Conflict Resolution for Professionals

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In life, conflict is inevitable. From simple misunderstandings to conflicting views, knowing how to deal with these situations can be challenging. 

In this 10-lesson course, we’ll cover essential conflict resolution strategies for the workplace, including:

  • Practical techniques for conflict problem-solving and negotiation
  • How to deal with conflicts within teams - even virtual ones
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Improving your cultural sensitivity
  • Building trust after a conflict

Learn how to apply all these skills in various work settings. Don’t let past conflicts hold you back - invest in yourself and start this course today!

Conflict Resolution for Professionals
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Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 10
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Video duration: 42m
Estimated study time: 4h for all materials

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Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Explore the concept of conflict resolution, as you learn about the causes of conflicts in professional settings and the importance of effectively resolving them for a positive work environment.


Conflict Styles and Emotional Intelligence

In this lesson, we will explore different conflict styles and the role of emotional intelligence in conflict resolution.


Active Listening and Effective Communication

Discover the importance of active listening and effective communication in conflict resolution, as you learn techniques like paraphrasing and reflecting on emotions.


Identifying Underlying Issues and Problem-Solving Techniques

Learn how to identify underlying issues in conflicts and explore some problem-solving techniques to effectively resolve them.


Negotiation Skills for Conflict Resolution

Enhance your conflict resolution skills with essential negotiation strategies, focusing on win-win outcomes, understanding priorities, and maintaining a collaborative approach.


Mediation and Third-Party Interventions

We discuss the role of mediation and third-party interventions in conflict resolution, including when to involve a third party, the role of a mediator, and the steps in the mediation process.


Resolving Team and Manager-Employee Conflicts

Learn about ways to resolve conflicts within teams, and how to manage conflicts between managers and employees, all in the hopes of fostering a healthy feedback culture.


Conflict Resolution in Remote and Virtual Work Environments

We explore the challenges of resolving conflicts in remote settings, effective communication strategies for virtual teams, and tools and techniques you can use to help resolve remote conflicts.


Navigating Difficult Personalities and Embracing Cultural Sensitivity

Learn to navigate difficult personalities and embrace cultural sensitivity in conflict resolution, focusing on effective cross-cultural communication, open-mindedness, and understanding diverse perspectives.


Preventing Conflicts and Rebuilding Trust

We discuss early warning signs of conflicts, the importance of trust in professional relationships, and steps to rebuild trust after a conflict.

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