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GoSkills reviews – Customer Service Training

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Customer Service Training course:

“Wow. The perfect proven way to achieve the customer service satisfaction with great Examples in the Training module.”

Kamaldeep Kalra

“Excellent content”

Shawna-kaye Brown

“Great course for beginners !!”

Solange David

“Excellent course with essential and easily understood information. ”


“A well explained subject, nicely prepared learning material!”

Woldemariam, Yared (OCTO)

“Each leassons are divided into small parts and are easy to follow and understand. Recaps helps alot to remember the points”

Jannico Hector Viorge Autriz

“Easy to follow. Great learning objectives and short but straight to the point instructional videos. Highly recommended.”


“The videos were actually pretty informative. Like grammerly spoken.”


“Excellent course and much needed information ”

Rhodney mills



“A lot of great information.”

Samantha Grandson



“This is the perfect out look on customer service. ”

Marqueda Greene

“Super good teaching that was pretty awesome. ”

Rogena Spencer

“it was great”

Virginia Andrade

“Great course!”

Esemoto Raphael Ndoh

“Thank you so much. I’ve learned a lot.”


“Good course”

Demetra Shobe

“GREAT!!! I love kind people.”

Margurite Bowser

“Nice and clear videos I like this course and it's easy to understand. thank you”

Namrata Partiya

“Everything was good and usable ”

Andres Sorto

“Great course to learn about customer service and mindset :)”

Airi Kohlbach

“The Customer Service section was a great course ”


“It was great! ”

Anton Shekhalevich

“Excellent course!”

Rekeisha George

“Very interesting, easy to understand and David Browning is a great instructor”

Julie Kalinsky

“loved it. very informative. 5star”

Giovanna Genovese



“The instructor was very informative, and helpful”

Janice Hudson

“awesome course”

George Edmonson Jr

“He taught me more than I thought he would. He gave great example, techniques, and he was truly inspiring! ”


“Informative and the speaker has a good sense of humor”


“This course was absolutely magnificent and very informative thumbs up to you guys”

Neil Darnell Auguste

“very good ”

Shervon Jn Baptiste

“I loved this course and it gave me some useful information that I can use at any job. I would recommend this course to everyone just so that they can learn new skills.”

Diona Moss

“very good instructor, enthusiastic, great info.”

Albert T Trujillo

“Wonderful ”


“Upbeat, fun to watch, thank you!”

Sharon D Ashcom

“Great job David you have provided excellent and very detailed information in this course, it will surly help everyone to improve their idea about a great customer service.”

Mandeep Kaur

“The course was user-friendly despite my previous experience in customer service and it was a fresh start to learn how to provide world-class customer service in the digital age.”

Kimley Armour

“good course”


“Awesome course”


“I really enjoyed this course. I also learned some valuable Customer Service skills. ”


“This course was awesome. I learned new skills and enhanced other skills that are already in use.”

Sandra Lauderdale

“It was very interesting”

Iryna Deinega

“Well produced, presenter has a very good demeanor and know's the subject matter! ”


“He explained everything perfect”

Janie Clark

“Great course. Easy to understand and perfect bite size pieces of information. ”

Shantae R. Townsel

“Great help! Strategies are simple yet effective!”

Donna O. Amo


Fyori Tsegay

“Really enjoyed the presenter. Great energy and pace ”


“This was excellent information that I will use. Thank you!”

Rowena Ehrenberg

“Interesting speaker and had a lot of great examples! Would recommend to the rest of our team to watch. ”



Chesley Burnette


Kathleen Osborne

“Was very informative and learned about what actually is great customer service. ”


“learned so much !”


“Excellent material! Our entire team have found valuable insights to put in place at our office.”


“This course offers insightful tips for improving how companies and their employees interact with customers to resolve challenges, and how they can provide the best customer experiences possible.”

Mark Joseph Vaz

“ The instructor kept my attention and made it easy to understand. ”


“Course was very relatable and engaging!”


