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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Office Suite

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Office Suite courses:

“awesome course”

Luke Babwah

“Very logical and easy to learn from this web tool.”

Alan HU

“Good and clear instructions. Keep it up😃”

Michael R. Hallare

“Awesome and efficient classes with very well explained small videos.”

Josh Coley

“Very helpful! Thanks. ”

Matthew La Corte


Kory N Mueller

“An easy to comprehend and affordable program. ”

Devin Lofton

“Delivered what it promised!”


“I learned a lot that I did not know.”


“Very informative and easy to understand and follow.”

Cindy Quijada

“Great access and coverage. Easy to learn from modules.”

Nicholas Bullock

“Quick and efficient. Great tutorial. ”

Yolanda Dace

“Brilliant, well balanced and informative modules.”

Andy Turner

“It is really handy and I love it. I'll definitely use it again. ”

Liwen Tang

“Very informative, easy to understand and well presented. ”

Shafaq Hussain

“It was great! Very easy to follow and understand.”

Ann Mikkelson

“Worth every penny!”

David Roberts

“Honestly, I never knew you could do so much with PowerPoint and how you can transform a basic, lifeless slideshow into a jaw dropping, attention grabbing masterpiece. After completing this course my slides have been more interactive and engaging, enabling me to get my points across clearer and my presentations more successful. ”

Jason Julien

“Loved the course. The ~5 minute video concept is just right. The individual subject areas were broken down nicely and gave excellent insight and skills when using PowerPoint. ”

Chuck Hunter

“Very helpful and a huge refresher for me. I look forward to using animation in my future powerpoint presentations.”

Jason Humes