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GoSkills reviews – Lean Six Sigma Principles - Green Belt

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Lean Six Sigma Principles - Green Belt course:

“I love the fact that these certification courses were given in "bite sized" sessions, that there were exercises and answers to download after each session, and you get multiple chances to pass their final exam. Then, they'll tell you the # right and wrong and what areas you need to study. They can't tell you the exact Q&A you got wrong, which is pretty normal. I also love that I can go and explore other courses that if I wanted more info on a particular area of this program. The session will tell you if they offer additional session if you want to learn more about a, b, and c. Well worth the money!”

Angela Rothschild

“Great resource for learning the material. The practical applications allow you to practice the basic concept and the quiz helps to identify weak points. ”

John M. Schmitt, Jr.

“Excellent course, easy watch and learn on my own time!”

Christian Grundman

“Thorough and also presented in a way that is easy to understand”

Jessica Martinez

“Excellent training, in all respects, some subjects are complex, but the methodolige is good. I really lapreciate this lean six sigma green belt training ”

Belhassen Absi

“Presenter is quite knowledgeable and presents the information in manageable bits and pieces.”

Anil Sagar

“Awesome course and instructor!”

Jesus Rey Ramirez

“Most challenging course so far on Go Skills, that's good”

Harry Smith

“I enjoyed this course. The concepts are explained well and the tips and tricks Ray provided as narrator was excellent and I will surely apply them. ”

Bianca Jongbloed

“Great job on this B.O.K. for lean principles. Ray Sheen was a good choice for delivering these lessons. Explained them well with excellent presentation materials. Thanks Ray and GoSkills!”

Ronny Rice

“I am really happy with this course and I think it will really help with my exam!”