. ”

Byron Sidwell

“Instructor methodologies for delivery are quite excellent. Enjoyed the format and the outcome.”

Chad David Seiber

“I have learned so much from this course. I would advise everyone to take it, even if they think they know it all. What a great teaching tool! I was able to refresh skills I needed to be reminded of.”

Eileen Alek

“A cohesive step by step through all the tricks and tools of Excel. Gave me the knowledge and confidence to use Excel at work! ”

Alicia Chua

“Really interesting, offering great tips and excellent advice.”

Charlotte Davis

“Really easy to use and and informative.”

Amy Beard

“Excellent course - really well presented and informative. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their intermediate Excel skills.”

Bridget Goddard-Birkett

“Very well constructed, I can apply it practically.”

Suzilda Gernandt

“I really enjoyed this class - love the instructor he is very good.”

Deborah Davey

“I found this course extremely helpful and will give me more confidence in my marketing career.”

Angela Lane

“Very Informative and useful content. Well Done.”

Darshan Naidoo

“I enjoyed it. I especially like the mini lessons so you don't get overwhelmed with any one concept.”


“Overall quite helpful.”

Helen Lymbouris

“Really good basic course. Learn the fundamentals of project management at a time to suit you. Springboard in my career. ”

Simon Wassell

“Excellent course! Love the short videos and the professor's voice is very good. Lessons are very concise, no time wasted on unnecessary stuff. ”

Antony Gavidia

“This course is very detailed and easy to learn.”

Viviane Diabate

“I found the course very informative. I have never had any formal project management training, however, now I feel as if I can have a better grip on teams and project planning. Im looking forward to the next course!”

Ruben Caudle

“Excellent introduction!”

Oliver Stutz

“Clear, concise and easy to understand. Topics were broken out into meaningful and digestible chunks.”

Michael Jacobs

“For a beginners course, it is very informative. I really enjoyed it, especially the video tutor lessons. It gives you a better understanding and the great part is that if you did not understand something, you could always play the video again. I would recommend this course to all aspiring to be project managers or even those who just want to get an understanding of how the project management process works. I will certainly look into completing other project management courses with GoSkills as this was quite interesting to me. One of the best decisions I have made in my life. Thank you GoSkills!!!”

Keenan Moneval

“Great access and coverage. Easy to learn from modules.”

Nicholas Bullock

“I love the new website format. The smaller modules are fantastic. The option to extend access to the course is really great as well, so that I can go back and review certain aspects of the course. I found it very helpful to have the exercise excel worksheet open while listening to the video so I can try what was being taught right away on the exercise worksheet. All in all, I am glad I chose this method of learning this material, I can do it on my own time, anytime and anywhere. Thanks, Ute”

Ute Jacobs

“Very interesting, and so helpfull! Will recommend it to anyone!!!”

Este Pieters Photography

“This course was excellent in how it structured each section to be comprehensive and in 5 minute lessons. It was extremely understandable and easy to follow.”

Chris Mathis

“Great overview of the basics! Content is easy to understand.”

Victoria Louie

“Excellent course for beginner and intermediate levels. Would recommend to anyone who works with excel.”

Kevin Mendez

“Well presented and articulated by Mr. Ken Puls!”

Derek Donati

“I have never reviewed anything online but I honestly feel I should give credit when it is deserved. I am very pleased with this course and the way each topic was taught surpassed every expectation of mine. I will be taking more courses in the future with GoSkills and will definitely recommend their courses to a friend. Regards, A very happy student”

Ogechukwu A. Onuoha

“Thanks GoSkills, the Finance for Non-Financial Professionals course has improved my business sense and I have gained valuable insight of the practices and a new vocabulary to interpret accounting data management. To assist other student, I can comment : The program covers the strategies of following the impact business development and its subsequent tracking using financial/accounting principles. Topics of: structure, analysis, development, options and measurement are highlighted as key guiding components . I definitely learnt from the professional insight of using a business model and financial plan. Following on: background is given to the practices of effective costing and the business strategies to uphold a successful projection for operational management of projects and annual budgets. The theme of the overall study enabled my better understanding of recording and developing business planning for profit/loss analysis. ”

Fleur Pepper

“I was able to completely understand the presenter. He was extremely good. It was easy to understand the concepts in the PMBOK Guide.”

Chris Mathis

“Very good tutorials! Ken is awesome and entertaining.”

Augusto Guimaraes

“Thank you so much. I have learned all that I need through easy slide shows and helpful notes. ”

melissa kuzmanovska

“I'm a long-time Excel user and learned more than a few things in this course. The lessons are the perfect size to go through in your "spare" time between other tasks.”

Elizabeth Murray

“This course was very helpful and easy to learn.”

Abha Shah

“Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I loved this course, it is so easy to learn and the videos are easy to understand. I have learned a lot that I can apply to my small business. Thank you :)”

Vuyokazi Nazo

“As a first timer and new to PM I was happy to find the course easy to follow and informative. I have a very good grasp of how PM works and what it entails. I look forward to the next classes.”

Peter Staniunas

“I found this course professionally put together with step by step lessons which made the process simple and easy to use. Well done, I don't have any hesitation in recommending this course.”

Peter William Gunn

“Worth every penny!”

David Roberts

“I found the course very easy to understand and I'm very satisfied with it.”

carlo abrahams

“Love how this course is constructed, easy to watch and very hands on.”

Xiaochen Tong

“Very concise and great refresher course for PMP exam.”

Syed Yasir Hussain

“I enjoyed and appreciate the learning videos! ”

Stephanie L. Crespo

“I absolutely loved this course! Ken is a wonderful teacher. He's clear and very easy to follow. I've already been recommending this course to my fellow co-workers.”

Kelly Anderson

“Thank you for such a comprehensive course.”

Brian Davidson

“Even though I believe my Excel skill level is advanced, this course proved to me that there is always something to learn. I can't wait for new excel courses that take things further to expert level. I love the user interface and the graphics because they are engaging, that's Goskills advantage over regular online courses.”

Charbel Ghossan

“My new knowledge of key components including Pivot Tables and Charting ensure added confidence for resume and professional development. The lessons covering Outlining, Lookup Methods, Macros, Name Ranges along with the skills of custom number formats, also enable highly valuable skills. Thanks GoSkills for another excellent educational program. ”

Fleur Pepper

“Very happy with the course learned some new writing skills and got reminded on some basics I'd forgotten. Found the information is broken down into into short chapters which not only makes things easier and faster to learn but also make it able to go through a chapter when you have only a few free minutes”

Steven Wall

“Very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend it!”

Cathy Huebner

“Fun and informative course.”

Lauri Pixley

“Excellent course. Thank you so much, I learned SO much!”

Susette Kruger

“I found the course very informative and helpful! There were many tips that I never knew or used that would have saved me lots of time and frustration!!!”

Cathy Huebner

“This is my 3rd project management course through GoSkills, and so far it's my favorite.”

Rose M. Widell

“Very helpful and easy to understand. ”

Advian Joseph

“Find this course offered just the right amount of information presented in an easy to follow format. Will take more courses from GoSkills.”

Steven H. Wall

“Very informative and easy to understand!”

Jessen Nullathemby

“Project Management is a vital part of any business manager's role, not just for project managers. This course has opened me to a vast work of knowledge that will benefit my career and business in the future. ”

Christiaan van der Westhuizen

“Excellent! Great delivery.”

Mireille Lambert

“I found the Pivot Tables - From Novice to Ninja online course very helpful. I received a refresher on some aspects that I already knew and learned some great new things to take my data reporting to new depths. I really liked the fact that everything was online and I could go at my own pace. The instructor is informative and pleasant to listen to, while the lessons are broken down into quick lesson segments.”

Lisa Hoffer

“Love this course. It lays down all the basics I need to move on with this application. You can feel the dedication of instructor, Ken, through the way he taught which always never forget to mention about little details that matter. The quiz on each topic does really test understanding of each topic. I hope Ken will come up with more topics to cover on the advance level.”

Patinya Pinyoboon

“I loved this course it helped me get a better understanding on the fundamentals of project management and team work. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering taking an online course to improve their management skills.”

Boitshwarelo Innocentia Matundu

“Very Informative and straight to the point.”

Lavetta Brewster

“I found the course to be very useful. I have already recommended it to others.”

Shenese Quinn

“This is a very good course that covers almost every fundamental thing for a beginner. Even an experienced user could find a couple of useful tips in this course.”

Thái An Lê

“Thought this course was informative and easy to follow. ”

Beverly Draus

“This is one of the best, well organized courses. I would highly recommend this course to all my family and friends. Thank you.”

Helen Christine Newman

“Great content, the lesson length was perfect.”

Robert Kleiman

“Very well structured and presented with relevant exercises and solutions. ”

Fadia Alkhalil, PhD

“Project Management Basics was the key to starting me off on a new career. Thanks GoSkills!”

Peter McDade

“GoSkills is an excellent online training resource. I look forward to furthering my skills with more courses.”

Brandon Wiener

“Great course. The lessons being showed in this course give you a good look at some advanced features in Excel. Of course, for experienced users, there are some nice tips that could make you say "ah ha."”

Thái An Lê

“Excellent course!!! Makes drafting of tedious documents much easier.”

Haseenah Pansary

“Excellent program. I liked it.”

Sylvain Bouliane

“Awesome review that builds on the lessons learned in Project Manager Basics and takes them to the next level.”

Peter McDade

“It was very good. I enjoyed it very much and I gained extreme knowledge of advanced Word. I am glad I learnt this course. It will help me in my university assignments.”

Sivasharmini Jayatheesan

“Excellent tutor and very clear explanations of each lesson.”

Christina Belfour

“Really excellent!”

Hannah Newman-Jones

“Enjoyed the course. It was easy to understand and has helped me regarding work.”

Bianca Tame


Emmanuel Olusegun Arannilewa

“I thought the course was excellent thank you. I would be very interested in doing both the intermediate and advanced MS Project courses if you can offer them. Would be great if William Raymond presents these courses as well as I thought he was very good.”

Wendy Goodricke

“The course flow and structure is fantastic. Enjoyed it, and found it very rewarding and insightful. Congratulations Goskills, nicely done.”

Amado Gonzalez

“I find it very informative and helpful. I have learned a lot and I am glad I took the course.”

Andre Cadet

“Very useful and interesting.”

Leyla Olivo

“Very insightful course and the quiz at the end of every lesson is very helpful! ”

Aneka Hollander

“Very detailed and interesting, would highly recommend”

Jessen Nullathemby


Anthony L. Jenkins Jr.

“Perfect training regime for Excel users developing their skills”

Andy Flynn

“It was really easy to use. Lessons were very detailed and short. I definitely am a GoSkills user for life :)”

Mista Saint Ville

“Easy to navigate. Clear and succinct explanation of concepts. Very useful and practical content. Loved the powerpoints, exercises and the written transcript is great for visual learners. Graphics were great. Thank you - I highly recommend this course!”

Jean Wilson

“Training easy to use and to follow. Appreciate clarity of materials.”

Sandrine Florent

“Loved the course. The ~5 minute video concept is just right. The individual subject areas were broken down nicely and gave excellent insight and skills when using PowerPoint. ”

Chuck Hunter

“Have found course very easy to follow, tutorials are excellent. Being able to learn at my own pace and reviewing my learning as and when needed has also been very useful.”

David McFarlane

“Perfect, all the information needed is available. Very helpful and easy to understand.”

Georges Najem

“Good and informative course, clear and concise instructions and easy to navigate”

David Robertson

“The bite-sized lessons and modules make the learning more attainable for me, as it does not overwhelm. So far I have not found any 'trick' questions, and since I practiced on my own workbook along the way, found that I retained enough information to pass the final test first time with a score of 100% without referring to any notes or other material. This is really how I like to learn.”

Mark Anthony James

“Very informative. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to advance to the next level. ”

Kala Brown

“I found the course very informative and easy to understand”

Georgina Peel

“Very well delivered course.”

Anthony Lane

“Very clear lessons, well explained. Could work at my own pace and redo lessons if necessary. I would recommend it.”

Samantha Taylor

“Very helpful in understanding the basics of project management from the finance side.”

Michael Tirrell

“I have worked with Microsoft Word for many many years and I really found a lot of little tips that in the long run will help me be more efficient. I also must say because each class was broken into videos no longer than 5 minutes it helped my attention span. I recommend it.”

Blasovia Monique Erinna

“Very informative and easy to understand and follow.”

Cindy Quijada

“I've learned a lot about this course that I didn't know. Being an Event Planner, you have to be able to manage time and money accordingly to have a successful event. That mind-set should be used as well in Project Management. Thanks for this opportunity.”

Angelique Bumpus

“Excellent course! Love this course! Easy to follow and very informative!”