“I enjoyed this course very much. It was easy to understand, explained thoroughly and did not drag. Thank you so much ”


“Very informative and well executed, I will be recommending to my colleagues. ”

Josh Jozefowski

“Excellent course. I was able to put the lessons taught in this course into my daily work life. I would highly recommend this course. ”

Nan Je Ye

“I would definitely enjoy testing myself, with the knowledge from the course.”

Rita R. Whatley

“Yes! I have received great value from this training.”

SPC Ernest Kofi Antwi Jr., B.S.

“Excellent, simple to understand - love the key words/key phrases, easy to remember! Also appreciated the quiz option and final exam - which you can retake until you achieve the scores you want/need.”

Genna Yuasa-Acosta

“Informative, to the point, with a great breakdown !”

Ansen Moore

“love it”


“Great instructor!”


“Although i have history in this subject. A reminder was necessary. ”

Alexander Rodriguez

“Very Detailed. ”

Rehanna Raj

“Video's was not too long duration and was easy to understand and practical ”

Harsh Kalra

“Very well explained. Easy to digest. Encouraging.”


“Enjoyed it! ”

Joyce Kiefert

“Well presented, concise and educational”

Errol Taitt

“This guy was fun to listen to! He provided several new things to incorporate into my customer service experience! ”

Ashley Tipton

“Extremely useful information. Wish I can give it 10 stars!”

Marissa Patel-Alexander

“Great course!”


“Excellent Course! Will recommend it to others.”


“I like this guy, he shows enthusiasm.”

Nick Farrell

“It was great!”

Jeremy Grady

“Great course. Videos are explanatory and had good examples and easy to understand.”


“great info!”

“This course clearly explained why customer service is important and identified important soft skills. ”


“Awesome speaker! Really enjoyed the way he presented each scenario.”

Sonja 29

“This is well thought out and presented in easy to understand segments.”

Susan D Molema

“Great content!”


“I really enjoyed this course! I found him very informative and easy to listen to. I look forward to using all these skills in my day to day interactions with our customers! ”

Tracy Prang

“Very informative! ”

Rachel Nadera

“Beneficial and Informative.”

Bri Morgan

“Excellent reminder course. Thanks”

Jacqui Newton

“Great course! Highly recommend for anyone who works with customers. ”

Heather Kies

“Practical and easy to implement. ”


“Great course!”

Akenna Kublal

“Fantastic course!! It was very informative. Excellent presenter!!!”

Nadia Samlal-Sookdeo

“Thank you l learn alot”


“Lessons were great !! Enjoyed the course and can use the lessons in delivering great customer service in my job.”

Rochelle Tiffany

“Loved it ! Awesome? So efficient ! ”

Gia Delcollo

“Great job again. really like the way he explains every situation with a story”

Dobbins, Donnie

“Excellent key tips in this course! Cannot wait to display them in action!”


“Great information provided in this course.”

Yapo, Michael

“Very Helpful”

Jason Sutton

“Was very clear and efficient. I loved the storytelling part in each lesson. The course covered the main topics! Definitely recommend it.”


“Great use of stories, when getting your point across . Always eager to look at the next video. ”

Patricia De Souza

“Great course made me examine my customers service skills and how i could serve my customers better. Great course!!!”

Ayanna Edwards

“The lecturer has really great intonation and knows how to keep you intrigued in the course. The lessons are clearly written and discussed as well.”

Miguel Francisco B. Beltran

“David is an excellent teacher.”

Paul R. Rajnauth

“I have no idea how you did it, but this has been the most effective way I’ve been taught! Keep up the great work! Many more people will benefit from this. I am very pleased!”


“Reviewed important behaviors and skills necessary for extraordinary customer service.”

Cheryl Marchuck

“very helpful!”


“It was very helpful 👍🏽”


“amazing course”


“Very helpful”

Matthew Hurd

“LOVED it, thanks ”


“It was simple and David made it fun to learn about Customer Service”

Chrisalisse Martinez Nunez

“Fantastic full of good information !”

Shonna McKee

“He was outstanding!”

Pranav Kafle

“David was amazing. He was engaging, interesting and made great points in all lessons.”

