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How an LMS Can Boost Your Marketing Team’s ROI

Sam Szuchan

Sam Szuchan

At its core, a learning management system (LMS) centralizes your company’s knowledge base in a single place. This sounds useful enough on its own, but when explored deeper, its dramatic benefits for marketing become obvious.

In essence, an LMS is a knowledge launchpad.

It’s a one-stop shop for effortlessly sharing knowledge with your entire team. Understating the significance of that central learning hub is hard, to say the least.

Here, we’ll explore LMS marketing applications in detail. We hope you’ll be pleading for your team to adopt one when done reading (we certainly are!).

1. More Efficient Onboarding & Training

41% of agencies report training and continuous learning as the greatest challenges facing their marketing teams.  For example, relying solely on prior knowledge of affiliate marketing is not enough. It is crucial to keep up with the evolving affiliate marketing trends or risk falling behind. And let’s face it: developing in-house training resources is hard, time-consuming, and distracts from your priorities.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Employee training and development is the bread and butter of learning management systems. It boils down your entire training curriculum into easily digestible modules, accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Workers can access materials whenever’s convenient. Instead of staying after hours to complete assignments, they can finish their work asynchronously—making the process dramatically less burdensome.

An LMS makes managers’ lives easier too.

Comprehensive reporting tools make it simple for execs to monitor staff progress in detail. Metrics like progress, rate of completion, and success rates empower managers to optimize their training to the nth degree.

And when you choose an option like GoSkills LMS, education becomes even more fun, efficient, and simple. We offer gamification, mobile learning, and an easy-to-use Course Builder to keep our LMS the best solution for firms of all sizes and industries.

2. Reduced Training Costs

35% of organizations increased their budget for employee training in 2022. But what if, instead of aimlessly throwing more money into training, you could simply make your current materials and processes more efficient?

That’s what the unprecedented efficiency of an LMS offers. For instance:

  • Advanced analytics make it easy to optimize your training
  • Centralizing your knowledgebase cuts the costs of building your own infrastructure
  • Streamlining your training into simple modules reduces training time (and the costs spent on compensating workers for their attendance)

The GoSkills course library also lets you purchase courses for your employees rather than creating them yourself. Instead of investing in developing quality training, you can purchase one of our top-rated programs taught by industry experts.

3. New Skills for Employees

84% of managers say upskilling existing workers is a high priority. That’s not a huge surprise—skilled employees produce more value, as a rule.

The knowledge-hub nature of an LMS makes upskilling easier than ever. Linda Shaffer, Chief People and Operations Officer at Checkr, agrees:

“Utilizing an LMS for your marketing team provides a streamlined platform for collaboration, communication, and training. With an LMS, your team will be able to share ideas, collaborate on projects easily, and access resources relevant to their work.

“This not only allows you to maximize efficiency and reduce wasted time, but it can also help to improve overall team performance and increase ROI.

“Even better, an LMS provides opportunities for ongoing training and development of your marketing staff, which can further enhance their skills and abilities.

“This helps to keep your team on the cutting edge of industry trends and best practices, ultimately leading to more effective campaigns that deliver greater results.”

4. Consistent Branding

40% of organizations find it challenging to achieve consistent messaging across different channels. As more people join your team, your brand guidelines will become increasingly overrun by their personal styles until the output becomes unrecognizable.



An LMS solves this by creating an accessible, centralized way of teaching and testing your marketing team's brand awareness. As a result, your marketing will impress consumers with a coherent, consistent brand image instead of a jumble of different messages.

5. Additional Revenue Streams

After creating courses for your marketing team, you may realize how effectively you can create them for other people and add them to your current offerings.

For example, imagine you’re a social media marketing agency. While developing resources for your own employees, you might use the same systems to create social growth courses for brands looking to grow their social media.

Online courses are infinitely scalable, available 24/7, and always in demand. No matter your industry, sharing your marketing firm's unique insights with the world will never be unprofitable.

6. Outsourced Technical Burdens

The technical side of educating your employees isn’t something to scoff at. Before cloud LMSs, educating your workers meant hiring someone to install, program, and maintain your learning infrastructure for as long as you wanted to use it.

But thanks to streamlined, cloud-based solutions like GoSkills LMS, you’re free to skip technical details and focus on teaching awesome material. Our systems run on state-of-the-art infrastructure, ensuring your courses run smoothly while we handle the rest.

And if issues appear, you have tech support to back you up. That’s far more cost-effective and less stressful than running your infrastructure on-site.

7. Convenient Learning

A mobile LMS like GoSkills LMS is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This lets your marketing team access and progress through materials at any time, without being limited to on-site resources.

Mobility allows staff to complete courses faster, leading to a more efficient ROI on training and development.

8. Lower Turnover

Losing staff can be enormously disruptive to your brand’s marketing output. In an age of quiet quitting and Great Resignations, the age-old battle of businesses fighting to keep their valued workers has only intensified.

The secret of staying power is a visible, heart-felt desire to see workers succeed in their careers. This goes beyond benefits and work-life balance, and involves tangible investments into employee growth.

And what’s a more concrete way of investing in growth than fostering new skills?

An LMS lets you upskill employees in the most efficient way possible. Either by creating your own materials or by purchasing existing ones, an LMS lets any company educate their employees without burdening themselves in the process.

Use GoSkills LMS for Better Marketing Results

As you can see, an LMS represents a multi-pronged approach to increasing your marketing team’s overall ROI. This isn’t because of one or two features, but because of the comprehensive transformation in employee training an LMS represents.

No matter how many employees they have, learning management systems remove the bottlenecks many brands face when scaling their training efforts. They centralize knowledge, empowering your firm to enrich staff with complete freedom.

Don’t settle for platforms that do the bare minimum. Choose an LMS that scales with you, and provide the best possible growth for your marketing efforts out of any other option.

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