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New to Access or need a refresher? This online course is designed for a beginner and includes intermediate and advanced topics to put you on the road to becoming a master with Microsoft Access.


  • 40 practical tutorials.
  • Learn how to design tables properly and build relationships.
  • Create forms and reports and then modify the design.
  • Make simple and complex queries and create calculated fields.
  • Import information from other sources such as Excel.
  • Use VBA to create command buttons to open forms and reports, set properties, track modification dates, and more.

The application that is built has customers, services, invoices, and would be good for anyone in a service business such as architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, electricians, plumbers, and even lawn mowers.

The power of Access really gets unleashed when you start adding VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to your project - and it is not hard! While you may not consider yourself to be a programmer, or thought you'd ever be one, automation is covered in small steps that are easy to understand. You can learn how to take advantage of the great power of VBA with just a few lines of code that make sense.

Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft Access 2013.

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.


Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 40
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: Excel - Macros & VBA
Versions supported: 2013
Video duration: 4h 52m
Estimated study time: 20h for all materials

Accreditations and approvals

CPD - The CPD Certification Service.



Welcome to Access

An introduction to Microsoft Access.

Video time: 06m 34s


Enter Data into Tables

Enter a new record into a table and move between fields.

Video time: 05m 55s


Create a Form and Combo Box

Create a form and combo box for easy data entry and storing numbers for foreign keys.

Video time: 06m 33s


Modify Form Design

Modify the form created in the previous lesson, set properties and add controls.

Video time: 06m 09s


Customize Form with Colors and Close Button

Make great looking forms by changing colors, creating a close button and sorting or filtering columns.

Video time: 07m 11s


Create a Query, Grouped Report and Auto Report

Create a query from scratch to line up data for a report that is grouped by something.

Video time: 07m 05s


Import Objects from Access

Import objects from Access and manage Trust Center settings.

Video time: 07m 08s


Import Data from Excel

Import data from Excel spreadsheets into tables in Access.

Video time: 06m 22s


Create a Query with Calculations

Further explore the Navigation Pane and learn how to use a query to calculate data.

Video time: 07m 26s


The Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane is an area on the left side of the database that enables you to open and change the design of objects.

Video time: 05m 01s


Perspective on Access Objects

Overview of the Access objects covered so far. The main object types are Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, and Modules.

Video time: 05m 17s


Number Data Types

Recognize the different Number Data Types. The actual Data Type of a Number is specified by the Field Size property.

Video time: 06m 04s


Text Data Types

Learn about Short Text and Long Text Data Types and how to change the Data Type of a field.

Video time: 06m 58s


Currency Data Type and Windows Region Settings

Change the format of a Currency field and define the currency symbol in Windows Region settings.

Video time: 04m 32s


Yes/No Data Type

Best practices for using the Yes/No Data Type, which can be displayed as a check box to show when something is active.

Video time: 06m 00s


Date/Time Data Type

Date/Time is an important, but problematic, data type. Recognize Date/Time functions and formats and how to enter them into fields.

Video time: 05m 22s


Data Type Review

A review of Simple, Special and Complex Data Types.

Video time: 13m 06s


Relationships and Relationships Diagram

Learn how to lay out the Relationships Diagram to see what you have in the database.

Video time: 07m 30s


Mainform and Subform

Add a subform to a main form and store when a record was changed in a Date/Time field.

Video time: 08m 22s


Customize Quick Access Toolbar for Form and Report Design

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) for form and report design.

Video time: 04m 15s


Complex Query for Grouped Report

Create a complex query to be used as the source for a grouped report.

Video time: 07m 28s


Creating Reports in Access

Learn how to create a new report and fix a broken report.

Video time: 07m 58s


Design Report from Scratch

Create a report from scratch using Report Design, add field to Record Source and align controls.

Video time: 08m 11s


Group and Sort

Learn how to add grouping and sorting to a report to order information.

Video time: 05m 44s


Modify Relationship Properties to Show All Records

Learn how to change report Record Source to show all records.

Video time: 03m 48s


Report View, Design View, Layout View and Print Preview

Identify how to switch between different views such as Report View, Design View, Layout View and Print Preview.

Video time: 03m 36s


Calculated Controls and Control Names

Learn calculation to Sum Field in Group Footer/Header, Page Header/Footer, or Report Header/Footer and calculation to get percent of a total in another control.

Video time: 17m 01s


Page Breaks and Page Setup

Identify Page Setup options and learn how to force a new page between sections of a second grouping.

Video time: 08m 24s


Back Color, Alternate Back Color and Themes

Choose and customize themes for forms, animate Command Buttons and define an alternate back color so that rows will display in alternating colors.

Video time: 05m 16s


Running Sum and Hide Duplicates

Define a Running Sum, hide duplicate information and copy formats with the Format Painter.

Video time: 08m 13s


Repeat Sections, Show or Hide Continued Label

Learn how to Repeat Section on the next page so you can see the group value that detail continues from, and use VBA to add a Continued label to group header on a report.

Video time: 11m 59s


Change Sort to Group, Set Default View to Print Preview

Change sort to group using the Group Sort and Total pane, and change the Default View of a report to Print Preview.

Video time: 06m 02s


Hide Sections and Controls, Key Fields

Learn how to hide sections and controls on a report, such as key fields, when you don't want them to show.

Video time: 03m 29s


Page Header, Page Numbers, Date & Time, Report Caption

Create a textbox to show the date and time a report was printed, page number, and total pages at the top of each page.

Video time: 12m 57s


Command Buttons to Open Forms Using a Macro or VBA

Create a form to use as a Main Menu and make a command button to open a form using a macro.

Video time: 07m 40s


Command Buttons to Open Reports Using VBA

Create a command button to open a report using a macro or VBA and create a Combo Box using the wizard to show Customers and Store CustID.

Video time: 07m 35s


Open Report with Criteria

Use criteria from a Form Control when opening a report with VBA.

Video time: 09m 34s


Open Report with Multiple Criteria that is Optional

Use multiple criteria from Form Controls when opening a report.

Video time: 09m 05s


Open Tables and Queries with VBA, Startup Form

Create a command button to open a table or query and make it the Startup form when the database opens.

Video time: 06m 54s


Add Logo to Main Menu Form, Wrap Up

Add logo to Main Menu Form and review what has been covered in the course.

Video time: 08m 47s

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