Brian Pipitone

“I wish there were 10 stars. This course was outstanding! Thank you”

Onika Lynnessa Garcia-Ram

“Very engaging instructor and not too wordy...easy to watch and listen to and follow.”

Andrea Grace

“This course was an excellent course. In my position as a Customer Service Manager in retail, this lesson had me thinking about how I could improve my skills both with my customers and associates. ”


“I enjoyed this course. The lessons were delivered with excitement and given in short, bite sized segments. The quizzes and final dealt directly with the course content.”

Derek R Boyd

“The lesson lengths were perfect for completing and retaining information and the added stories made it very memorable. ”


“This course was on point. The instructor is very enthusiastic about the subject matter and he practices what he preaches with an encouraging smile at the end of each lesson. ”

Consuelo Luis

“Great course! Thanks! ”


“Very informative. ”

Melissa M Olson

“Very helpful, thank you ”


“Really enjoyed the course! Very clear and informative. Recommended! ”

Airrion Mike

“Thank you! I really enjoyed your personality and method of teaching!”


“great instructor ”

Juana Emery



“Enjoyed the course, great stuff. ”

Tracey Lee NIcole Conrad

“Lots of good tidbits. Having the videos short makes it easier to go through the course knowing it is in short intervals.”

Marilyn Rand

“The trainer was engaging”

Anthony Brown

“Pretty good”

First name

“I absolutely loved this course!! I learned a lot of great info and will most definitely use the tools I learn in my jobs, as well looking forward to the other courses.”

Brevin Deskin

“Excellent, motivated, professional instructor.”


“Speaker was highly informative and the course was a helpful reminder about the essence of customer service.”

Regine Dippenaar

“Great job”


“Wonderful instructor ”


“super easy and useful”

Christopher Mandile

“great course”


“Love David's enthusiasm and videos, it makes me want to constantly push for higher standards in customer service.”

Erica Martin

“It was very useful”

Jodie Jodie Connor

“Not only was the course informative but fun to learn!”


“Great content, easy to learn, good questions to reinforce topics.”

Virginia Bachman

“I love your enthusiasm and positive attitude while presenting your courses. ”

Esther A. Garza

“Great training session. Acquired a few additional tools within my customer service tool box. ”

Carl Johnson

“I love this helpful for me being a newbie in a business world :)”

Marie Grace G. Nuqui

“I Loved the way the trainer gives examples for every good practice”

Alpana Upadhyay

“It was very clear and straight to the point.”


“It was an awesome course .quite informative ,well explained!”


“Comprehensive, realistic and easy to understand ”

Oluwatunmise J. Alabi

“I enjoyed this course as its information was desseminated with examples and in an easy to understand and relatable format.”

Tennille Narinesingh

“love it, an easy online course. ”



Ankita Bhattarai

“Very comprehensive.”

Reger, Anne E.

“Excellent, very clear, specific and enterteining”


“I learned a lot from this course. I think it helped me to learn some basic skills that I can use when working with customers.”

Joseph Ramsey

“Thank you David, I love taking these courses and love how you make them interesting including similar situations you've had to keep us intrigued and wanting to keep learning. ”


“Great course gained a lot of knowledge.”


“This was a really great course to help learn better customer service skills.”

Moore, Breylinn L.

“Loved the presenters energy”

Corinne von Schmidt-Pauli

“Excellent course. I loved David's energy.”

Dean Postel

“Awesome training!!”

Jana J Sausman

“I loved the fact that the course had several short videos which helped to retain the information. And the verbal, nonverbal skill are on the top. Very nice!”


“I really love this short course. It summarized the whole book of customer service into something easy to understand and it gets to the bullet point in each topic. ”

Theng Khoun

“David is amazing! I would love to see more of him.”


“Awesome delivery”


“it help me a lot to understand customers”

Maria Osuna

“Great information and tips. I learned a lot more.”

Rosio Meza

“Training was great!”


“Wow! Just wow... This instructor is awesome. He always had my complete attention. I also understood his lessons with no trouble at all.”

