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“Fun and informative course.”

Lauri Pixley

“Very well structured and presented with relevant exercises and solutions. ”

Fadia Alkhalil, PhD

“Training easy to use and to follow. Appreciate clarity of materials.”

Sandrine Florent

“Easy to navigate. Clear and succinct explanation of concepts. Very useful and practical content. Loved the powerpoints, exercises and the written transcript is great for visual learners. Graphics were great. Thank you - I highly recommend this course!”

Jean Wilson

“Very well constructed, I can apply it practically.”

Suzilda Gernandt

“Was very useful bitesize chunks of information about the structure of projects and their different aspects. ”

Anne Morgan-Davies

“I loved this course it helped me get a better understanding on the fundamentals of project management and team work. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering taking an online course to improve their management skills.”

Boitshwarelo Innocentia Matundu

“I found the course very interesting and rewarding. ”

Stephanus Engelbrecht

“I've learned a lot about this course that I didn't know. Being an Event Planner, you have to be able to manage time and money accordingly to have a successful event. That mind-set should be used as well in Project Management. Thanks for this opportunity.”

Angelique Bumpus

“Really informative and easy to follow. Clear study materials. Really enjoyed the course.”

Carol Ann Rudling

“One of the most interesting Courses i have done so far, Going to be moving onto the expert course in due time.”

Brandon Bottinger

“For a beginners course, it is very informative. I really enjoyed it, especially the video tutor lessons. It gives you a better understanding and the great part is that if you did not understand something, you could always play the video again. I would recommend this course to all aspiring to be project managers or even those who just want to get an understanding of how the project management process works. I will certainly look into completing other project management courses with GoSkills as this was quite interesting to me. One of the best decisions I have made in my life. Thank you GoSkills!!!”

Keenan Moneval

“The course was very informative, many thanks.”

Shaheen Marques

“Was very interesting and I will definitely be implementing what I have learnt.”

Gary Losper

“This course was excellent in how it structured each section to be comprehensive and in 5 minute lessons. It was extremely understandable and easy to follow.”

Chris Mathis

“Clear, concise and easy to understand. Topics were broken out into meaningful and digestible chunks.”

Michael Jacobs

“Find this course offered just the right amount of information presented in an easy to follow format. Will take more courses from GoSkills.”

Steven H. Wall

“Awesome review that builds on the lessons learned in Project Manager Basics and takes them to the next level.”

Peter McDade

“Project Management is a vital part of any business manager's role, not just for project managers. This course has opened me to a vast work of knowledge that will benefit my career and business in the future. ”

Christiaan van der Westhuizen

“This was a great course.”

Kyle Nico Wessels

“GoSkills is an excellent online training resource. I look forward to furthering my skills with more courses.”

Brandon Wiener

“Very informative. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to advance to the next level. ”

Kala Brown

“I love the clarity of this course. Well organised and very helpful indeed. If only I knew just some of these practices years ago.”

Michael Simpson

“The course was very informative and clear enough. The exercises help to make it practical for individual practice.”

Joao Luis

“Great presentation and easy to implement lessons.”

Rodney Trivangalo

“I found this course very informative and unique.”

Kevin Feurtado

“This was very informational and very very helpful, especially with my business degree! I have learned so much and very good tutorials and quizzes to help assess your knowledge with each slide! Very good! Highly recommend! ”

Lisa Yroka

“Love the content, video clips are very clear and concise.”

Jacqui Sturgiss

“I have found the course very educating and useful. Thank you GoSkills.”

Maite Nelly Maake

“I quite enjoyed the PM for Team Members course. It's resourceful, interesting and catchy! It takes you progressively into a deeper level. There's no lack of background, examples or hints. Enjoyable to read, listen and acknowledge. Helpful! I have the base now, so ... feeling eager to attend the next level sections. ”

Mihail Adrian Dumitrescu

“This course was great!! For those with Project Management experience this course will help you perfect and enhance your skill set and for those with little to no knowledge this course will simplify each process and give you the knowledge to confidently manage a project. Love it!”

