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Leadership Training


Learn the importance of exceptional leadership and the different leadership styles. The first leadership style explored is the authoritative style.

In this module we look into the collaborative style of leadership and how it impacts your team.

We look at what the exemplary leadership style is and how it can be used in your organization.

The most powerful way to influence someone as a leader is to understand them. Understand who they are and what in their lives already motivates them. Once you understand them it is easy to lead them and get them to a high performance level.

As leaders, when we know what someone already believes then it is easier to influence them to achieve the desired outcome for the team.

There are 4 different personality types. This module explores what those are and the best way to lead each one.

Learn the importance of purpose driven targets and how to implement them in your leadership.

Clarity is power. When you have clarity and purpose your team is unstoppable. This module shows you how to get clear on the purpose of your objectives.

When people are clear on the actions and duties expected of them to achieve a goal with a purpose, chances go up of the team achieving the desired outcome. This module looks at how to implement clear actions and duties.

Anything worth having in business or life comes with challenge. How do you approach challenge? In this module, we address the challenges and strategies to overcome them.

When the team you are leading comes together to attack challenges the likelihood of them overcoming that challenge goes up. Morale and teamwork also improves.

The best leaders can anticipate the challenges that will arise in the future and put a plan in place to overcome that challenge.

We look at how to get our team to take action towards our desired outcome. In order to drive that action, we need to get leverage on the team.

At this stage in your leadership you need to discern which form of leverage will be most effective with your team.

When you uncover what already motivates your individual team members it becomes easier for you to motivate them.

In this module we look at implementing the “away from” strategies to change behavior.

In this module we look at implementing the “towards” strategies to change behavior.

We look into tapping into the individual strengths of your team and cultivating those strengths to achieve your desired outcome.

When your organization is working as a cohesive team, you achieve more goals, morale goes up and quality increases. In this module we look at the importance of a team and how to use the team to achieve the desired outcomes.

When your team feels supported they are willing to take more risks and innovate to achieve your desired outcome. Productivity increases substantially.

The best leaders have the best players on their team to execute their vision and make it a reality.

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