Beatriz Cabellos

“Very informative and interactive speaker - his energy made the videos easy and fun to watch”

Zach Hoffman

“I enjoyed the course. The instructor is excellent. It is really nice how in every video the instructor share different examples that make more easy to understand. ”

Monica Flores Alvarez

“David was an excellent presenter. the examples given were very helpful. thanks”

Kathy Schieber

“I really enjoyed listening to the teacher i learned so much from him. ”


“this course was amazing. i loved it”

Rafael Martinez



“This was a very informative course. I enjoyed listening to the speakers. I was able to understand the main points of the presentations. ”




“Engaging and everything was broken down into digestible bits of info to make it easier to absorb and retain everything.”

Jeffrey Gibbs

“Thank you it was an amazing course.”


“Great training! ”

Deneil Edwards

“This is an excellent course I learned many things that I will put into practice in my work!! Thank you!!”

Karla Edith Novela Iniguez

“very good information!”


“I liked the instructors method of lecture”


“This is course awesome and very informative.”

Jade L J Cadore

“Easy to navigate! ”

Alexa-Rae Pfeiffer

“Mr. Brownley is a great instructor and so easy to follow. I highly recommend this course to anyone going into customer service.”


“It was a lot of great work, and I learnt a lot of new things.”


“Wonderful tips on how to provide exceptional customer service.”


“It was really interesting and useful - I have really enjoyed the course. Thank you!”


“This course was excellent. ”

Nicole Wells-Woods

“very good teaching tool. ”

Latia Y. Hughes

“this was my best training in customer service in 6 years ”


“I absolutely loved the fact there was a transcript so that I could read while he spoke or just read for myself!”

Jess Davenport

“great course”


“Very motivated class to improve your customer service experience.”


“Informative and very engaging.”

Jennifer Schoen

“Great content!”

Wanda Hall

“Good combination of study materials”

Noor Hassan

“I enjoyed it and it was easy to understand. ”

Aby Cisse

“This customer service training was very informative. I enjoyed this training!”

Jewaine H. Frederick

“Very professionally done and easy to follow and comprehend.”

Nigel Steele

“Highest rating on all levels. "Two Thumbs Up"”


“Very well-spoken instructors.”

Arely Guerra

“Excellent voice, grammar, body language, and volume.”

Jennifer Bleakley

“Fantastic course ! I got to learn some of the skills I didn't know they were so important. If there'd be an advanced level of this course, I'd sure go for it !”

Mpendulo Ngwenya

“Thank you! Very valuable and informative!”

Kristine Benger

“I had a lot of takeaways from this online course that I believe will help me to become excellent personnel taking care of customer satisfaction for the business I am taking care of.”


“very good information”

Shelly M. Condon



“The video and examples were perfect in understanding and helping with the quiz to keep the information fresh and useful.”


“Really well done. Information was spot on.”


“was fun to listen to ”


“I learned a lot and I liked the speaker's techniques and speaking voice.”


“I really enjoyed him talking and explaining , some of his examples were funny but it happens I learned a lot thank you”


“Awesome speaker and information. ”


“This course was very helpful and the instructor provided great examples to explain his customer service techniques. Thanks. ”

Patricia Debassige

“Amazing course, very informative and educational. He is a great instructor.”

Jose Johnson

“It was an outstanding course! It was very well structured, understandable, and straight to the point. I loved the fact that the presenter talked from his own experience. Thank you!”

Flor Cisneros

“It was a great learning experience. Positive attitude kept me hooked on all videos. Great understanding with provided examples and scenarios.”


“This Course was great and very informative”


“I truly enjoyed this course. I appreciated the videos before the quiz to get a sense of what we all wanted to take away from the course. The instructor was fantastic – very knowledgeable”


“I personally loved this course.!”

Zaida Valverde



“It was great! Really liked the instructor.”

Karen Fry

“This course is really fabulous. It is structured in a friendly way to learn and enjoy each lesson from beginning to end. ”


“the course was good, the presenter knew what he was doing. a very good presenter.”

Pamela Graham

“such an informative course”


“David was exciting and motivating”


“Good, Fast, Easy to get through and understand”


“Excellent presentation!”

Glenn Greco