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Enhance your productivity with AI-powered tools right inside your favorite Microsoft apps! Take advantage of faster workflows and superior outputs, and gain the confidence that you won’t get left behind by one of history’s most disruptive technologies.

In this 7-part course, you’ll learn how to unlock Microsoft Copilot, the powerful AI assistant now integrated into all the productivity apps from Microsoft 365 that you’ve grown to like and depend on.

Led by Microsoft MVP Deborah Ashby, this course will help you reduce tedious tasks and make the most of your favorite Microsoft Office apps: 

  • Excel: Make data work for you. Learn to create tricky PivotTables effortlessly and apply advanced formatting with ease. 
  • Word: Write better, faster. Get tips on drafting, editing, and polishing documents with AI that helps you find all the right words that matter. 
  • PowerPoint: Infuse your ideas with impact. Let Copilot help convey your message as a multimedia narrative, designed to move the hardest skeptic into action. 
  • Outlook: Optimize your inbox like a pro. Use AI to quickly summarize email threads and draft responses that push all the right buttons. 
  • Teams, OneNote, and Loop: Experience seamless integration. Discover how Copilot enhances your favorite Microsoft 365 tools for smarter workflows, smoother teamwork, and better outcomes.

If you'd like to see how AI can supercharge your experience within Microsoft Office - or are looking to try AI tools for the first time - this course on Copilot will get you started. By the end, you'll understand how to save time and create amazing documents through the power of AI and Copilot.

Copilot for Microsoft 365
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Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 25
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Versions supported: Microsoft 365
Video duration: 1h 37m
Estimated study time: 12h for all materials

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Introducing Copilot - Your Helpful AI Assistant

An introduction to Copilot, Copilot Pro, and Copilot for Microsoft 365 applications. 


Copilot and Copilot Pro vs Copilot for Microsoft 365 Apps

Understand the difference between Copilot, Copilot Pro, and Copilot for Microsoft 365 Apps. 


Adoption Center Resource Library

Learn how to access the Copilot Adoption Center Resource Library. 


Get Setup for Copilot

Ensure that you have completed these key steps prior to attempting to access Copilot.


Format Columns, Rows, and Cells

Use Copilot to reformat columns, rows, and cells in an Excel table. 


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Add Formula Columns

Learn how to perform calculations using formula columns with Copilot in Excel. 


Apply Conditional Formatting

Apply conditional formatting rules to columns in a table using Copilot. 


Sort and Filter Data

Ask Copilot to organize information in a table using sort and filter options. 


Create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Use Copilot's analyze data prompts to create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. 


Data Insights

Gain insight into the story of your data by asking questions and using the 'Show Insights' prompt to create dashboard-style charts.


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Create a New Presentation with Copilot and Designer

Create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch using Copilot and Designer. 


Modify and Organize Presentations

Use Copilot to change and organize a presentation. 


Create a Presentation from an Existing File

Create a presentation based on an existing Word document. 


Create a Presentation Using Branded Templates

Create company branded presentations using Copilot. 


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Draft Documents with Copilot

Learn how to use Copilot to draft a document in Word. 


Rewrite and Edit Documents

Use Copilot to rewrite and edit paragraphs in a document. 


Summarize and Ask Questions

Use Copilot to take the hard work out of reading long documents by creating a summary and interrogate the text by asking questions. 


Switch to New Outlook

Learn how to switch to New Outlook to access Copilot's full range of capabilities. 


Draft a New Message

Use Copilot to draft a new message from scratch. 


Summarize and Draft Replies

Ask Copilot to summarize conversations and draft email replies. 


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Coach by Copilot - Write Better Emails

Use the Copilot Coach in Outlook to write better emails, check for tone, emotion and clarity. 


Work with Copilot in Microsoft Teams

Learn about some of the Copilot functionality available in Teams to assist with meetings and conversations. 


Brainstorm Ideas with Copilot in OneNote

Use Copilot in a OneNote notebook to brainstorm ideas and create to-do lists. 


Work with Copilot and Loop Components

Use Copilot inside Microsoft Loop to generate information, rewrite drafts, apply formatting, and reuse loop components. 


Course Close

Course close and instructor good bye. 

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