Angela Lee KhengYew

“Great course and the presenter, Ray Sheen! ”

Lee Kheng Yew

“This course enlightened me on a number of things I was unclear about in excel. Great tutoring. I would recommend it to persons wishing to both learn and brush up on their excel skills.”

Celina Archibald-Warrick

“I learned a lot that I did not know.”


“Awesome! Informative and so helpful :) I can't wait to do my next course ”

Alyssa Margarete Lahner

“Super impressed with the presentation and instruction. ”

Comptess Hammond

“Extremely easy to follow and implement. Very good and detailed examples. Highly recommended.”

Jason Thibault

“I've been using Excel for over 15 years and still learned so much from this course!”

Jaime Becker

“This was a very good course with a short but useful training video to start each module - I could learn at my own pace and this was a great selling point for me.”

John Power

“This is the 2nd Project Management course I've taken and I have learned so much. The course is very informative and detailed. I totally recommend this course.”

Kala Brown

“The course was excellent. ”

Shona Hazel Seetahal

“This course was definitely very helpful, I would recommend anyone to do this. ”

Charne Retief

“Excellent. Well paced and very practical. Thanks”

Babatunde Fakunle

“Easy to follow. Videos are interesting and exciting so that I didn't easily get bored. Would recommend this course to everybody.”

Jason Potts

“I loved the online courses. The prices were great and I loved that if I didn't fully understand the video I just start it over and watch it again. Great step by step videos. Thank you!”

Jennifer Eby

“Although I use Excel very much and have used it for many years, I found this course to be of great benefit. I found that the content was laid out in such a way to benefit a great majority of users. The presenter is very articulate in his presentation and starts from grassroots on each presentation so that shortcuts are only used when he has previously instructed to user on how to use them. The quiz section which follows each lesson is brief but well pointed to the content of that lesson. I give this course top marks as well as the presenter. This is excellent value for the money and I am very excited to start the next course on pivot tables. My thanks for a job well done to”

Rick G S Frankavitz

“This was an excellent course. The videos were perfect and I could complete the work at my own pace. Plus I could replay the videos to review lessons as needed. ”

Beth Ann Merrill

“Absolutely great.”

Stefan Kaps

“Great training course that covered everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel! I have learned a lot of new things about Excel and will apply these courses to my current job.”

Kesha Thomas

“GoSkills Pivot Tables - From Novice to Ninja course, provides an excellent program. The skills I have gained definitely enable my confident use of data, pivot management and pivot tables of interest. This course has provided a valued skill to my work skills in an efficient amount of training time. Thanks GoSkills for another professional program of study.”

Fleur Pepper

“I found the course to be a good refresher for Project Management fundamentals.”

Stephen Ignazio Alois

“I loved that we were able to listen to the lesson several times for better understanding.”

I'Nella Douglass

“I found this course very informative and unique.”

Kevin Feurtado

“Wonderful course. I look forward to taking everything offered. ”

Stephanie Cranford

“The course was very informative, many thanks.”

Shaheen Marques

“Great course. I always thought of myself as extremely fluent in Excel, but this course has not only been a great refresher for me, but also highlighted some features I perhaps don't use that often as I didn't know much about, or wasn't aware of some of their capabilities.”

Thomas Elias

“Amazing. I learned so much. Thanks for everything!”

Eleanor Pfang

“GREAT Course! It was perfect for a beginner to become confident in using Excel.”

Jeanna Johnson

“The course was very informative and clear enough. The exercises help to make it practical for individual practice.”

Joao Luis

“I loved this course, it is the perfect foundation for everyone, and I would highly recommend for anyone!”

Sameha Hussain Abu Shawish

“Thank you very much! It was very helpful! ”

Ionut Daniel Tatomir

“Great course, easy to learn: watching a video and practicing at the same time, gives a good understanding about Excel and its options. Loved the instructor - kept me focused and engaged throughout the course. I was not confident about my Excel knowledge before, now when I know it better, I'll make sure I find a use to newly obtained knowledge! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ”

Tanya R

“Excellent and informative. Easy to navigate.”

Thomas Myers

“Great introductory course for those wanting to learn what to do and what to avoid in business / social gatherings where you are trying to make a good impression.”

Jay Schwausch

“Completely brilliant way of taking me through the most important elements of Excel.”

Michael Taraz

“Great informative tutorials.”

Ernst Kleynhans

“I learnt a lot and the course was excellent.”

Melanie De Beer

“This course was very informative. ”

Deztini Southall

“I really enjoyed this course, and it was user friendly and simple to use.”

Lee-Ann Terreblanche

“Very informative with clear explanations.”

Darren Atuegbu

“Excellent course on Business Writing!!! Learned so much about effective business writing. I would recommend this course to others who need to learn about basic writing skills. This course is helpful for career development on/off the job.”

Forshunna Lacole Higgins

“Great presentation and easy to implement lessons.”

Rodney Trivangalo

“Very good structure, really easy to understand, overall very good for beginners!”

Max R

“Was very informative and gave a good understanding of basic project management.”

Juraisha Naidoo

“An awesome instructor, wonderful course. Brief, concise and to the point makes for an easy learning process. Thank you for developing your wonderful courses.”

Lydia Rozenberg

“The format is very easy. The videos are great with only focusing on one topic at a time. I would recommend this course.”

Peggy Vangorder

“Really enjoyed the presentation. The tips and tricks to improving myself in public speaking will give me a lot more confidence.”

Sheryl Olsson

“This course is very clear and appropriate for a beginner in this field of study.”

Ariel Alecx Dianzon

“Really enjoyed it, I've been using Excel at work for years without problems, but still learned so much! Thank you.”

Dawn Murphy

“Very informative, well structured, clear and concise.”

Jacqui Sturgiss

“This was excellent exposure to the Project Management environment.”

Anna Petronella Mostert

“Easy to use. Nice and short videos which explain each concept clearly. ”

Nichola Johnson

“Well presented. Surprisingly enjoyable. ”

Nick Stewart

“Excellent guidelines and course material. I would recommend it.”

Usamah Qasim

“Useful, well presented and enjoyable. A good introduction.”

Nick Stewart

“Challenging and informative. Great course.”

Chantrice Barnes

“I found this program to be very beneficial and essential to my daily work routines. I believe that the hands-on modules offer a better understanding of Excel; verbal and written practice problems, quizzes and videos. I would recommend this to students and to anyone trying to learn Excel or to those trying to refurbish their skills. Thank you for enhancing my knowledge in Excel.”

Andre Gazivoda

“Great way to learn this subject or just for a refresher. ”


“Howard is amazing!”

A Shavandi

“Learning all these new skills were amazing. Thank you so much!”

Dante' Bagattini

“I really enjoyed doing this course. Thank you so much. ”

Shelley Francis

“Great course. Very interesting and informative.”

Christine Moran

“Great comprehensive review (and reminder of) Project Management context and stakes. Well presented. Enjoyed. Thank you.”

Elaine Youngleson

“Very comprehensive program. I liked the short span of the modules. This made it easy to digest the more complex aspects of project management.”

Michelle J. Burnett

“Love the content, video clips are very clear and concise.”

Jacqui Sturgiss

“Very good introductory course.”

Paulo Sousa

“Very informative, thank you.”

Christina McCall

“Very informative, easy to understand and well presented. ”

Shafaq Hussain

“Very easy to understand, I highly recommend this course to everyone.”

Alvin Swift

“Delivered what it promised!”


“Easy to learn by watching the short videos, found them really helpful.”

Noeline Ohlson

“The GoSkills Microsoft Advanced Word program certainly increased my confidence in document management. I now think of mail merge as a process of logic. My ability to include Table of Contents and referencing has benefitted greatly, also. The opportunity to create and Index another valuable tool. The Styles feature also thoroughly highlighted for streamlined formatting options. I recommend the program as a refreshing insight into the topics of advanced document presentation.”

Fleur Pepper

“I've been using Excel for a number of years but just for basic data entry. This course gave me different insights and broadened my perspective on how to use Excel. Thank you!”

Anna-Maria Romero

“It's well explained and easy to follow and understand.”

Rebeca Gómez Vez

“I found this course to be very informative and helpful. It really focuses on the key topics needed for the PMP Exam. ”

Jordan McCormack

“I have found the course very educating and useful. Thank you GoSkills.”

Maite Nelly Maake

“I absolutely love the video speed up options. 1.5X normal speed is perfect for new learning, and 2.0 is a great speed for reviewing the material. Thank you for making these courses so user friendly!”

Justin Larkins

“I found the course basically easy to follow, not having really worked with Excel before. ”

Vera Letwinetz

“The individual lessons were easy to understand. Also enjoyed the individual exercises and quizzes, as this allowed you to fully understand the course at hand.”

Vandra Wiehahn

“It was an exceptional experience for me. It showed me just how much one can do with Excel. Very well presented as well. Thank you.”

Jorge Da Silva

“For me as a beginner I found it very simple to understand and the course flowed well into the next.”

Megan Blair

“Was a nice course, enjoyed it and learned so much. ”

Charmaine Jansen van Rensburg



“Very good and informative.”

Hilary Palmer

“The course is very qualitative, in-depth and up to the standard I expect any online course to meet. The facilitator delivered lessons in the course in a way that even a student that is weak in studies will be able to understand all concepts and lessons well enough, citing practicable examples from his wealth of experience and without any form of ambiguity. The quality of the certificate too is something that is thrilling to me. This is about the best online course I have taken so far and I am not mincing words at all. I recommend GoSkills to anyone that wants quality career advancement.”

Olusesan Otolorin

“Easy to follow, very informative. Liked being able to download the sheet to try the lesson.”

Katherine Pawlyszyn-Chuchman

“Great pacing, clear language lessons and quizzes felt consistent.”

Bert Heymans

“Interesting and useful.”


“This course was great. I am really impressed with how the instructor was able to relay information in simple language. Great for those of us who are not computer savvy. The lesson selection was great and touched on many of the common skills required by employers. This really helped me out as I am starting a new job that will allow putting this new knowledge to use.”

G.A. Heart

“Very helpful, truly feel I can put together stronger data reports. Thanks.”

Jamie Burnett

“The fact that the training was very detailed and you could replay the videos was great especially for beginners. Loved and enjoyed it :)”

Firdows Jardien

“I enjoyed the short punchy presentations coupled with the summaries and script. ”

Nick Turner

“Thank you, Ray Sheen and GoSkills, for the great course. Information was delivered concisely, without experiencing monotony or boredom. Highly recommended as a foundation in PM.”

Claire Bruwer

“Excellent content, quality and price. ”

Deborah Hagopian

“Clear and easy to follow. ”

Hilary Mulholland

“It was very informative and with appropriate details for moving forward in my career.”

Bhumin Desai

“This course was great!! For those with Project Management experience this course will help you perfect and enhance your skill set and for those with little to no knowledge this course will simplify each process and give you the knowledge to confidently manage a project. Love it!”

Maui Wilson

“Great course, I learned a lot.”

Adam Sommer

“Very easy to use, and great reference material. ”

Theresa Scott

“Perfect training program!! ”

Xiangli Che

“I love that you learn one task at a time and you can go at your own pace. Plus I can review and rewatch the videos several times and practice along with the spreadsheets.”

Kathy Connor

“Ray Sheen has managed to condense all the material in very simple and clear slides. The exercises are perfect case studies to consolidate the information. The charts he drew up for ITTO questions are excellent to summarize and memorize. Thank you!! ”

Marilise Michele Kassouf

“I found this course to be well constructed, as well as being easy to access & track. Due to time constraints, I was able to access specific modules as required. I would certainly recommend to others.”

Anthony Ormsby

“Super well explained! Thank you.”

Sebastian Salazar

“I thought this course was excellent. I will definitely purchase the advanced version as well.”

Shana Pollack

“Thanks, it was informative and helpful.”

Bogdan Blaga

“This was a good course with instructions that were easy to follow.”

Marilyn Lowe

“This was a great course! The website and online tutorials were very easy to navigate and very user friendly. I really enjoyed how the course was organised as it felt like I was adding on top of what I had already learnt. The instructor was great and was the same instructor throughout the course. This consistency was great. I also enjoyed that there were practice exercises attached to each lesson and was available in different versions of Excel. All in all I really enjoyed this course. Thanks GoSkills :)”

Jayden T.

“Excellent and enticing course on Excel!”

Riyaadh Kara

“Very easy to follow and understand.”

Mark Andrew Hackett

“Excellent Course! ”

Helen G. Bassett

“Is was very informative and to the point. Even if you haven't done Project Management, its core information is there. The lecturer is also extremely good and the explanations between slides helps a lot.”

Ricardo Vlotman

“A very helpful and easy way to gain an understanding about a program that you have no prior experience with.”

Anna-marie Van Staden

“Easy to understand and user friendly. Great Course!”

Trinh Diep

“High recommend! It is useful in my work.”

