How to Conduct a Job Interview

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Conducting effective interviews during the hiring process will allow you to clearly compare candidates, avoid hiring mistakes, and create a better introduction to your business for potential employees.

Through this series of interactive, bite-sized lessons, you'll develop the essential skills to conduct interviews with confidence every single time.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Create clear, specific goals prior to each interview.
  • Greet your candidates while creating a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Identify the most important questions to ask. (Plus, which ones to avoid!)
  • Find the best cultural fit for your team.
  • Keep the interview timely and focused.
  • Seamlessly conduct an interview online.
  • And much more!

This comprehensive course is designed to help you prepare for an effective interview process that leads you to the best person for the job, whether you’re meeting online or in person.

Begin our How to Conduct a Job Interview course and boost your leadership skills today!

How to Conduct a Job Interview
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Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 10
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Video duration: 41m
Estimated study time: 2h for all materials

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Preparing for an Interview

Interviews are more efficient when you have key goals and distinguishing factors in mind for your candidates.


How to Begin an Interview

The first few minutes of an interview can help determine its success - start it off right.


Keep Interviews Timely and Focused

Interviews provide you with the best chance to record instant observations but ensure the meeting doesn't last longer than expected.


Prepare Your Top 5 Questions

Use this strategy to make your interview process more efficient, and to maintain fairness within your hiring process.


Finding Team Players and Cultural Fits

Identify people who will work well with you and help evolve your company, not people who simply match a specific type.


Avoid Asking These Questions

Keep the focus on your questions on the applicant's experience and fit for the job, and avoid anything personal or inappropriate.


Improve Interview Skills with Video Rehearsals

Use this process to improve your interview approach, presence, and confidence.


Use Colleague Feedback to Refine Your Approach

Share your video rehearsal to get helpful advice from coworkers regarding questions and your overall interview approach.


Conducting Online Interviews

Online interviews require specific kinds of preparation, but can easily be addressed in advance.



Recapping the main goals of this course to help you improve your interview skills.

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