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Introduction to PHP


What to expect from this course.
Understanding the Fundamentals of PHP and the client/server relationship.

How to code PHP on your local computer.

How to code PHP on a cloud development environment.

Setting up Version Control in our cloud development environment.

How to backup your code and version control with

Set up a free account to push production code.

Understanding Variables in PHP.
Learn the different data types for PHP, including String, Integer, Float, and Boolean.
Learn how to do math in PHP.
How to assign things in PHP.
Comparing two or more things is easy with comparison operators.
Sometimes you can't bother with math - use increment operators instead.
Logic sits at the core of all computer programming. Understanding logic operators in PHP.
Understanding concatenation and concatenating assignment operators.
Learn how to use if/else/elseif statements to test against conditions.
How to switch between different cases.

How to use the While loop.

FizzBuzz! is a popular interview quiz question. Let's build it!
Understanding basic Arrays.
Learn how to Sort Arrays the quick and easy way.
How to create and use functions in PHP.
Automatically generate random numbers and dates.
Fun with string manipulation!
How to include things from other files in your PHP program.

Similar to "Include", but used for a slightly different reason.

How to process HTML Forms with PHP.
What are Superglobals, and how do you use them?
Creating and issuing Cookies to your website visitors.
Passing information between pages with Sessions.
Let's build a cool math flashcard app!

Let's create the main skeleton of our Flashcard App.

Let's build out the form to make it work.

Let's write some code to determine if the answer is right or wrong.

Addition works, now let's build pages for Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Understanding how Wordpress uses Templates and how we can do the same thing.

Let's build out a template for our Header and links.

How to use Require to template things.

Let's do a few odds and ends to finish up.

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