Fan MinLi

“A quick and effective way to learn things that will be useful on a daily basis.”

Anna-marie Van Staden

“Great direction, very brief and direct but also powerful. Thank you. ”

Erik Jorgensen

“An easy to comprehend and affordable program. ”

Devin Lofton

“This was a great refresher. Excellent narration and activities. ”

Ray Poirier

“Great program, easy to understand, I am glad that the certificate is verifiable with verification number and can link to Linkedin. ”

JENNIFER Dacon Mascardo

“Learned some valuable tools. Good presentation and breakdown. I can surely use this knowledge at work!”

Brandon Callahan

“Very easy to follow with the workbooks available. You can do it all in one day if time permits. I loved the video speed option. ”

Fabiano Giordani

“Very straightforward and digestible lessons!”

Jeremy Solomons

“Congratulations and 5* Stars all round! Enjoyed the course and will use it on future projects.”

Allistair E Frost

“This was the first of many courses I hope to complete with Go Skills! I feel that my marketability will improve with each additional certificate.”

Tanya Lewis

“I learned a lot on Project Management and the online learning platform was very user friendly.”

Neo Madeline Cheda

“Andy was fantastic! The course was nicely paced and didn't include a lot of fluff. I really enjoyed myself. ”

Natasha Baker

“Enjoyed this course with the newly added sections which are a great refresher to the PMBOK. Also the continuation of placing real life scenarios is a plus to application of our PMBOK. ”

Brandon Wong

“This program was fun to use and showed me how much Excel can do. I was scared to use Excel before, but now I am confident and look forward to more!”

Jason Spencer

“Excellent course. Extremely simple. Very clear to the point. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Samuel Priest

“A well laid out course for beginners to expand their Microsoft knowledge and a great base in which to continue their education. Highly recommend to all......”

gary clarke

“it was very informative, and has helped me determine what has been going wrong in our projects. ”

Xoliswa Moraka

“Really nice course. I have been working with Excel for over 8 years and I still learned quite a few tricks.”

Radu Meghes

“Very helpful and lots of knowledge gained! ”

Diego Gomez

“I liked that each course is brief enough to practice very concise learning. I thought I had a way more advanced grasp of excel and I was missing some of the basics. ”

Domingo Vera

“Easy to understand and allows you to work at your own pace. Great for people that have a full time job and life.”

Miguel Jimenez

“It is such a great and useful public speech course! I am so appreciated for your help and advice. I will use all of the tips and tricks in my next group presentation. Good luck. Thanks again.”

Wenjing Tang

“The videos are very succinct, which is very good. The exercises are very helpful and the course is very organized. I love it!”

Laura Toma

“Easy to follow, very informative, lessons not too long so you don't get bored.”

Karen Rolph

“A great course for the people who want to excel in their business. Its not complicated. you have to be self driven to succeed in it like everything else in life. ”

Sami Al Kouatlli

“Learned so much during this course! Really enjoyed it, I can't wait to put it to use!”

Zelika Shillingford

“It was great! Very easy to follow and understand.”

Ann Mikkelson

“Excellent course - highly recommend to anyone getting up to speed on Microsoft Excel. Useful for pros and beginners alike. ”

Nick Sisodia

“It is really handy and I love it. I'll definitely use it again. ”

Liwen Tang

“Great course.”

Sherese McCullough

“An amazingly well made course with such useful information and efficient techniques even for people who have been using Microsoft Word for years.”

Holly Hanson

“This course was excellent! I highly recommend this course if you are new to excel or need a refresher.”

Jodi Holland

“Quick and efficient. Great tutorial. ”

Yolanda Dace

“I really enjoyed doing this online in my own time and have learnt quite a bit!”

Jean Pearson

“There are many experts in this field but none has the grace and perfect voice tone that Ken Puls bring. He was born for this.”

Samuel Nieves

“Excellent. Gave me meaningful insight on how to run successful projects.”

Hamadziripi Makiwa

“A good course for a beginner in Project Management.”

Patricia Laing

“Very easy to follow and good instructions.”

lyle atherton

“I loved this course, great being able to work at my own pace, and I loved being able to review lessons over again. I also thought it was great to see explanations as to why quiz answer were wrong. This really helped with my understanding. Having the month time limit also meant I couldn't procrastinate and I got the work done. It wasn't too short a time but it made me get on and do it.”

Rachael Skinner

“Value for money and suitable for beginner”

Eunice Tan

“Exceptional Presentation and tutorial style in addition to being perfectly organized. THANK YOU!!!!”

Winston Williams

“Easy to understand and fast to complete!”

Andrea Castaneda Guzman

“It was very informative and helped me a lot. Thank you”

Bronwynne Thomson

“Very helpful. I will be looking to complete more online courses through this site!”

Ken O'Callaghan

“I found the course very easy to navigate through. It was very straight forward and provided great time increments for the videos, made it easy to memorize all of the information. Overall, I would recommend the course to anyone.”

Ajla Dedic

“Really good course - I have learnt so much and found some very useful tips to make my life easier.”

James Alderson

“This course was well explained, gave easy descriptions and made it easy to understand the important information. It has helped me improve my knowledge of what is expected in all aspects of business writing and when I use this information.”

Ajla Dedic

“A very good way for begginers to catch up on the course in a good way and in less time. Good work 👍🏼”

Naveen Nv

“Hi all, the best ever. You are all stars............”

Donovan Jacobs

“Excellent course! The information came at a perfect pace for me to retain all that was taught. VERY useful!”

Tracie L. Brown

“Another excellently-paced course that explains concepts in a clear manner.”

Tracie L. Brown

“Enjoyable experience, so simple and excellent tutorials. Thanks so much. Will definitely be back to do more courses. ”

Shaheen Mohamed

“I learned a lot from these courses, which will help me greatly in using Excel at work. ”

Marcoiya Fair

“Thank you very much it really help to improve my excel skills.”

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“Loved the short sections, broken into simple chunks.”

Natasha Tucker

“Well organized and easy to follow”

Dorothy Lilley

“The person narrating the lessons was a very well-informed teacher who explained each step of the lesson succinctly while still teaching the student the nuances of Excel. I would definitely recommend this program to another person who needs a stress-free, easy way to learn Excel.”

Kevin Kim

“This course was chock full of great information to help you look, feel and be confident when speaking. Body Language is just as important as the message your giving because it's a visual confirmation to the audience that you are comfortable with yourself, your topic and the audience. This instructor was phenomenal and provided so many examples and tips that make perfect sense. This course is highly recommended! ”

Tara Dojan

“Really good and totally at the right beginners level. I followed the lessons and built my own project at the same time and the speed was perfect. Thanks!”

Lindsay Durham

“I'm very happy to follow this course. I have learned a lot: how to tell stories, how to better maintain your audience, one slide, one idea. Now I'm more confident in public speaking. Thanks to GOSKILLS ”

CISSE Bakari

“Amazing course! Highly recommend! Video lessons, practice, and quizzes aid in mastering Excel!”

Matthew Mariner

“This was very informational and very very helpful, especially with my business degree! I have learned so much and very good tutorials and quizzes to help assess your knowledge with each slide! Very good! Highly recommend! ”

Lisa Yroka

“Very helpful! Thanks. ”

Matthew La Corte

“I found this course very useful. The instructor was positive and made the tutorials go by faster.”

Kari Stephanishin

“Very user friendly and providing a good environment for learning Excel!”

Philip Ng

“Extremely likable interface, loved the lessons. Didn't stop till I reached the last chapter! Best Excel lessons among so many internet courses. ”

S M Saminathan

“The course was very useful. I enjoyed it very much. Good job :)”

Hazheen Hamdi

“Loved the course. Very interactive and follows one lesson on the next well. Easy to understand. I enjoyed the Quiz part and the fact that I could revisit the training videos.”

Dean van Jaarsveld

“Enjoyed this course and learned a lot even though I've been an Excel user for YEARS. So happy to have a deeper understanding of how things work. ”

Janis Taylor

“This was a very good course. Great lay out and great instructor. ”

Robert De Gale

“Great course, would suggest this to others!!”

Lida Badenhorst

“Very happy with this course.”

Duy Hoang Bao

“It was very nice to learn Photoshop. Thanks for such good videos.”

Hiren Thakkar

“Thanks GoSkills! The Microsoft Access Basics course has enabled my ability to identify and operate database functions. I found the detail of the program user friendly and am now confident to take instructions for Access workplace use.”

Fleur Pepper

“I just finished the Microsoft Word Basic course and I learned a ton! Most of the material I learned I did not know about and it was easy to focus and navigate through the course. I really learned a lot from this course and have already started to use the things I have learned!”

Jazmine Bennett

“Great course - highly recommend it! Will continue to take additional courses. Great knowledge achieved from these courses, thank you.”

Eloy Duque

“Brilliant, thank you. Learnt heaps.”

Lynda Hare

“Really straight forward and easy to use. ”


“I thought I knew Excel very well, but after taking this course I realize there were so many things I did not know. Thanks GoSkills, I feel very informed.”

Randeen Smith

“Very comprehensive and inclusive course. I really like the content, depth, and quality.”

Rhonda Thompson

“It provides a decent overview of the topic. The instructor presents the material well, and the practice exercises are helpful.”

Erin K Tobin

“Love Andy, she's always concise and clear!”

Lydia Rozenberg

“It is a very useful training, easy to follow and digest, and absolutely valuable skills for future careers. Highly recommend to other e-learners. ”

Jialin Li

“Concise and clear!”

Deepak Haran



“I loved the option to read along with the video, download a lesson and then take a quiz to ensure that the main idea was communicated in a variety of ways.”

Karen Schultz

“I loved the complete ease of taking this course. Having the information readily available to me and able to go over with the tutorials helped ease me into areas I have been completely oblivious to for lack of knowing. Now that is not the case. I am excited to take on the advanced course and tackle it and become even more knowledgable. The sky's the limit. Or is it the bandwidth is the limit? lol ”

Matthew Upton


Deepak Haran

“It has been extremely helpful. Understanding the correct formats for business emails and letters have allowed me to draft more presentable communications to internal and external clients!!”

Kaylyn Ashton Reddy

“It was challenging, but I had fun learning new things.”

Kristal Mott

“Thanks for this great course.”

Ismat Selevany

“Absolutely loved Andy and how clear and interactive she was. I have learned so much through this short course. ”

Shanon Ramdaw

“This was a good course and I managed to grasp skills in project finance.”

Monde Lincoln Brian Salaze

“Very good and informative.”

Craig Govender

“I loved the fact you could move at your own pace. I have taken public speaking before so it was nice to just quiz out of the lessons!”

Brianna Tozer

“Very helpful! Easy to learn!”

Baris Safoglu

“This course was excellent! The presenter was clear, the instruction was in plain and understandable language, and I'll be able to start using Project now right away. It was well worth the time, and worth every penny!”

SrMary Brigid Callan

“Excellent course, very easy to understand and love the fact you can download everything, I have printed off most of the course and have put it in a file so its great to go back to if there is something I am doing and need to check to make sure I have it right.”

Raewyn McKenzie

“Very informative. It's a great refresher for the new version.”

Barbara Kerns

“Excellent! Extremely thorough, yet concise. ”

Joshua Betit

“Awesome and efficient classes with very well explained small videos.”

Josh Coley

“It is very informative and so user friendly! Love it!!”

Janice George

“The course was very well put together and made learning and following along easy!”

Corey Blanchard

“Great teaching and learned very quick!”

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“A very interesting course and educative on its own without much stress. I do recommend it for good career advancement.”


“I have been using excel for years but this course offers so many new tricks and techniques to do my job a lot better and easier. ”

Rafael Borges

“The course is very useful, related and very relevant to my career. Thank you so much GoSkills.”

Nhlalala Matsambo

“I've completed five of the PM courses and each has been excellent, formalized, well planned and perfectly timed to fit into my schedule. My goal is PMP certification and these courses are providing me with the confidence and knowledge to achieve that goal. ”

Wallace Parker

“I love how it's broken down in bite size lessons with a small quiz at the end. I like having the option to play it again.”

Edie Phillips

“I have learned a lot by doing this course. The videos are easy to follow and understand. Thank you.”

Bronwynne Thomson

“Excellent Course”

Scott Hannah


Anna Michael Mringo

“Really fun and understandable, can be done in own free time and the length of the videos are short and simple.”

Loshani Gounden

“Very good course.”

Miguel Martinez

“Loved the humor and was very easy to understand. It was like working in a classroom. Thank you ”

Alisa Guthrie

“Was very interesting and I will definitely be implementing what I have learnt.”

Gary Losper

“The instructor was great! He had a good pace and intuitively knows what questions learners will have and answered just in time.”

Suriya Abdul Hadi

“Perfect introduction to Microsoft Excel. The videos are very clear. The practice exercises are very helpful. And the quizzes and final exams ensure your working understanding of the material. Highly recommend!”

