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“Thanks, it was informative and helpful.”

Bogdan Blaga

“Excited to use these techniques for project management”


“Clear and easy to follow. ”

Hilary Mulholland

“Great course.”

Mark Banks

“This is my 3rd project management course through GoSkills, and so far it's my favorite.”

Rose M. Widell

“Contains a good discussion on risk matrix. Love it.”

Michael Simpson

“Great all-round experience and very well presented. Wish more online courses were presented this way! ”

Brendan Badenhorst

“The course was clear and very informative. ”

Iveta Galdauskaite

“Great information and well spoken by Ray!”

Arya Padey

“It was detailed, interesting and easy to follow.”

Elvis Escayg


Marinda Smit

“I really enjoyed the course - Ray Sheen presented this very well, the short lessons were timed right and the quizzes kept me motivated.”

Deepna Sethi

“Solid course with great key notes section for further study!”

Gabriel Gray

“Broken into quick and easy-to-understand modules, the information is stream-lined and straight-forward. Definitely worth it.”

Pamela J. Templin

“I have taken hundreds of online courses in my day and this was one of the best. The GoSkills platform is excellent and Mr. Sheen is fantastic.”

Chris Bangs

“Solid materials with a fantastic course instructor.”

Kristian Clements

“Clear and easy to follow ”

Emily Cecile-Pritchard

“Great course!”


“Completed the Project Management for Business Professionals today. Ray Sheen presents in a way that makes it easy for you to understand and clearly follow the modules. I felt the information was precise and the ability to complete tests on your understanding was also helpful. I would recommend this course and look forward to taking more of these in the future.”

Michelle Kingham