Microsoft Planner and Project for the Web

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Learning how to utilize Microsoft's cloud-based solutions for project managers is one of the best ways to quickly improve your project management skills. This online course covers beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project for the Web, making it suitable for learners at all levels.

You’ll begin by learning how to manage tasks using Microsoft Planner, including how to create a plan, add members and tasks, and track their progress. 

Using this foundation, you’ll continue to master Microsoft Project for the Web in just a few, bite-sized lessons. We’ll cover how to:

  • Create and import projects to the interface to improve efficiency.
  • Manage groups and tasks with attachments, notes, and checklists.
  • Visualize project roadmaps for a smooth process.

Finally, you’ll discover how to connect with Power BI to create dynamic reports, dashboards, and automated workflows.

No matter your industry, this comprehensive Microsoft Planner and Project for the Web course will fast-track your journey to project management success.

Microsoft Planner and Project for the Web
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Skill level: Beginner & Intermediate
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 41
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Versions supported: Microsoft 365
Video duration: 3h 34m
Estimated study time: 16h for all materials

Accreditations and approvals



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Course Introduction

An Introduction to Project for the Web and how it compares to other popular project management tools.


What is Project for the Web?

An explanation of Project for the Web, what it is and why it is useful.


Planner vs Project Online vs Project for the Web

Understand the differences between Planner, Project Online, and Project for the Web.


Project Plans Explained

A short explanation of the differences between Project Plan subscriptions.


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What is Planner and Why is it Useful?

Learn about Microsoft Planner, how to access it and why it is useful.


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Create a Plan

Create a new plan in Microsoft Planner from scratch.


Create a Plan Based on an Existing Microsoft 365 Group

Create a new Outlook group plan and understand how Outlook groups interact with Microsoft Planner.


Add Members to a Plan

Add colleagues as members of a plan.


Create New Tasks and Edit the Details

Create a series of new tasks in the project plan and understand how to modify the details of existing tasks.


Create and Sort Tasks into Buckets

Sort a list of tasks into labelled buckets to add structure and organization to a plan.


Assign Labels to Tasks

Assign labels to tasks to visually organize them using colour.


Update Task Progress and Priority

Understand how to update task progress, change the status and set a priority level.


Access a Plan from Microsoft Teams

Create a new team in Microsoft Teams based off of an existing Outlook group plan.


Grant Access to Plans

Grant access to external team members and guests.


Receive Email Updates on Tasks and Plans

Modify settings to ensure updates are received when anything changes in tasks and plans.


Export a Plan to Microsoft Excel

Know how to export a plan to Microsoft Excel for the purpose of deeper analysis.


Launch Project for the Web and Explore the Interface

Learn how to access Project for the Web from within the Microsoft 365 hub.


Notifications and Settings

Review notifications and settings and modify accordingly.


Import a Project Plan

Learn how to import an existing Project Plan.


Open a Project and View the Project Plan

Take a look at an existing project plan in Project for the Web to gain a greater understanding of the advantages and limitations of the application.


Create a Project from a Template

Create a brand new project based off of an existing template.


Create a Project from Scratch

Create a new project from scratch.


Add Group Members

Add members to a Project plan.


Customize Column Headings

Customize the column headings in grid view.


Create New Tasks

Create and add new tasks to the project plan.


Edit Task Details

Open and edit tasks to add more detailed information. 


Update Task Progress

Learn the numerous different ways to update a task's progress.


Add Structure with Summary and Subtasks

Add structure to a project by creating summary tasks and subtasks.


Add Attachments, Notes, and Checklist Items

Add notes, file attachments, and create a checklist of items for each task.


Group Tasks by Bucket

Create buckets to group and organize tasks in a project.


Make Adjustments in Timeline View

Learn how to view and work with tasks in Timeline view.


Add Task Dependencies

Create task dependencies to define the order in which tasks should be completed.


Share Projects and Tasks with Others

Share an entire project or individual tasks with other people.


Create a Project Roadmap

Understand what roadmaps are and how we can use them to monitor important tasks across all projects.


Visualize Projects in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to add a project plan to a channel tab in Microsoft Teams.


Project for the Web Extra Features

A run-through of some additional features in Project for the Web.


Overview of the Power Platform

Understand what the Power Platform is and why it is important when working with Project for the Web.


The Dataverse and the Power BI Project Report Template

Connect Project for the Web to Power BI and learn how to use the Power BI report template to quickly create multiple insightful reports.


Create Reports and Dashboards with Power BI: Part 1

Get familiar with the basics of Power BI and learn how to make minor modifications to reports and visualizations.


Create Reports and Dashboards with Power BI: Part 2

Learn how to create a dashboard based off of report data.


Course Close

Course close and instructor goodbye!

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