Noah Bonn

“Excellent instructor. Coursework was very detailed and intuitive. Glad I made the decision to take this course. I am now more confident in my abilities in the workplace.”

Andrew Nandlal

“Thanks Go Skills! I am already applying and fine tuning the Microsoft Outlook course enabled, for daily use. Key points of organization and processes make this program an excellent resource for utilizing Outlook and all its planning ability.”

Fleur Pepper

“This course was very helpful and I learned a lot of information. I like how the quizzes explained the correct answer when I got it wrong. All in all I would definitely recommend GoSkills to anyone who needs to learn excel. ”

Janette Dodson

“Great Course!”

Pam Sawyer


Kory N Mueller

“Thank you for a professional and detailed course. 😀”

Lisa Clark

“Goskills presents a professional and detailed way of learning. 😀”

Lisa Clark

“A very easy to follow and fun learning experience. Studied at my own pace and never seemed a chore! Videos were short and simple but with personality. A great way to learn new skills.”

Dee Muir

“I enjoyed this Advanced course very much. I didn't realize there was so much on Word that I wasn't using. Andy is very knowledgeable and easy to follow. ”

Barbara Kerns

“Very much informative and quite easy for one to understand... I did it in record time.”

Tebogo Benjamin Temana

“The training was very organized and the videos were amazingly helpful. I really appreciate this course, I have learned a lot. Thank you.”

Farah Bouyacoub

“Excellent layout and tests at the end of each lesson. Thoroughly enjoyed it and feel genuinely skilled after completing.”

Gary Shaw

“Well put together and explained. Was a great refresher course plus I learned a few extra things.”

Katie Wagner

“I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Thank you so much TJ :)”

Carole Besson

“Very well presented. Easy to take in the information. Thank you.”

Dawn Murphy

“This course was highly informative, did a good job of introducing features and capabilities and the narrator was exceptionally easy to hear.”

Janet Edwards

“Outstanding amount of info plus great way of giving presentation.”

Falah Fatah

“Most concepts were explained thoroughly. I liked some of the best practices introduced for some topics. This not only helps with how to do something, but also why.”

Paul Selby

“Great! We are inclined to deliver awful presentations, but TJ's tips are a savior to savor!”

Amit Manubhai Kheradia

“I thoroughly enjoyed this business writing course. It was great to be able to do it at my own pace and have it fit in my busy life. Thanks GoSkills. ”

J. Hayes

“Very helpful and a huge refresher for me. I look forward to using animation in my future powerpoint presentations.”

Jason Humes

“Easy to use and very effective. ”

Marc Garreffa

“This is an extremely important course for any user of Excel, simple yet answering very complex operations. ”

John Mose

“Awesome course. Would like to see an intermediate and advanced Microsoft Project course.”

Miguel D Martinez

“I really liked how each lesson was short, but very informative. Much easier to be able to go through multiple layers of information, and review later if needed.”

Julia Lindemer

“This provided an excellent baseline knowledge as to the fundamentals of project management as well as exercises to engage the student.”

Jim De la Cruz

“Very good!”

Fu (Nick) Zhang

“Great Course!”

Massimiliano Di Battista

“It is the best start up course. I enjoyed it, I recommend this course for all project team and schedule planners. ”

Riyadh Salih

“I loved this course. It was very informative and to the point.”

Chesney Oldenburg

“Concise program of study, useful templates and logical application of topic information conveyed. Thanks GoSkills”

Fleur Pepper

“I like it! I tested out a few other learning sites before deciding on GoSkills. In the end I made the best choice. Keep up the good work!”

Tigre Clark

“It is really helpful and easy to understand.”

lidia peinado- Navarro

“This was a great basic class. I thought I was pretty experienced but about 1/2 of the content I didn't know. It was also a good reminder of all that Word offers. The tutorial videos were very easy to follow and very well taught. The speaker did an excellent job of keeping it simple and not over teaching or under explaining. Highly recommend if you have never used Word or need a good refresher for 2013 Word and beyond. ”

Stephanie Wright

“The course was up to date and easy to understand”

Francois Hector

“This course taught me every thing I need to be able to function at my job and a little bit more. The lessons are short and simple to get the job done and not tire you out. I would highly recommend to anyone who's working in an office. On to the next!”

Ryan Alexander Johnson

“I have no experience of using PPT, the course has taught me the fundamentals and now I have a good idea of what PPT can do, great course! ”

Jeff Yat Ping Lau

“Well laid out, clear course. Each lesson was circa 5 minutes, with a small quiz to check understanding. Great course. Learnt a lot. Would recommend.”

Maria Guerin

“Very helpful, thank you so much.”

Armineh Almary

“The fundamentals of the course provide an excellent base for developing Project skills.”

Fleur Pepper

“This course was outstanding! The information was excellent, I was able to make notes in each lesson online, retake quiz if necessary and I love that Ken put in transcripts and highlights under the video lessons. I am going to order another course and would absolutely recommend GoSkills to anybody. Thank you!”

Michelle Brown

“I learned an awful lot from this course even though I have been using Excel on and off for a number of years. The short lessons enabled me to focus on one aspect at a time and not be overwhelmed. I also used the notes option to summarise the parts of each lesson that I need to remember.”


“This was a great course at a really great price! A lot of information, love the transcripts, notes and reference. The quizzes are great too. I would definitely recommend this course and Thank you! ”

Michelle R Brown

“I learned a lot from this course, glad I purchased it! The instructor is excellent. I would recommend this course and I would purchase from GoSkills again. Thank you!”

Michelle R Brown

“Very good course. Learnt a lot and was very simple to follow and use. ”

Jackson Tierney

“Really enjoyable. I took the Beginner and Intermediate Excel course with a different company and although they had some merits, the Advanced course with Goskills was far superior. I especially appreciated the ability to take notes within each module as the video was playing. I have already signed up to do the Word course and I am really looking forward to it. I have already been able to provide my Manager with Excel reports that I couldn't hoped to have created before taking the course. I am really glad I took the time to sign up and improve my skills.”

Paul Hunter

“It was very nice ;)”

Andrejs Antonovs

“Fantastic videos. Great length and commentary and explanations are outstanding.”

Peter Hunt

“Thank you for the well put together and well-presented course. It was a joy to do the course with GoSkills. The presenter is very inspiring and a real leader in the field. ”

Dewald Jozua Smit

“This was an excellent course. I'm not typically a fan of computer based training but the content, presentation and materials were excellent.”

Matt Deutsch

“Professional tutor and practical composition of lessons. ”

Noel A.

“Very useful information & course. I love it. Definitely recommend ”

Amelia Tan Soo Fong

“Very good teaching in handy bite sized lessons. I learned loads!”

Miles Russell

“Lesson's were very easy to follow, also links me to documents that allow me to interact on my own.”

Charles Karmel

“Very useful, picked up and learned lots of new tricks and help.”

Carl Leonard

“Very much detailed and efficient. Thank you. ”

Imi Kozma

“The lessons were clear and easy to understand especially for a rookie like me who has no project management experience. Great job!”

Theresa Neuhoff

“Very easy to follow. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn and master Excel.”

Nick Donaldson

“Very good introduction on core concepts and applications in Excel. ”

Saw De Rui

“I really enjoyed this course. Some of the modules were easier, and some were really in-depth especially for someone with no Finance background. Overall, this gave me a much better insight to Finance than I previously had.”

Jim Leary

“A very well put together course to introduce me (or anyone) to MS Word.”

Thomas Bates

“I very much enjoyed that all of the lessons were roughly about 5 minutes each, with a short quiz at the end. They were super informative and taught me about tools I didn't know existed. I am very excited to use some of these in my every day tasks. ”

Stacey Namovicz

“This was really a very good course. I do a lot of public speaking for my job, I've always felt I did well and I've received a lot of favorable feedback. However, I got a lot of information to help ensure that in the future my presentations are even better. I rarely use PowerPoint but in the upcoming months I'll be using it even more for my presentations. All of the information about using PowerPoint will better prepare me, so I'm very, VERY appreciative to have learned this information sooner rather than later.”

James Leary

“This was an easy to follow course that added to my knowledge of excel. Some of the basic stuff is pretty easy, but very informative at the same time. This course helped me get a better understanding to how formulas work and also how to get started in PivotTables. I would use Go Skills again for more training in the future.”

Lindsay Vernon

“This course was invaluable. There was so much GOOD information. I wish I had taken this sooner!”

James Leary

“I took a Word class in college.... in 1992. So much has changed. This course was an excellent way to bring me up to the newest features and how to effectively use them. For the past 25 years, my skills were limited to bold, italics, underline and print. So glad to have taken this course!”

James Leary

“Great, great course.”

James Leary

“This site has given me the knowledge to advance my career. Ken is great!”

Keith Rewis

“I liked this course a lot. A lot of information. Especially appreciated the new features of Outlook 2016. Thank you!”

James Leary

“Very informative about features of PowerPoint I wasn't aware of before.”

Charles Karmel

“Very clear presentations. I like how it is self-paced, and the quiz at the end of each section is a great self check. Having notes available for a different kind of reminder is also a great feature. Well done!”

Regina OHare

“The course is very informative and I could easily complete it within my busy schedule. The instructor is great and don't waste any time.”

Shayesteh Haghdan

“I enjoyed this course and it was very informative and relevant to understanding the different formats of communicating business writing.”

John Elam

“I love how easy GoSkills makes it to learn even the most advanced things about Excel. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn Excel.”

Nicholas Donaldson

“I started to skip the "basic" lessons, since I have used excel for years. I'm glad I didn't. I learned a lot of new and faster ways.”

Richard Tarrillion

“Great explanation of material by the instructor. ”

Guillermo E. Paniagua

“I had no knowledge of PM at all. Through this course, I could gain the basic knowledge, and I found it very helpful.”

Dongin Jung

“Excellent course of material. Never expected it to be so simple and elaborative.”



Dongin Jung

“Excellent. Very detailed.”

David Dunsmuir

“Effective, nice and positive trainer.”

Iwona Hauke

“Very informative & easy to understand!”

Simon Reedman

“This is an excellent course, very useful and very clear.”

Maria Smirnova

“Straightforward and well explained.”

Benjamin Park

“I enjoyed the course, found it to be clear and well presented. Andy is a good teacher, thank you to her.”

Alexia Lawson

“I just love these courses! I really wish I would have taken these courses years ago. I would be so much further along in my career. The classes are so well laid out that I'm able to learn at a rapid pace with a full understanding of the subject area. Cant say enough good things about the courses.”

Erika Lovelady

“I've already identified spreadsheets I use on a regular basis that I can implement some of the items I've learned in this tutorial. Presentation was very good (screen shots and audio).”

Cindy McNally

“The course was great. I loved it. Thanks”

Evir Dominguez

“Great informative courses”

Andrew Dawson

“Excellent course! This is the most comprehensive course that I have taken so far for project management. The instructor did a really great job. I would be more than happy to take other courses in the future. ”

Zulaika Gonzalez

“This course was very helpful. I classify my skills as advanced and I was still able to retain quite a few new tips and shortcuts as well as features I hadn't been aware of. It is also a good refresher on the basics. For anyone that is at the beginning the lessons tied with quizes and examples is a great option.”

Heather Walker

“It was amazing and helped me a lot! Awesome work, thanks.”


“Good course and good instruction.”

Guillermo E. Paniagua

“Narrator/teacher is excellent, easy to understand.”

Louis Richards

“I really enjoyed the course. ”

Tara Stamper

“Concepts have been explained with a lot of clarity. Instructions are crisp and to the point. ”

Tosh Kothari

“Loved it. Very informative and easy to follow. Really breaks it down from a layman's perspective.”

Melissa Lopez

“Well done and easy to follow.”

M Opper

“Great! It was truly helpful! Thank you so much.”

Sabrina Quermia-Claes

“I found the content of value, and challenging enough to feel that I learnt something new that I can apply in the industry. ”

Esté Booysen

“I liked the detailed and visual explanations of some of the more challenging concepts. The speaker spoke clearly and at a nice pace. I was able to take note. Easy to pause and rewind. Would recommend to a friend.”

Adajean Bedwell

“This course was very helpful and I learned a lot of new things to help with my daily workload.”

Kenya Augustine

“I hope this course will help me to be more efficient and effective in project management. I now have a new simple approach to structuring, running and making projects successful.”

Niamh Greene

“Actually, very well done. I found the narrator engaging and really liked the transitions/digital affects.”

Mike Kraft

“Great course, just what I needed to understand the in depth process of excel!”

Brandon Kilian

“This coach was very easy to listen to. He made sense in everything he said. I learned a lot. Thank you.”

Toni Rahn Galster

“It is a very handy selection of lessons.”

