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Track your team’s success

Whether you have 2 people in your team or 1000 people, you can track how your team is doing with the following:

  • Courses completed
  • Time to completion
  • Tests taken
  • Certificates earned

Assign different courses to different teams

Create teams of any size and type, and assign courses to them.

  • Create learner groups
  • Assign specific courses
  • Generate team reports

Create your own courses

Choose from a range of 60+ courses from the GoSkills library or create your own. You can create the following types of courses:

  • Classroom courses
  • Embedded videos
  • Exernal links & resources
  • Standards-based courses (SCORM, xAPI, AICC, CMI5)

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GoSkills for Teams

A training management platform that allows you to manage teams and their training


  • Create your own courses by linking to any content on the web
  • Create teams and assign courses to them
  • Learners can track their own goals
  • Social learning (see what others within your organization are learning)
  • Gamification
  • Reporting and analytics

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optional upgrades

GoSkills courses

Gain access to our library of over 60 award-winning on-demand courses.


Access to all GoSkills courses:

  • Microsoft Excel - 11 courses
  • Lean Six Sigma - 10 courses
  • Microsoft Office - 10 courses
  • Finance - 6 courses
  • Project Management - 11 courses
  • Office Productivity - 5 courses
  • Soft Skills - 9 courses
  • Development - 6 courses
  • Design - 4 courses


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GoSkills enterprise

Unlock more features with an enterprise-grade learning management system (LMS).


  • Classroom courses: create instructor-led classroom courses, create other real world events, track enrolments, mark attendance.
  • Custom branding: add your business logo to the site and choose a custom theme.
  • Standards based courses: create your own custom courses based on SCORM, xAPI and other common digital course formats.
  • Categories: create your own custom categories to organize all your courses (whether GoSkills, custom or classroom courses).
  • Dedicated account manager: get your own personal success manager.


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