Microsoft Publisher

by Andy Lanning

2h 32m

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MS Publisher is “desktop publishing software” used to create professional flyers, newsletters, and brochures for print, mail, or mail-merges. Publisher shines in the ease of picture placement and text wrapping. Whether you are new to Publisher or need a refresher, these practical tutorials will benefit anyone who uses Publisher to create items for publication.


Publisher Screen Overview3m 51s

Understanding the screen layout is paramount to mastering this program. This lesson gives a concise tour of the scratch area, rulers, ribbons, and status bar tools.

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File Ribbon - Info3m 19s

Business Information contains your professional contact info and the Design Checker runs through the technical layout of your publication.

File Ribbon - New3m 22s

Instead of starting from scratch, discover the pre-made templates that are available and easily customized.

File Ribbon - Other Features3m 28s

Be aware of the options other than printing and design with your end product in mind.

Quick Access ToolBar4m 11s

Prepare your work area by setting up the tools you’ll need most often.

Identify Parts of Pre Made Template4m 00s

Review the parts and structure of a pre-made template and save frustration later when you build your own.

Manage Picture Tools4m 05s

Picture tools help you manage and control your pictures.

Pictures - Crop4m 11s

Cropping tools let you cut away parts of a picture.

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Pictures - Placeholders4m 39s

Frame the spot for a picture still to come.

Pictures - Size, Layers, Group4m 34s

Size pictures precisely to your own measurements; Layer the pictures and control the overlap; and Group pictures so they move as one object.

Pictures - Align4m 02s

Align pictures precisely on the page.

Pictures - Adjust, Swap3m 32s

Adjust picture brightness, color, reset to original, or compress picture file size.

Pictures - Styles, Frames, Captions4m 38s

Change the picture style, shape and frame (border), also add captions.

Pictures - Find online, Copyright free3m 23s

Creative Commons License is a copyright free picture license.

Text box - Word Art3m 36s

Insert decorative text into your publication.

Text box - Identify Parts3m 47s

View existing text boxes and screen options.

Text box - Formatting Tools 4m 21s

Review toolbar and connect text boxes and word overflow.

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Text box - Business Information3m 55s

Edit your business information so that all publications are uniform with no typos or variations.

Text box - Building Blocks3m 43s

Building blocks are pre-designed text boxes that save you time from creating from scratch.

Page Design - Header Footer3m 18s

Content that appears at the top and bottom of every single page, like logo’s or page #’s.

Page Design - Ribbon a3m 16s

Work with template design, page setup tools, and layout guides.

Page Design - Ribbon b4m 19s

Work with page tools, color schemes and fonts, and page background.

Shapes4m 06s

Shapes add interest to a publication by adding text and color.

Shapes with Pictures3m 43s

Two methods to adding a picture inside of a shape.

Shapes, Control Placement4m 08s

Use the Publisher guides and rulers to control the placement of your shapes.

Shapes, Arrange3m 35s

Group, rotate and wrap text to shapes.

Shapes, Edit Wrap Points4m 00s

Edit exactly how text wraps “through” your shape or picture.

Ribbon - Review3m 17s

Interesting script is vital to a professional publication. Use the review ribbon tools to find words, spell check, or translate.

Ribbon - View4m 04s

The view ribbon helps you manage your publication as it is developed and allows you to work with multiple Publisher files efficiently.

Ribbon - Home3m 53s

Regardless of where your text is placed, formatting tools are in one location.

Ribbon - File, Save-Print-Export4m 31s

The file ribbon is where you make the final production decision to your publication.

Creative Ideas - Mail Merge4m 47s

Learn how to use the mail merge feature to personalize every single publication to the individual recipient.

Creative Ideas - Catalog5m 07s

Create a manual of products with corresponding pictures.

Creative Ideas - QR Codes in Catalogs4m 40s

Learn how to use Quick Response (QR) Codes, which are device-scanable images that will deliver information or send the user to a product webpage.

Creative Ideas - Tables4m 29s

Understand how to use tables which are a “grid layout” for columns of text, like room locations or employee contact information.

Creative Ideas - Create Picture Files4m 46s

Create a picture from a Publisher file in order to send a full-color marketing flyer via email.

Creative Ideas - Keyboard Shortcuts4m 10s

Learn these shortcut tips that will expedite your design time.

Creative Ideas - Color Codes3m 31s

Learn the differences between the advanced CMYK or PANTONE color formats which are required by some commercial printers.  


This online course will help you learn tips and tricks for managing pictures that are added to your print, for working with text and adding shapes to enhance your publication. It will also provide you with a good overview on working with existing pre-made templates, creating your own templates and using the tools within the ribbon.


  • 38 lessons
  • Learn to work with pre-made templates that can be easily customized.
  • Review the parts of a pre-made template to help when building your own template.
  • Set up headers and footers that are consistent across the publication.
  • Office management tips for adding pictures, text and shapes to your publication.
  • Use mail merge to personalize every single publication to the individual recipient.
  • Learn shortcut tips that will expedite your design time.

Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft Publisher 2016 for PC.

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.

Accreditations and approvals

CPD - The CPD Certification Service.


Was very easy to navigate and explained well.

— Deborah Senft

Great, great course.

— James Leary

Benefits of Master page, Pat navigation pane, graphics Manager & VIEW tab checks(boundaries, graphics manager, ruler, guide)s very helpful in getting objects professionally placed in document. How to get copyright FREE images on Bing & QR Codes crucial-VERY INFORMATIVE! Thanks! Types of files that can go into body of Email message helpful too! Mail Merge for catalogs well explained!

— Bonnie Haufe

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