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Transform the way you create, collaborate and share with Google Drive, the popular cloud based storage service available to anyone right from their Gmail account.

In this Google Drive online course, you will learn the fundamentals of Drive and its built-in essential productivity apps to work smarter from virtually anywhere, online or offline.

You will learn how to whip up presentations in Slides, edit Docs with your team in real time, and create pivot tables and charts in Sheets. You'll also learn how to design infographics in Drawings and make surveys in Forms. By the end of the training, you will have mastered the fundamentals of Google Drive and Apps to increase your productivity and seamlessly collaborate with others.

Designed for beginners, you don't need any prior knowledge to get started with this Google Drive online course.


  • 42 practical tutorials
  • Upload, download, delete and restore files in Google Drive.
  • Install and use the offline Drive client to sync files to your computer.
  • Share files with collaborators and set permissions for viewing, editing and commenting.
  • Discover how to use Google Drive on iOS devices.
  • Create Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and Drawings.
  • Insert images, links, comments, footnotes and track changes in Docs.
  • Use themes, format slides and add animations and transitions in Slides.
  • Sort and filter data, create Pivot Tables and charts and apply formatting in Sheets.
  • Create different question types, a self correcting quiz and overview of responses in Forms.
  • Insert and manipulate shapes and create an infographic in Drawings.
  • Add and remove third party add-ons in native Google apps.

Who is this Google Drive online course for:

  • Anyone new to Google's productivity apps or transitioning from the Microsoft Office suite
  • Anyone looking to start with the basics of how to use Google Drive to learn some time-saving tips
  • Ideal Google Drive training for teachers, students, teams, freelancers, and business professionals

About the instructor:

Scott Friesen is known as a 'busyness killer'. He specializes in helping people all over the world go from busy to productive, to get the results they want with less stress. Scott has helped thousands of individuals and companies dramatically increase performance and productivity with his time management strategies and techniques.

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.

Google Drive & Apps
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Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 42
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Video duration: 2h 52m
Estimated study time: 21h for all materials

Accreditations and approvals

CPD - The CPD Certification Service.



Google Drive Basic Controls

An overview of accessing and using the Google Drive interface. Covers logging in, storage capacity, views, search, sorting and starred items.

Video time: 05m 20s


Uploading, Downloading, Deleting and Restoring Files

How to upload, download, delete and restore files using Google Drive.

Video time: 04m 38s


Google Apps Within Drive

Introduction to Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and Drawings. This lesson will show how to create one of each and give a brief description of what each does. Each app will be covered in much more detail in its own section.

Video time: 03m 37s


Adding and Removing Third Party Apps

How to search for and install third party apps within Google Drive, and how to remove them.

Video time: 03m 32s


Offline Drive Options

How to install and use the offline client for a personal computer. The example will be carried out on a Mac, however, Windows differences will be highlighted.

Video time: 03m 43s


Sharing Files

An overview of the share option.

Video time: 05m 17s


Google Drive on iOS Devices

An overview of the main differences when using Google Drive on a iOS device.

Video time: 02m 43s


Version History

View version history and restore previous versions of files in Google apps.

Video time: 04m 09s


Google Docs Basic Controls

How to create a new Google Doc and introduction to ‘file, edit, view’ options.

Video time: 05m 36s


Toolbar Options in Docs

How to effectively use the options in the toolbar.

Video time: 04m 17s


Inserting Images, Links, Charts, and Drawings

How to insert an image, link, drawing, chart, and comment into a Google Doc.

Video time: 04m 02s


Footnotes, Page Numbers, Headers and Footers

How to insert page numbers, special characters, page breaks, headers and footers.

Video time: 03m 22s


The Tools Menu in Docs

Use the tools menu for spelling, voice typing, translation and dictionary.

Video time: 05m 02s


Creating and Formatting Tables in Docs

How to effectively and creatively use the tables options.

Video time: 05m 05s


Suggesting Mode

How to track changes for multiple collaborators.

Video time: 03m 51s


Google Docs Add-ons

How to install add-ons and use them within Google Docs.

Video time: 03m 46s


Google Slides Basic Controls

How to create a new Google Slide presentation and introduction to ‘file, edit, view’ options.

Video time: 05m 23s


Themes and Slides

How to use stock themes and add, remove and move slides.

Video time: 03m 58s


Inserting Images, Videos, and Slide Numbers

How to insert an image, video, shape, slide numbers, etc.

Video time: 03m 36s


Formatting and Alignment in Slides

Formatting google slides including aligning slide elements and formatting images options.

Video time: 02m 44s


Ordering and Rotating Objects in Slides

How to format images using opacity and cropping tools, and right click menu items.

Video time: 03m 35s


Animations and Transitions

How to get your slides ready for a professional presentation including transitions between slides and animating slide elements.

Video time: 04m 02s


Google Sheets Basic Controls

How to create a new Google spreadsheet and introduction to ‘file, edit, view’ options.

Video time: 03m 10s


Toolbar Options in Sheets

How to format cells using the toolbar.

Video time: 04m 45s


Sorting and Protecting Data

How to sort data and protect sheets and ranges.

Video time: 05m 10s


Filtering Data

Introduction to Filters and how to effectively implement them.

Video time: 03m 13s


Pivot Tables

Introduction to Pivot Tables and how to effectively implement them.

Video time: 04m 03s


Functions and Formulas

Introduction to basic functions Sum, Average, Count, Max, Min.

Video time: 04m 09s


Creating Charts

Selecting a data range and representing it as a chart within a spreadsheet.

Video time: 04m 34s


Conditional Formatting

How to use conditional formatting to format cells based on their contents.

Video time: 04m 30s


Data Validation

How to use data validation to create dropdown menus, and control what can be entered in specific cells.

Video time: 04m 46s


Google Sheets Add-ons

How to install add-ons and use them within Google Sheets.

Video time: 02m 25s


Google Forms Basic Controls

How to create a new Google Form and introduction to settings menu, color palette and questions type menu.

Video time: 05m 48s


Question Types and Editing a Form

How to create different types of questions and the implications for the final form.

Video time: 04m 35s


Making a Form into a Self Correcting Quiz

How to convert a form to an automatically self correcting quiz.

Video time: 04m 45s


The Responses Tab

How to make a quick visualization of summary of response and exploration of common pitfalls such as sorting columns and deleting cell data.

Video time: 05m 16s


Google Forms Add-ons

Using add-ons with Google Forms.

Video time: 02m 00s


Google Drawings Basic Controls

How to create a new Google Drawing and introduction to ‘file, edit, view’ options.

Video time: 04m 07s


Inserting Text, Word Art and Links

How to insert text, word art, and images within Google Drawings.

Video time: 03m 10s


Formatting and Grouping Shapes, Lines, and Objects

How to format and group inserted objects and manipulate lines in Google Drawings.

Video time: 03m 36s


Ordering, Rotating and Cropping Objects

How to order and rotate objects with the right click menu, and how to crop images.

Video time: 03m 57s


Using Google Drawings to Make an Infographic

How to make simple infographics or schematics using Google Drawings.

Video time: 03m 17s

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