Maria Jose

“Very informative. I learned a lot about pivot tables that I had not previously.”

Steve Stegman

“Course was excellent being to the point, well presented and having had the knowledge tested consistently throughout the lessons I feel that I have retained a lot of information. I love Excel and am proficient in it already but managed to pick up some new tips and tricks.”

Jonathan Aspeling

“This course got me up and running at my new job! I had no knowledge of Microsoft Excel before, and this gave me a good basic training. I highly recommend it! Thank you!”

Yosef Moskowitz

“VERY HELPFUL....loved the videos and how interactive it kept me the whole time =) Thanks for the insight into PowerPoint. ”

Kayla Douthitt

“I learned a lot - everything was really useful.”

Maria Claudia Ortiz Castro

“The concepts are explained in an easy to understand way. Very easy to work your way thru a little each day.”

cynthia graham

“Very great lessons! I enjoyed all of them, very informational! ”

Teresa Alfama

“Information was presently clearly and included good examples.”

Erica Taomae

“Very good training!”

Travis May

“That was such a nice course! Thank you, David! I have learned a lot and cannot wait to put this into practice.”

Sabrina Quermia-Claes

“Very informative, kudos!”

Ella Valdez

“Great coach. I really enjoyed his demeanor. Thank you. ”

Tara Stamper

“Loved it! Easy to follow along good job!”

Alex Fernandez

“Great course. Comprehensive and very easy to follow.”

Philip Rolink

“Very good course with clear direction and lessons ”

Claire Pearson

“Great information for a beginner at Excel.”

Chad Ogden

“Offered me a lot of new features I didnt know before, in quick tutorials.”

Sebastian Kelmer

“It was a great experience. The Course was very easy to follow and I was able to work on my own free time.”

Jaime Aguirre

“Great course very clear and informative. Have been using Evernote for a while but learned some new things. ”

Kathleen Taylor

“Interesting and increased my understanding on how to present myself using body language when speaking.”

Winold RENEE Brown

“The course was excellent! I loved how the excel spreadsheets were provided to follow and practice. The course instructor was amazing!! Very thorough and informative. Gave easy to follow explanations and made it easy to follow and put to real life work experience.”

Carol Wilson

“I felt the information was presented in a concise and easy to follow format, and I learned many new tips and tricks. I would highly recommend the course to those new to Excel, or maybe just a little rusty.”

Jim Stanczak

“This was a great course and I really enjoyed learning the tricks for page layout.”

Cindy Holt

“Course was very easy to follow and full of good information. I gained the knowledge I needed to advance in my professional life.”

Candace Manners

“Lovely and very interesting to watch in short videos.”

nitesh gurnani

“Very useful and articulate course.”

V. Costa

“Team GoSkills, thank you very much for the service you have provided - I would definitely recommend you guys to a friend/colleague. The content is fantastic and easy to follow, the guy in the videos does a great job. CHEERS GUYS!”

Daniel Bogue

“I thought that the course was very informative. The instructor broke down all the different areas very well and covered them completely. I knew nothing virtually (except the basics) and I feel that I have learned a lot. I enjoyed the extra tips that the instructor threw in such as Do's and Don't s for writing emails. I did not know many of them.”

Sandra Krtek

“I really enjoyed the ability to learn at my pace, access the materials, and review the course as many times as I needed to. ”

Norma Tennille McKinney

“The instructor was very clear on their presentation with enough detail to fully understand. ”

Don Smith

“It was very easy to follow and explained well.”

Sue Russell

“Excellent course, easy to follow and very descriptive. ”

Ronald Hardman

“Very helpful followed with tough questions to test you on skills delivered.”

Nitesh Gurnani

“Awesome course and easy to understand!”

Liandran Moodley

“Really enjoyed course. Instructor was clear and easy to understand. Was a very good course for an Excel "dummy" like me.”

Theresa Calabrese Vance

“This was a great and easy course to take at home online. I'm looking forward to taking more courses.”

Carla Jaggard

“Feel great and confident.....I just loved it..Thanks😄”

Shilpi Nath

“Good instructions and tips. The instructor seems very knowledgeable in the subject and she does a good job of breaking the features down.”

Sandra Krtek

“Very Helpful”

“Very easy to follow along with and understand. I considered myself pretty skilled with Excel already and still learned several new things.”

Darcy Richard

“Very easy to understand with great visuals and audio. The tests help test for understanding on key points.”

Richard M Duffy

“Amazing coach!!! I loved this course, I found it very motivating!”

Maria Jose Canas

“Very professional coach and very motivational course! 100 % recommendable!”

Maria Jose Canas

“Good Information. ”

Ronald Hardman

“Extraordinary coach! I have enjoyed the course a lot!!”

Maria Jose Canas

“This was an interesting course and really helped me a lot. I am now able to use my excel more efficiently and gather data quicker and more accurately. This will come highly recommended. ”

Badrah Hendricks

“The training was awesome. I'm going to apply all these concepts in the my job as a customer care specialist in a medical diagnostics company. Hope my bosses and coworkers signed online for this excellent training.”

Pietro Ferrario

“I was able to apply what I learned to my reports. ”

Crystal Serrato-Gonzalez

“As I am moving into a leadership role, I can honestly say, I have heard some ideas that will be helpful to me.”

Amie Donald

“This taught me many valuable pieces to creating and customizing pivot tables, and getting them ready for others to utilize.”

Debbie Kline

“Great course - learned many tips and tricks that I will be able to apply and also teach others. ”

Maria Abreu

“Great and thorough course on Excel basic and advanced as well, great that it has the quizzes straight after. ”

Jamie Park

“This course was a great learning tool. I learned how to make projects easier and cut out a lot of unnecessary steps. I also learned how to use some tools that I didn't have any knowledge of using. I will recommend this course to other professionals looking to increase their efficiency and capability to master excel concepts. The price was fair also, a really good price for the amount of knowledge distributed also. ”

Luther Brown

“Very good. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the course.”

Attaf Ahmed

“Very easy and fun to use. Short lessons make it easier to leave and go into your own Excel and recreate in your own way the lesson you've just learned.”

Glenn Steinke

“Very logical and easy to learn from this web tool.”

Alan HU

“The course, overall, is pictured well. The worksheets that go along with each lesson is great for reviewing the lesson and practice.”

F. E. Betty Gingras

“Detailed and delivered effectively. ”


“I found this to be an excellent course - I am already a user of Microsoft Word but really need to refresh and brush up my skills.”

Linda Teagle

“I did this course parallel to a Project Management course at one of our local Universities & I have to say I found the course content, quality and presentation of this course to be far superior - thank you for that! I am extremely grateful that I decided to take this course as well. The presenter Ray Sheen was excellent and very clear with great practical examples that we all can relate to. I will most definitely be doing more courses through GoSkills!”

Cornelia Ferreira

“Thought the course was great. Short, concise tutorials. Keeps you engaged and interested. ”


“Thank you! The course was informative and details were well explained. The short videos helped me progress during the short periods of free time I have.”

Tony Bozzi

“Very informative and it is great to have access to continue and practice certain sections.”

Kathleen Nagle

“Lots of very good information presented in small chunks to make it easy to understand and complete over time.”

Carrie Marvin

“Excellent course material.”

Arun Sebastian Abey

“Expert tutoring.”

Arun Sebastian Abey

“Very happy with this course! Now I can start my new new job with confident and strong Excel knowledge! Big thanks to GoSkills team. ”

Lonessia Low

“Very Informative. ”

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“Short videos are very informative and easy to follow.”

Davone Banky

“Great, really helped me in getting used to Excel and its related terms and formulas.”

Ankit Mehta

“I really enjoyed this course. I found it to be very informative, yet easily retained. Just the right amount of info without being overwhelming. Also being able to pause, stop and return is a great option. Thank you - now onto Excel!! ”

Tracy Ritzer

“Excellent - Ken was very easy to understand and provides comments that were very helpful in each section.”

Valeri Lansford

“I found all provided hints and information very useful, and presented in a fashionable and very professional manner! Also given the reference guides I can look for additional details and materials to consolidate my homework on all presented chapters. Can't wait for the next step! ”

Adrian Dumitrescu

“Great information and review of Agile/Scrum methodology. ”

Bryan G. Anders

“The teacher is excellent! The use of precise vocabulary and clear instructions allowed me to focus on the lesson. Thank you!”

Angeline Alberto

“This was absolutely awesome!!”

Kgosietsile Mogorosi

“Great understanding of project management basics! I loved this course, this will definitely help me in my career.”

Joseph Carlton Brown

“I was a complete beginner and didn't know almost any financial terms. But the explanations made sense to me and now I can understand basic finance for businesses.”

Janet Hilts

“Excellent explanations and very useful practice files!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to discover the powerful tools of Excel. ”

Phillip Venter

“I really liked the narrator's tone and explanations. I liked that I could pause a video and rewatch a section if I was confused. ”

Rob Zorio

“I quite enjoyed the PM for Team Members course. It's resourceful, interesting and catchy! It takes you progressively into a deeper level. There's no lack of background, examples or hints. Enjoyable to read, listen and acknowledge. Helpful! I have the base now, so ... feeling eager to attend the next level sections. ”

Mihail Adrian Dumitrescu

“ Very organized overview of the project management process.”

Lisa D Midgette

“Very useful.”

Patricia Motta

“Great learning experience! ”


“Loved the short and to the point lessons. Loved the question choices, made me laugh. Great course, I would recommend it. Thanks!”

H Arnold

“Excellent, detailed and complete!”

Roy Mendoza

“I think it is a very great learning curve. I did not know some of the functions, which made the lessons come in handy.”

Bridgette Kekana

“Excellent and informative! Highly recommend it!”

Juan Cortes

“Some very interesting information on marketing skills for beginners”

Sarah Bradley

“Great and very useful. I think I should do more practice on this course in order to become skillful at Excel.”

linlin hao

“Extremely helpful when it comes to learning tips and tricks within excel to speed up process. A lot of information was basic knowledge from daily use, but there was a great deal of information that was new and helpful that will now be applied on the job. Thank you. ”

Ricky Gheewala

“Very usefull! ”

Jesus Flores

“Very helpful! I was able to learn how to use Outlook right away. I didn't know anything before I started and now I can use many of the features without reviewing the videos to remember what to do. Thank you.”

Janet Flora Hilts

“Very helpful! Lots of additional tips that other courses do not offer!”

Christa Riley

“I loved the Goskills Excel course. It helps us in the future. I like the fact of keeping tests after each lesson. It was nice and beneficial.”

Lukmaan Sajjad

“Very good course.”

Linda Alix Teagle

“Very well paced, has increased my confidence in using excel.”

J Gatley


Man Loong Chong

“Excellent, it is very useful! I'll put into practice all the knowledge that I've taken here.”

Jesus Flores

“Good review of steps needed to get certification through PMI”

Bryan G. Anders

“Fantastic learning style. Short, easy videos packed with knowledge, show you step by step how to accomplish what you need. You're never left behind. ”

Tim Ross

“Very clear and easy to follow. I feel like I came away with many tips and tricks I can immediately put to use, as well as keep in mind for future applications.”

Emily Dreibelbis

“Great online class ”

Jason Strachan

“Really helpful”

Katherine Yi

“I found this course to be very helpful! I learned a lot more about Excel and I loved the practice excel sheets and quizzes that were provided with the training. I would definitely recommend this course to others. ”

Brianne Kenyon

“The teacher for this course was very clear and easy to understand. The extra work materials were very helpful as well. I'm already editing a small book. Thank you”

F. E. Betty Gingras

“Extremely helpful and easy to understand.”

F. E. Betty Gingras

“Among other course providers I have experience with, GoSkills is my number one, thus far. My journey with GoSkills was nothing but pleasant. The portal is easy to navigate and to use, course content is relevant, easy to follow and understand. Ray Sheen did a superb job running this course. I absolutely love it. Now, it's PMI's turn to tell if they love what they hear from me :)”

Ilya Ivanov

“Really helpful for someone who is not in sales, but is in a position to still "sell" to clients. As a consultant, this was very informative and the examples were really effective. I enjoyed the host too. He was passionate and friendly. I'm looking forward to more courses taught by him. ”

Lindsay Pineda

“A useful introduction to understanding and writing appropriate coding language in Excel.”

Rebecca Naughten

“Visuals very helpful.”

Michelle Steel

“Very engaging lessons!”

Dave Emmanuel Sibulo Santos

“Great course with lots of examples and course materials related to all business sectors. ”

Bulent Pelit

“Very good course and great trainer.”

Radu Meghes

“The course had downloadable files to practice, notes and concise, easy to follow videos for each lesson. Highly recommended. ”

Melody Lau

“It was great, easy to follow along and grasp information.”

Charlotte Cobbs

“Very useful and helpful!”