Maui Wilson

“it was very informative, and has helped me determine what has been going wrong in our projects. ”

Xoliswa Moraka

“Very much informative and quite easy for one to understand... I did it in record time.”

Tebogo Benjamin Temana

“A very interesting course and educative on its own without much stress. I do recommend it for good career advancement.”


“I learned a lot on Project Management and the online learning platform was very user friendly.”

Neo Madeline Cheda

“I found the course very easy to navigate through. It was very straight forward and provided great time increments for the videos, made it easy to memorize all of the information. Overall, I would recommend the course to anyone.”

Ajla Dedic

“The course was very useful. I enjoyed it very much. Good job :)”

Hazheen Hamdi

“Hi all, the best ever. You are all stars............”

Donovan Jacobs

“It is very informative and so user friendly! Love it!!”

Janice George

“Excellent beginner's course for someone who wants an overall understanding of project management. This course is perfect for someone who wants to incorporate project management techniques in their everyday tasks.”

Daniela Piraino

“This course has given me great insight into working with and managing a team.”

Jori Marshall

“The lessons were clear and easy to understand especially for a rookie like me who has no project management experience. Great job!”

Theresa Neuhoff

“Very easy to understand with great visuals and audio. The tests help test for understanding on key points.”

Richard M Duffy

“Very informative!”

Christine Story

“This is an amazing course, great tools to succeed!”

Samantha Nichole Serrano

“This was an easy course to understand.”

Bahlbi Zienasellass

“Very helpful course - filled a few gaps in my pre-existing exposure.”

Ian Robert John Bishop

“I really like the refresher aspect of this program. The vignettes are concise and to the point. Excellent material”

Father James

“Good training. Easy to follow and understand.”

Quentin Lewis Griffin III

“Excellent learning platform-condense and informative. Interactive tooling options that engages the learner thoroughout.”

Anonymous user


Claudia Pena

“Very instructive course, really useful.”

Nelson Rafael Marroquín Marroquín

“Great resources and follow up on "Project Management Basics".”

Kristian Clements


Keto .D. Harvey

“Good basic course.”


“A great introduction to the topic and principles.”


“Good course!”


“I sincerely appreciated all that I learned. This course was truly informative and well structured. Thank you”


“The PM for Team Members course provides a progressive guide for Project Management. Modules cover the practical application of formulating clear project agendas and the purpose of verifying core responsibility. Throughout the course, these themes provide background to the business standards required to perform: risk analysis, task deployment and efficient project closure. In summary I found the course enabled problem solving from adherence to process and promotes the merits of team building. I now have a better understanding of how to balance issues of project scope and resource planning.”

Fleur Pepper, Office Assistant

“GoSkills is absolutely brilliant! The course is quick and easy to use and understand! The Project Management for Team Members course is explained clearly and straight forward, even if you have no prior knowledge on the subject Ray Sheen explains everything clearly. Its really awesome! I highly recommend it! Thanks GoSkills!”

Candice Sadan

“Recently starting a new role as a consultant without a lot of project management experience this course was ideal for me. Each module was a bucket of gold with useful hints, tips and tools to make you an effective Project Manager. As I gain more experience and put what I have learnt into practice I will be purchasing one of the other courses to further my learning and understanding.”

Jason Julien

“I thought the content and instruction was very helpful. I am currently prepping for my PMP exam and it was a quick and easy way to evaluate my ongoing study. It also was able to drive home the information.”

Larry Bennett, Project Manager

“The Project Management for Team Members program from helped me better understand the essential skills needed to become a successful project manager. I will recommend the program to my friends.”

Julian Mendoza Jr., Intern, Intelometry, Inc.

“I thought the course was very helpful. I learned a lot about scope primarily and this is going to be very helpful in my position. Yes, I am not in the administrative role but with this will help me to expand my knowledge overall. ”

Aubrie Lee, Associate Librarian, IHS Global Inc