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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Office Suite

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Office Suite courses:

“Very easy to understand, I highly recommend this course to everyone.”

Alvin Swift

“I enjoyed watching the tutorials and I will reference the course frequently as I continue to work with PowerPoint.”


“Fantastic course”

Ryan Ocera

“Ken is an awesome teacher and makes learning manageable and fun!”

Brianne Janine Adams

“It's very intuitive and gave me all the the credentials I needed to get ready to start my business. Thanks GoSkills you all are the best”


“Simple to follow and the quizzes are a big help.”


“The notes printing was exceptionally useful to learn about!”

Jonathan Coupe

“The course allows the novice to grasp the required knowledge and skill to prepare presentation. The course contents were short and precise.”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Easy to follow. Great course. ”

Susan Chioles

“Just like other Goskills courses, it was well organized. Exercises were very helpful. ”

Zelalem M. Temesgen

“Fun and easy to follow. ”


“Extremely helpful course!”

Alex Romero


Dooheon Bill Ghim

“Great detailed course! The exercise files are good to practice with. Recommended!!”

Airrion Mike

“Very well presented. I enjoyed the course.”

James Arwa

“Great course, shows the true potential of PowerPoint!”

Krystle Bowen

“Got 100 percent on my test for the first try, seems I am improving :) Thank you!”

Ven Shi

“Informational and helpful course!”

Emily Pearl Shine

“The course was short and interesting. I loved it very much!”

Agnieszka (Aga) Sikora - Samowedziuk

“This is a brilliant course and Deb Ashby is a wonderful teacher. The whole process of producing an appealing presentation was made easy through a step-by-step guide. Thank you, Deb! ”