Juan Pablo Cortes Campos

“Great course, I learned a lot. Thanks for the great videos.”

Caleb Maturin

“Very informative. I learned about Word and how to use the program with all the great tools. ”

Nicky Lutsky


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“Fantastic course, very relevant information.”

Fernando Powell

“Fantastic, helped me polish up my skills!”

C. Terry


Dušan Mišjak

“Very helpful, and clearly delivered course.”

Donna Robson

“Great course! I am learning so much, well worth the money. ”

Sam Borrow

“I enjoyed the basics of business writing. I think it is important to learn how to deliver and set your tone when writing documents, emails, and social media. ”

Nicky Lutsky

“I like the fact that the instructor is straightforward. I felt as though there was no unnecessary information given. I will recommend this course to my colleagues!”

La'Sha Johnson

“Very good course, I highly recommend it”

Luis Tapia

“Excellent course; very thorough.”


“Professor required it for a class. Super informative and awesome program!”

Bailee Settle

“Excellent course; very detailed and easy to understand. I like that it is broken up into small modules that only takes about 5 minutes per module.”


“A brilliant course!!! A Must! For anyone who really whats to truly understand what the data they input into their work sheets can tell them and how can it be effectively utilized to their benefit.”

Colonel Andrew Nage Magoro

“I really enjoyed this course and I will highly recommended to any person. I will continue to study the attachments from each lesson until I can feel more confident to pass the IASSC Yellow Belt exam.”


“It was great! Loved the lay out! ”

Kristin Hocking

“It has taken my understanding of Excel to a whole new level and i am now less intimidated and can now move and manipulate my worksheets with ease...”

Colonel Andrew Nage Magoro

“I'm in a college class for excel and this class by far is way more insightful than the college course I am enrolled in.”

Joel Sylvera

“Great content. Great instructor. Very easy to understand and follow. A great basic course to learn or refresh your Excel skills.”

Laura L. Burns

“This is a very solid introductory course to VBA within Microsoft Excel. Ken Puls is a great instructor who tells you everything you need to know. He is able to speak to all skill levels and add a tidbit here and there for those people at a higher level within Excel. I really appreciate him making this course because it has taught me valuable skills that I can only make in my future with VBA. Thank you Ken and Goskills for making this course!”

“Fantastic course. Fast, to the point, and very clearly explained. Exactly what I was looking for. ”

Nicholas Gill

“One of the best courses I have ever taken. Worth the money, you will earn it back 10 times in productivity. You will learn stuff you didn't even know existed in Excel. Ken Puls is amazing, you are going to be glad you decided to take the course.”

Randy Garner

“Excellent coverage of materials in short video sessions less than 6 minutes each. It's a great way to take a lot of information in ate small bites. Thanks GoSkills!”


“Amazing and so perfectly taught!”

Anthony Walker Jackson

“I have done several different tutorials for excel and VBA on this website. I have seen in different job descriptions you need to have some access experience, so I thought I would learn. This series is good for building a basic understanding of many of the tools access has to offer. Crystal is an instructor who shows you how to do everything and explains it in a very logical way. It is good that she repeats different shortcuts a lot so that you can memorize them easier. Thank you GoSkills for making this course available. I now have a working practical foundation for Access!”

W Eckhoff

“Learned new skills and shortcuts that I will be able to apply to future presentations. ”

Tim Albert

“Very informative-the videos help a lot to follow along. ”

Kristina Cowan

“Really good, easy to follow and understand. ”

“This is a great training program to study and use with other books on LSS yellow belt. I feel pretty confident that with a few more hours of study I can pass the IASSC yellow belt exam.”

Glenn Steinke

“Good design and very insightful, even for people who have a good working knowledge of Excel.”

Christopher Vrshek

“Easy to follow, as are all the Go Skills courses. I started doing graphics with CorelDRAW many years ago, and there were effects I know how to create there, that I just wasn’t finding in Ai, yet I knew it had to be possible. This showed me where to find what I needed, and lots more. ”

Dawn Murphy

“Very helpful! I learned a lot!”

Sarah Crouch

“Very well explained. The pace was good and explanations helped.”

LaRanne English-Lawrence

“I think this course is fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone wishing to advance their career. It's a great course!”

Arnold Murimbechi

“It was a great experience. I loved it!”

Arnold Murimbechi

“Loved the course! ”


“This course is fast and easy to work with. awesome as a quick refresher!!!”

“Very understanding and easy tutorials.”

Alvaro Ibarra

“Another great course from John Elder. Explained so well and at a rapid pace, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. ”

Nicholas Gill

“Very good for those who have not used a spreadsheet before and a nice review for those who might have used older versions or not used spreadsheets for a while.”

Ken Cameron

“Andy is a great teacher. The steps were broken down into easy-to-understand concepts. I enjoyed the course.”


“Opened my eyes to a whole new world of Excel that I never knew existed. Thank you. ”

Jessica Marhsall

“Very helpful in reviewing the basic functions of excel. Additional practice spreadsheets were also useful. ”

Emily Kongchunji

“Absolutely loved the class. Extremely valuable and taught in bite size easy to follow lessons. These classes will help me take my pivot table skills to the next level. Great job! I can’t wait to start applying what I just learned and start my next class.”

Kip Kipila

“It was a good overview of finance. ”

Karen Shelley

“Very helpful. ”

Tanya Mekeal

“Very very detailed and learned new ways to make the job easy.”

Alvaro Ibarra

“Great refresher and learned how to debug more effectively!”

Scott Chaput

“I am really pleased with this course.”

Modou Lamin Sowe

“Very Good Content and Explanations. Thanks!”

Girish Kochhar

“Great introduction to Excel and how to use it.”

Scott Chaput

“What NOT to do, when to do certain things & what social media channels to use in what circumstances all quite helpful! Thanks!”

Bonnie Haufe

“I found the Microsoft Excel (Basic & Advanced) course to be extremely easy to follow and informative.”

Tom Baird

“A great course that has shown me things I didn't know I could do in Photoshop. New tools available and different ways of achieving what I want. This type of online course fits nicely into my crazy work shift pattern and home life. Where I can learn in my free time. I also like the way I can reference back to the course videos when I need to.”

Andrew Howell

“Very helpful and easy to understand. The videos are short and relevant and the instructor is very patient in explanation ”

Bilha Maina

“The Excel-Basic course is perfect for the first time user. It will teach you everything you need to know to navigate Microsoft Excel, and then some. I am an advanced user and took the course for the certification for work. It taught me a few things that I don't use everyday and am excited to implement them in my daily business.”

Aryan Roscoe

“Excellent course. Very thorough and easy to understand.”


“I really like the ease and relevancy of this course. Super excited to try more!”

Chelsea Seiller

“I love the clarity of this course. Well organised and very helpful indeed. If only I knew just some of these practices years ago.”

Michael Simpson

“Perfect explanation, simple and clean”

Eeshwar Rupakula


Xiaolong Lu

“I find the courses all very informative and helpful. They're all well setup and explained.”

Terence V. Davis

“I love Go Skills!!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Awesome and cool!!!!”

Eeshwar Rupakula

“Dear Teacher, Thank you so very much for this interesting, well-presented course. I've learned a lot but will go through the course again just to become a better Keynote user. ”

Sabrina Quermia-Claes

“This was very helpful. Great instructor!”

Leslie Uelmen

“Essential for all developers and project leaders. Many new charting tools that i never knew about.”

Michael Simpson

“ I found this course when I was doing internet searches for online Microsoft Office Excel courses. This was a good review course for me and I also learned new information from this course too. I plan on taking many more courses through Go Skills in the future. ”

Paula Smith

“Contains a good discussion on risk matrix. Love it.”

Michael Simpson

“it was easy to understand. ”

Jagruti Shah

“Very educating. I loved it.”

Nathania Williams

“I enjoy the teaching style Andy presents the class. She is very thorough and goes through the steps to help you have a clear and concise understanding.”

LaRanne English-Lawrence

“This was an excellent course! Thank you! ”

Barry Lanier

“This training was really helpful. I like the fact that it shows you step by step on how to get where you want to be. ”

Steve Yang

“Excellent Course”

Eslam Ahmed Gouda

“Another great step in learning Scrum methodology. ”

Radosław Bolałek

“Well explained metrics and formulas. Great Job!”

Michael Simpson

“Thank you! Ray Sheen makes this so understandable!!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Easy to follow and well presented, as always on GoSkills. This course has introduced me to a great app. Hopefully it will really help my freelance business.”

Dawn Murphy

“Great Basics Course!”

Gustavo Gonzalez

“Very practical. The orator has a very clear accent easy to understand for non natives. A great discovery. Thanks Goskills.”

Ricardo Burgos

“A few minutes spent on many of the buttons on the ribbon is a good way to learn. The teacher was precise and easy to understand. I enjoyed learning!”

Carolyn H

“I enjoyed the format and ease of use of the course material. The videos were short and sweet and very straight forward. As I am a beginner it helped me quite a bit.”

Mary Pressman

“Great course. Even though I have fairly good skills, I learned A LOT of new things. Very easy to follow and understand. Thank you!”

Chelsea Seiller

“I just finished another great Excel course. Thank you Go Skills!”

Chelsea Seiller

“John elder is a great teacher.”

Nicholas Gill

“I found this course very useful when working in Excel. I used the topic headings when I wanted to try something new that looked as though it might be useful for what I was working on. The duration of each topic (around five minutes) also made it easy to learn a new skill when I had a few spare minutes. I did find though that I would do a few at a time to keep my progress moving along! Really useful feature is the certification that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.”

Theresa Forbes

“I love the wisdom and enthusiasm of the lecturer/coach for this series. I look forward to more of his courses. ”

Chelsea Seiller

“Thanks (again) Ray Sheen for the great course on Project Management!”

Chelsea Seiller

“The Marketing course is great. Easy to follow and understand. ”

Chelsea Seiller

“I am really happy with this course and I think it will really help with my exam!”


“I really enjoyed the lessons in this course. I learned lots of new information and new little tricks to use. It was very informative. ”

Paula Smith

“Course was well laid out, easy to follow with excellent practical examples. I use the skills learnt every day and it has made my daily use of spreadsheets so much better.”

Erick van der Merwe

“very helpful and convenient”

Anonymous user

“Very informative and interesting concepts. Will definitely use the tips suggested.”

Danielle Kirk

“Ken explains the subject content thoroughly while maintaining simplicity. I shall be pursuing more BI knowledge through him.”

Connor Ford

“good very explanitory and had good detail”

Teagan Price

“A great course. It was fun and informative. I learned many new features in Outlook and would definitely recommend this course. ”

Paula Smith

“The best online course I have completed!!”

Anonymous user

“Very informative. ”

Deion Warren

“Each session is only 5 minutes lecture and you can repeat as much as you like. That made me easy to follow. Working with handouts and working with mini-tests is an additional 10 minutes. So I was able to work on this course at my free time. I liked it a lot.”

Kazunori Emoto

“Extremely helpful!”

Susan Marchitti

“Awesome! I loved it!”

Susan Marchitti

“Very helpful! I'm happy I decided to do this.”

Anonymous user

“Very clear instruction! So many new tricks to use to improve performance and perform these tasks much more quickly! ”

Anonymous user


Alvaro Ibarra

“Excellent material, I will recommend it to all the persons that are looking for an online course for PMP.”

Diana Cristina Franco Gómez

“I liked the 5-6 minute lessons and the course was good. I recommend to anyone who wishes to learn about the basic features in Microsoft Project in a much relaxed way. Thanks Bill for your advice on not getting too carried away about the various features or tools (aka KYS - Keep Your Sanity, as said by Bill) and use what is needed to focus more with the team. ”


“Great learning experience. Good instruction. Highly recommend doing the practice excercises at the end of each course for "hands on" experience.”

Tami W. Neely

“This course provided excellent tips and guides from a well presented tutor. It was great listening to him and getting a better understanding of what was required in order to gain confidence in public speaking. ”

Stephen Gilman

“The whole leaning experience has been phenomenal...I never knew that we could do so many things in MS word...Highly recommended for every professional to learn the nuances of MS word...Thanks GoSkills ..”


“I found this course and short video tutorials very easy to follow and I loved how I could go back and review the short videos as many times as needed to grasp the material. I will definitely recommend this way of learning to all my friends! ”

Maggie Ledesma-Fleitman

“Very clear and precise. Excellent starter course”

Troy W Blair

“Once again Excellent!!!”

Troy W Blair

“I really like the addition of Minitab during the examples!”


“The videos were short but very informative. I liked the quiz at the end of the videos section. The person doing the videos was very easy to understand and follow.”

Ann Christman

“Very easy to follow. The practice spreadsheets and quizzes after each lesson was very helpful. Highly recommend this course!”

Sarah Drogos

“So easy to follow, very well thought out website.”

