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Customer Service Training


Customer service is one of the best ways to distinguish your company from your competition.

Most of your clients start their search for your business online and review sites can be a big part of that process.

Without customer appreciation, you cannot provide excellent customer service.

Excellent customer service starts from the top down – it trickles down from leadership, core values and mission to culture, procedures and empowerment of employees.

You need to understand your customer’s psychology in order to provide them with excellent customer service.

Your psychology will determine your ability to deliver excellent customer service.

Questions lay the foundation for your interaction with the customer.

You have to engage your customers and actively listen to what they are communicating.

This module covers what to look for with verbal and nonverbal cues to deliver excellent customer service.

This section covers how to reassure the customer that you are taking excellent care of them.

You will learn the importance of speed in responding to your customers.

Here you will learn about positive communication and how to apply it to your customer service skills.

You will discover how to trade places with your customer in making decisions that will impact the quality of your interaction with them.

You will discover how to relate with your customer and build rapport with them.

You will learn how to create loyal customers through showing genuine concern for their needs.

This section covers the steps necessary to make sure your customer’s needs are being addressed and solved.

This section will help you learn the skills to make sure you are providing excellent customer service by catering to the customer’s wants and needs.

This section will ensure that you are working to solve the customer’s actual problem, challenge or desire.

In this section you will discover how to provide solutions that exceed your customers’ expectations.

In this section you will learn why follow up is important in building a loyal customer base that will never leave you for the competition.

In this section you will learn how to “Wow” your customers by providing services that serve them that they may not have even thought of yet.

Evaluate the customer’s experience and look for ways to improve the service you provide.

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