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Introduction to HTML


What to expect from this course?

What is HTML and what is it used for?

What tools do you need to write HTML Code?

Looking at the Sublime Text or Notepad++ as web development tools.

We'll be using Cloud 9 as our Development Environment. Let's take a look!

Understanding HTML Elements, Open Tags, Close Tags, and Nesting.
Learn about different Attribute tags such as Language Attributes, Title Attributes, and more...

Every HTML page is made up of the same basic skeleton. We'll look at doctypes, html tags, head tags, body tags, meta tags, and more.

Learn some basic HTML tags such as p, br, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, and pre.
Learn to format text using strong, em, small, sub, sup, and blockquote.

Learn how to style individual HTML elements with the CSS style tag.

Learn to output special characters onto the screen such as copyright characters, trademark characters, arrows, and more.
How to comment code, where to do it, and why you should do it often.
Links are an important part of creating websites. Learn how.
Adding Images to your website is fast and easy. We'll explore the img src tag and it's properties.
Learn to make images clickable as links.
Tables are an important and sometimes confusing element of HTML. We'll look at table tags, th, tr, td tags, and more.
Learn how to create tables with Cells that span many columns or rows using the Rowspan, and colspan tags.
Understanding lists, and the difference between ordered and un-ordered lists. We'll look at the ol and ul tags.
Learn how to nest lists within other lists.

Understanding the difference between block and inline elements, and when to use each.

Learn to create forms that users can fill out.
Learn special elements and attributes available in HTML 5. We'll look at header tags, footer tags, nav tags, main tags, section tags, and more.

Setting up "Git" for version control in our development environment.

Learn to push code to as a Backup to Git version control.
Exploring the Bootstrap CSS Framework and understanding when to use it.

Adding Bootstrap to your site is quick and easy.

Creating a page layout with the Bootstrap grid system.

How to add Bootstrap Elements to your website.
Let's overview what we'll be building
Adding a Navbar to our website.
Adding Work Experience with panels.
Setting up the page layout using the Bootstrap grid system.
Add our actual resume content to the site.

Let's make sure our website looks good on mobile devices!

Push our code to a live production server at Heroku.

Learn how to use free and paid templates to build a website.

Let's add a free template to our site!

Tweaking our template to make it look and feel however we like.

Push our code to a live production server at Heroku.

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