Aiden James

“Very thorough and very concentrated! Excellent.”

Andy Larkin

“Very good, to the point, learned what I needed to learn. Look forward to taking the advanced course now. ”

Teresa Kaluzny

“I just finished taking the GoSkills Yellow Belt course and passed my IASSC exam on the first try with a 92%! This course is by the far the best organized and presented I've seen, at a better price.”

Karl Baedeker


Michael Simpson

“Very informative. The small clips were great and the mini tests helped to reinforce the information. Thanks! ”

Brian Waller

“Met my expectations in terms of content, level of complexity and teaching approach (using real-life examples).”

Jean-Guy Zakrevsky

“Very educational and informative. ”

Trina Carson

“Very comprehensive course about SPC, I really like the formulas to create SPC charts and also the addition of Minitab examples.”


“It's Awesome. Will take other courses for sure.”

simeon poker

“This course is great training that you can use to enhance your knowledge when using Minitab. I really like the way it's designed to help you to understand the theoretical and practical side of using Minitab.”


“Found this to be way more helpful then my professor. Straight to the point. Quizzes were simple and quick.”

Angela Vasquez

“Great Course.”

Troy W Blair

“Very informative and easy to understand...”

Victor Dell Aquila

“I was very pleased with this course and found it very useful. I recommend that you create an MS Project Advanced course as that too would be of interest to me and others I know.”

Anonymous user

“The course was great. I liked the short videos and the instructor's voice was pleasant to listen to and clear to follow along with. The course outline really did go through all the basics in order to use the program. ”

Lissa Grenier

“Brilliant, really easy to understand and very informative.”

Kim Oakley

“The instructor was great and I learned a lot. ”

Daniela Class

“Love this instructor. Always provides clear, succinct videos. Very easy to follow. I've been using pivot tables for a few years, and I still learned new tricks from this course. I wish the instructor would have covered more information about pivot charts, so I'm hoping the Excel Dashboard course will do this. ”

Brittaney Benson-Townsend

“Great, digestible bits of information that are put into terms a non-finance manager can understand.”

John Boy Whitaker

“The Excel - Macros and VBA course is excellent. Ken did a great job presenting the information in an easy to follow manner. The ability to replay videos and proceed at my own pace certainly helped me focus on the areas I found more challenging. Thanks, I will now look into the other GoSkills Excel courses!”

Peter Gatenby

“This course was extremely helpful and easy to follow. I found the tips he provides and explanations on why to use certain formulas or tricks very valuable. ”

Katie Wright

“Excellent course and teacher”


“This course has given me a great start to be successful in my new career as a public speaker”

Renee Smith

“An excellent and informative course!! ”

Nadine Grandison-Mills

“Very informative!! ”

Nadine Grandison-Mills

“Very good course teaches you the basics of using Word and a refresher as I am very familiar with MS Word but found some useful tips. Definitely a course you want to get your hands on can't wait for the advance stuff.”

Akil Brown

“Best online course I have ever taken! Thank You!”

Christina Ruiz

“I know a lot more about excel than I did before starting this course. It was money and time well spent.”

Erika Piechowski

“I find the course very practical and useful to top up my skill sets for day-to-day business environment.”

Jing Zhao

“Accurate content very well explained”

Mariela Madera

“I’ve enjoyed the course tremendously, and will recommend it to my friends and family. I’ve learned how to be relaxed in an interview or business meeting, and with your valuable tips I will be able to practice and do it. ”

Elsie Strydom

“I really enjoyed the course and all of the information. It is very helpful and useful for my job. David was a fabulous speaker. ”

Megan Jeter

“Very enlightening ”

Varun Perera

“Well presented for pace and information. The Bullet and Waterfall charts and templates shared are very useful, I learned a lot of new, neat little tips and tricks to present a great Dashboard.”

Errol Taitt

“Good course for a beginner. ”

Abhinav Jha

“Very helpful information that I wasn't aware of before! Thank you so much.”

Taylor Cooke

“Great insight into a very valuable Excel skill! ”

Varun Perera

“Very useful”

Alexander Giese

“Much more thorough and informative than I thought a "Basic" course would be. I am impressed and I learned a LOT!”

Bradley Boxrud

“Good course! I'm not very good in English and your explanations were perfects on every video. Thx for the basics. Now I just need a little practice time :)”

Francis Poirier

“Great on line training for beginners. Ray Sheen is a rock star at simplification. He explains the lessons with clarity and precision. He really wants you to get it and use it. Thank you Ray and GoSkills!”

Ronny Rice

“Great job on this B.O.K. for lean principles. Ray Sheen was a good choice for delivering these lessons. Explained them well with excellent presentation materials. Thanks Ray and GoSkills!”

Ronny Rice

“I really enjoyed the course. Good trainer voice, good explanation about Excel. I was zero in Excel and now I can say that I am proficient in Excel. Thank you for such a great online course. ”

Saumya Tyagi

“Nice course, very focused on the real improvement!”

Vladimir Mendoza

“Great job explaining. I enjoy the short videos, versus long videos that can seem overwhelming. Excellent job!”

Shavon Jones

“Great course - Liam's approach was spot on and I learnt masses.”

Darren Coxon

“Even though I have some knowledge of Microsoft Word, this course taught some shortcuts and tips I never knew existed. Very helpful and informative.”

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“I really like this course. When I first started I only knew a few things in excel. Now, I can get around better and learned so much information.”

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“Great course.”

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“Very helpful in my accounting profession.”

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“Very interesting. very clear and motivating explanations”

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“Excellent course. Easy and straight forward!”

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“I really had a nice time learning from Ken. He explanations are easy to understand! I'm really grateful to have been taught by him, this course was awesome.”

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“Very informative, and good mix of diagrams and lecture! Quizzes were great at reinforcing the lesson without being too cumbersome.”

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“Very informative, and built perfectly on the previous course!”

Dan Kuriluk

“Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to further myself in the endless sea of computer technology.”

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“The instructor related the lessons in a way that was easy to understand without over-explaining the concepts. The quizzes were not too difficult or easy, and the final related to the prior quizzes. For a beginner computer course, this was a good start for me to attempt.”

Niall O'Neill

“Very helpful to summarise all of the Excel fundamentals.”

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“Great videos to learn quick. Easy to understand and follow!”

Giovanna Burdisso Gutierrez

“I found this course very insightful, despite already having a decent working knowledge of Excel prior to taking it. I will definitely be recommending this course to other people, and even recommending more GoSkills Excel courses be offered through my university. Very well done!”

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“I enjoyed the learning process and the ability to go at my own pace. ”

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“Excellent powerpoint presentations. Clear and concise, great work!”

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“Awesome Teacher!”

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“The categorization of materials and conciseness of videos contribute to the ease of consumption. It's very helpful to have real time visibility to strengths and areas for improvement. The course was easily navigated and a good resource for refreshing skills as needed. ”

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“Very Helpful !”

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“Videos are easy to follow and the 5 minute bites were the perfect length. Having the practice exercises be slightly different than the examples was also very helpful.”

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“Very informative!”

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“It was grouped in an easy and simple way to understand. Great for refreshing memory or beginners.”

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“Great videos, each topic is explained very well. I would definitely recommend it and I will continue using it.”

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“This course is designed in a very systematic way. Enjoyed the learning process very much. Thank you”

Nisha Ranganathan


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“There are a lot of helpful features that are useful that are not in the basic course. I would highly recommend taking the advanced course if you have taken the beginner course, and have a good understanding of the basics.”

Andrew Smeja

“Course does a great job of cutting to the important stuff and going at the right speed. ”

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“The course was very comprehensive and covered the topics as I expected and the learning level was just right. I would gladly watch other courses by this author. The video and audio quality is excellent. The exercises files were very helpful and are key to learn more by doing instead of just watching. I was able to apply everything learned in this course at work and is amazing that Power Query was the only tool that can make that happen. ”

Zulaika Gonzalez

“Very informative”


“Great course. Very clear explanations and easy to follow. I enjoyed very much. ”

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“Great useful information and simple to understand. Only thing you need to do is put it into action. ”

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“Great process of learning, keep falling in love with ease of learning!!”

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“The 4-5 minute video lessons cover just the right amount of material to keep you engaged and confident in moving for one lesson to the next.”

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“Really concise, practical and informative course; recommended either for new certifications or for refreshing.”

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“I found this course beneficial and I hope my staff does too. Thank you.”


“Easy to understand and very informative!”

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“This course provided some excellent ideas and was very inspiring.”

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“Fantastic course! In my experiences, micro learning is so much more effective than traditional classroom learning. Excel on Goskills has embraced this trend and "excelled" at it. I look forward to taking other courses. Thanks.”

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“Awesome training! Love the enthusiam. Great content and effective presentation of skills.”

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“I feel like the short video lessons allow for training regardless of schedule. I learned a lot of valuable information during this course!”

Excel Training Certification

“This was a fantastic course and really well explained!”

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“Very useful and well organized.”


“This was hard and challenging but the information was great, I was able to follow along and do the exercises. At the end I learned a lot and I am glad to pass it and take it! On to the next!”

Perianna Brown

“Outstanding course! ”

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“I found the Advanced Excel course to be insightful. Best of all, it was easy to pace myself.”


“It was an interesting overview that placed several of the pieces of terminology and actions I have had experience with into a cohesive whole. Your breakdown and overview was very helpful.”


“Great suggestions/ideas that can be applied to virtually any customer service setting.”

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“This was great. I use Outlook at work and I learned so much more than what my job taught me in 2 years. This is great.”

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“Really liked the instructor!”


“Awesome course! I learned a lot of helpful things!”


“I found the course to be very helpful.”


“Very useful and presented with some nice (Excel) humour. ”


“I love the tutorial training. ”

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“Thank You so much!! This course was amazing and very Helpful :)”

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“It was very fun to do and I like that the videos are not long!!! Thanks”


“Great user ineterface.”

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“User Interface is commendable.”

Dhruv Mandhyan


Dhruv Mandhyan

“concise, and powerful”

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“It is very informative, I learned many new tricks that i was unaware of.”

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“This course is truly informative with a comprehensive explanation in an easy to understand way. On top of that, the exercise files are undoubtedly an easy way to understand each topic much better. Though this is the basic management course, I am able to reap a lot of benefits about the technique used in project management. Thanks. ”


“This course is very helpful and productive , It will be very helpful for me to apply these methods. ”

Sameer Singh

“A very useful review of PM processes. Even though I've had prior exposure to the principles, it was a great starting point for the rest of my learning.”

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“Succinct and good delivery of high level project management information.”


“Well presented. Each part is explained well and structured. ”


“Well paced and very informative.”


“Great refresher course for me as I last used Scrum 15 years ago.”

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“It was handled by the best trainers”

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“Video lengths are appropriate for the material”

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“Excellent interface and stats. Great content. Fun:)”

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“Nice course really easy to follow along with the instructor was clear and concise I like the small plate size video so easy for quick review to use in real life situations”

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“Very thorough yet straightforward instruction ”


“So good! I actually retained knowledge. Very useful. Good way to learn. ”

Sofie Gunnersø Gürtler


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“Great course! :)”

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“Excellent! Thank you!”

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“Very helpful course - filled a few gaps in my pre-existing exposure.”

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“Great course! :)”

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“Excellent course. Very direct but also informative. I will definitely continue on to the advanced course and will continue using GoSkills for future educational needs. ”

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“Great and fun course”

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“This course was laid out in a simple and easy to learn method.”

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“Fantastic course. The trainer is very well spoken and articulate, and describes the content in a very easy to understand manner.”


“Good course. ”


“This is an amazing course, great tools to succeed!”

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“Easy to understand with great user interface. The instructions are clear for users to follow.”

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“Excellent presenter, he uses easy to understand lingo and relates professional experience in easy-going manner. Like the short duration of each lesson, made it possible for me to complete a few each night, feeling I made steady progress.”

Bettie van Straaten

“As expected this was a much more difficult course, but it did a great job of pulling together many of the topics I thought I understood and brought them to a point I did understand them.”

Benjamin T Stickney

“Very well presented, easy to understand and especially liked the bite sized lessons which range between 4 to 6.5 minutes each.”

Bettie van Straaten

“Extremely helpful and educational. Thank you.”

Julia Hipolito

“I liked that the lessons were short, but to the point and that David recapped the information at the end of each session. A lot of very good information. Thank you!”


“very good beginner’s course ”

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“Very efficient and easy-to-follow. I like the structure of the course overall. The subject matter is broken down into 5 min videos, followed by a review, an activity and a short quiz. I felt fully prepared for the exam at the end. Thank you for a great course!”


“Very helpful”

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“Amazing course”

Rafael Costa Gurgel

“Interesting and easy to use at your own pace.”

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“I thought the course was easy to understand and I would recommend to friends and coworkers.”

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“I love how the curriculum in this course was broken down and easy to take in.”

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“The course is set up very well. The videos teach or review the concept, the exercises provide a real-life example to work and/or to practice the skill, and the quizzes check your understanding. It definitely makes the PMBOK Guide more approachable!”

Annalisa M. Molina

“Thank you for providing such a helpful course with easy-to-understand videos!”


“Easy to understand and in short bite-sized pieces”

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“Excellent course. Course content is very thorough. I learned a lot.”


“A lot of very good information.”

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“Great course! :)”

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“Good fun and useful!”

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“Enjoyed the course very much! Thank you!! :-)”

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“Great course!”

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“I've learned a who lot and perticurlary liked the quizzes at the end of each course. Thank you”



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“I really enjoyed these classes. And I learned a lot!”

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“Great class and very informative! ”

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“Very easy to understand and follow. Information was presented clearly.”


“I love this course. Greate introduction! :)”

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“I really enjoyed the course - Ray Sheen presented this very well, the short lessons were timed right and the quizzes kept me motivated.”

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“I love the new tricks and tools!”

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“Great information and practical training included to help with the instruction.”

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“This is the second course I have taken so far and I am learning a ton. This was an amazing course that taught me everything I needed to start programming in VBA. Highly Recommended!”

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“I liked the course very much! It was easy to follow!”


“I love learning new functions in Word and this course made this possible. thank you!”

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“Speaker is very personable and knowledgeable. He was easy to follow and upbeat.”

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“Good course. Straight to the point and informative.”

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“The course was very educative and the best of it was Mr. David, his enthusiasm and energy was a plus!!”

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“Good course and thoughtful presentation.”

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“Excellent presentation by the teacher. Appreciated the added perspective value as a seasoned user and project manager.”

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“Its a great course, everything is really well explained and the course is easy going. ”


“Good course, Thank You”


“I enjoyed the course and the pace was just right, also enjoyed the exercises and watching how the solution unfolded.”

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“Fantastic! David's enthusiasm and repetition are conducive to retaining the information.”


“An excellent course, really enjoyed it. Will re-cap the content before my subscription expires to ensure it sticks in my head!!”



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“Good overview of the certification process - thanks for offering the programme”

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“Excellent Course”

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“Very clear and user friendly.”

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“easy to use”

Cheuk Yu Catherine

“Great course! One of the most enjoyable course structure I'd ever taken.”

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“I found this course looking for professional development through a Senior Seminar at NC State University. ”



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“Very good love how quick the lessons are”


“I found this to be a wonderful course. Very insightful. The instructor was positive & uplifting. ”

Franci D. Machado

“Really good - being able to do the exercise, then practice and test meant that I was really pleased (and surprised) with my retention by the time it came to the last test.”

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“I really like the refresher aspect of this program. The vignettes are concise and to the point. Excellent material”

Father James


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“Difficult but worth it.”

Ashrul Bin Sabin

“Great information and well spoken by Ray!”

Arya Padey

“Informative! TJ, you're the best! I will watch your speech and practice the way you speak”

Ashrul Bin Sabin

“This is refreshing course! Very helpful and informative.”

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“Very well detailed and planned course that gives you great beginner knowledge of Agile/Scrum. ”

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“Thank you. I loved it. it taught me lots, more then I expected. ”


“Great introduction into the world of Agile/Scrum and understanding of each member's role on a Scrum Team!”


“Very good training”


“Very good explanations, liked the examples and excercises”

Nicolás González Franco

“Short video session on very specific topics are really usefull”

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“The greatest of the Excel courses”

Harry Smith

“Awesome! Love this teacher!”

Chad C. Treadaway

“Very well set out course. Very informative, gives a good idea of what is needed to build financial models. Everything is well explained, top marks. ”


“Excellent course and excellent instructor!”


“Great Course! Thank you”

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“I thought this course was clear, complete, easy to understand, and helpful for delivering better customer service.”

Benji Xochimitl

“I love the short videos, they help with memory and practice is easier with less to remember.”


“Great coverage of the most useful things in excel. I really enjoyed it!!”

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“Great course. Very helpful.”

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“The instructor is great. Also, I believe it really helps that some of the questions are asked repeatedly.”


“Great useful information! ”

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“Simple explanation which the student needs. Thank you!”

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“This is a fantastic course, I gained knowledge of the fundamentals and able to jumpstart on using the MS Project confidently!”


“awesome information!”

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“Clearly-explained instructions and well-organized curriculum.”

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“Very interesting.”


“It was beyond amazing. I couldn't have found any other program, where everything is articulated so clearly,in just Four to Five minute lessons. This all in addition to another great advantage of being able to master the skills most needed to succeed at my very own pace. I"m confident that this will help me in my pursuit of finding a employment focused on editing and publishing. Sincere Thanks, Moshe Lieberman ”

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“Good job! I like how the course is clear and informative. ”

Rabab Zahwi

“Very useful!!! Thanks, Ray Sheen and GoSkills group!!”

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“A fantastic course, and very well presented. Well worth the time, and I will certainly be putting these principles into practice. Very valuable, and worth coming back to watch again in the future to review.”

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“Really awesome course”

Md. Kaysar Kabir

“I loved it ”

Sharon Sussman

“I enjoyed the content of this course. I recognized many areas I need to improve and tips on how to accomplish that in a constructive way. I have found that it has help me communicate more effectively in a non-business setting as well.”


“Well structured, and defined. This course was short, sweet to the point, touching on key concepts, and providing a broad spectrum of oversight to Agile/Scrum.”

Wilhelm Viljoen Meyer

“Such a great course, so helpful! Will definitely be coming back to it in the future. Great product!”

Renee Stott

“This was an easy course to understand.”

Bahlbi Zienasellass

“Great course. Has given me more elements to perform better as a PM.”

Arturo Paredes

“Excellent! There are so many mediocre to bad presentations, everyone should review this before making a presentation.”


“Very educational. Step by step, yet clear and concise. ”

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“Great Course!”

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“Clear and concise information. Thank you!”

Trista Mosman

“It was very informative and easy to understand. I appreciate being able to see everything step by step and having the option to try it using the exercise document. ”

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“Excited to use these techniques for project management”


“David is an excellent instructor. The way he teaches really sticks. In fact, he is so good, I re-subscribed to GoSkills to finish this course. The lessons are simple but incredibly valuable. Would recommend this course to newbies and as a refresher. 10/10 ”

Monika Lowerre

“Great trainer! It's really good that he doesn't just monotonously read from cue cards (or at least it doesn't come across that way), but speaks with enthusiasm, changes his voice, his inflection, he occasionally pauses, etc. Also, the repetition of the questions really helped me learn the information.”


“Very informative and well organized course.”


“Very helpful and motivating! Love the instructor!”


“It was an excellent course, the videos were concise and to the point. The practice sets were also good and I enjoyed learning and practicing with Goskills.”

Bhashwar Sengupta

“Since I have started this course I have learned a lot of useful information that has helped me in both school and work.”

Charles Bradley Knibbs

“I have grown my Excel knowledge. Was a worthwhile investment ”

lashawnda rodgers

“Loved it!”

Ilaria Triggiani

“Very informative! ”


“Very helpful!”

Holly Robb

“Very informative and easy to follow instruction. ”


“Great course! For a beginner, the information was given in a clear and understandable manner, but you didn't feel like you were missing out on any critical information. I have learned a great amount and will use these skills in the future. ”

Gabby Richardson

“Excellent! The teacher does a wonderful job explaining and the end quiz at each video is helpful. ”

Anonymous user

“I found the course to be very helpful and insightful. ”

Paul Hufnagel

“Easy to follow and very detailed.”

Dana Donaldson

“The instructor did a great job of breaking complex items down!”

“I enjoyed the program. I thought it was well delivered and accessible. It was easy for me to understand the teacher even though I am not as quick learner as most. Highly recommend him. ”

Ron Sauer

“This was a great course.”

Kyle Nico Wessels

“The demonstrational videos were very educational. They were easy to follow and taught me a lot about the program. One thing I really liked was each lesson was short enough so I wouldnt lose interest but long enough to be informative. I highly recommend this course to anyone in the market.”

Jon Czech

“It was user friendly and informative.”

Wanda Walker

“This course was a very helpful broad overview. It went into enough detail to teach me things I didn't know excel did, but not too in depth that I got lost. I am ready now to focus in individual functions within excel to learn more!”

Jill Voytko

“I found the game version an excellent way to go about the course. It forced me to not lose focus and every lesson felt like a mini win.”

Archie Alexander Curtis

“Really wonderful course on Excel. I could not be more pleased! Well organized and nicely broken down by topic and focus areas. Super instructor!”

Denis Pringle

“Excellent course. I have already recommended it to friends and family.”

Sara Raelyn Gudorf

“Excellent beginner's course for someone who wants an overall understanding of project management. This course is perfect for someone who wants to incorporate project management techniques in their everyday tasks.”

Daniela Piraino

“I really enjoyed this course. I learned so much about excel that was actually surprising for me. Thanks for everything. ”

Brennan Borison

“Very concise and easy to be learned. Useful for a new Excel user, but for a long time user, too. Finally I found out how to use V Lookup function for a range with more than 2 columns! And there are a lot of tricks I never knew I could use (format as a table, naming ranges etc). ”

Anamaria Anghel

“Great course!”

Kim Reyes

“Learned a lot, basic and easy to understand.”

Jomar Snyman

“Was very easy to navigate and explained well.”

Deborah Senft

“Good information, makes me want to play with it on my job spreadsheets.”

Jeffrey K. Burton, MD

“Very helpful and great instructor!”

Rachel Lynch

“This course was extremely helpful! I have much more knowledge with the use of excel which will be very helpful for my job.”

Gina Duval

“Great program!! Very easy to follow. I love the short videos. ”


“Very good concise lessons. Instructor was knowledgeable and effectively communicates.”

Raymond Maggiore

“Really useful and informative. Has certainly made me more confident.”

Kevin Hughes

“This course was a great place to start. Segments were short and sweet, the instructor slow enough so that a lab was not really a requirement, but not too slow as to bore, and best practices were also taught. This was my second Project course and I found this to be more helpful. ”

Jennifer Addington

“Nice basic course - easy to follow.”

Rob Holmes

“I have learnt a lot that I didn't know from the course and I am glad I did it.”

Esther Sentletse

“Great all-round experience and very well presented. Wish more online courses were presented this way! ”

Brendan Badenhorst

“I loved this course. Great presenter and liked the degree of material and the fact that it was both documentation I could print if needed and presenter based. I am going to look for other GoSkills courses based on my experience.”

Daniel Smith

“Very informative and easy to follow and understand. I will do it again and will recommend it to my friends at work.”

Glenn Alford

“Good and clear instructions. Keep it up😃”

Michael R. Hallare

“Great information, easy to get from page to page. Thank you.”

Toni Rahn Galster

“This course was really helpful, and I purchased 10 codes to distribute to my staff. Thank you for making a practical, relevant and simple training for Excel!”

Matt Weaver

“Refreshing and very informative. Many things get forgotten in day to day business - happy to have "refreshed". ”

Delene Pieterse

“Despite being a regular user of Excel, there are still new things to learn through the lessons such as short cut keys and other functions which I was barely in touch with. Very useful course and highly recommended at an affordable price.”

MingYang Wang

“This introduction to project management was extremely informative and helpful, I would recommend it to any project leader in any industry.”

Jori Marshall

“This course has given me great insight into working with and managing a team.”

Jori Marshall

“Fabulous!!! Can't wait to get started on the advanced course.”

Sumari Steenekamp

“At first I thought Excel was difficult to learn, but this course really helped me improve my Excel skills tremendously in such a short amount of time. I am glad that I signed up for and completed this course, now I can add this to my resume!”

Addy Dam

“Easy to follow and complete - thank you!”

Laura Evans

“It was awesome, a very complete course with quizzes and downloadable exercises. I highly recommend to try this course.”

Matthew Ramirez

“Very helpful.”

Patrick Matala

“The course was clear and very informative. ”

Iveta Galdauskaite

“Excellent course that explained all the important areas of Excel in thorough detail. Would highly recommend!”

David Suntup

“I enjoy this training and would continue to do so. Thank you very much. ”

Sherien Hefny

“Excellent course! Helped me to understand more about what the SCRUM team do and what my role will be as a product owner. Would definitely recommend!”

Rene Staunton

“Been doing project management for my current job, there was almost no training and very little guidance. This course has been great to show me tips, and also highlight some things which I hadn't even considered. ”

Kyle Johnstone

“Well structured and easy to adapt. I was looking for advanced lessons, but this covered the fundamentals and served as a great refresher course! ”

Jonah Marie Chipeco

“I found each lesson to be short enough to remember most of what was taught, but long enough to highlight all the important aspects.”

B. R. Rip

“The best online coursework!”