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Communicating effectively with your coworkers is an essential skill that can make or break your organization's success.

This Microsoft Teams training course will show you everything you need to know to get up and running quickly with Microsoft's handy collaboration app.

In this newly-updated course for 2022, you will begin with the basics and move up to customizing the interface, running meetings, working with documents, and integrating with Microsoft Outlook.

Learn Microsoft Teams' essential features and tools so you can accomplish more tasks with your colleagues and skyrocket your organization's productivity! Once finished with the training material, you will be able to take the final exam to receive a training certification.

Start this Microsoft Teams training to learn how to:

  • Create, join, and manage your own teams
  • Send messages within team channels and one-on-one with colleagues
  • Schedule and participate in video and audio calls with whiteboards, breakout rooms, and recordings
  • Share and collaborate on documents in real-time
  • Integrate Teams with Outlook, and use some Teams features without leaving your inbox
  • And more!

Video recordings use Microsoft 365.

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course-related inquiries.

Microsoft Teams Training
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Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 45
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Versions supported: Microsoft 365
Video duration: 3h 58m
Estimated study time: 12h for all materials

Accreditations and approvals



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Course Introduction

What is Microsoft Teams and why is it useful? An introduction to Teams, the structure of the course and the instructor.


Full Version vs Free Version

Understand the difference between the full version of Teams available though a Microsoft 365 subscription and the free version of Teams.


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Overview of the Teams Dashboard

Open Teams and get familiar with the dashboard, layout, menus and commands.


Use Teams as a Guest

Learn how to use Teams even if you don't have an account.


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Create a Team and Add Members

Learn about different team types, create a new Team, and add members from within your organization.


Join an Existing Team

Learn how to join an existing public or private team. 


Manage Teams and Members

Manage your teams and team members.


Create and Manage Team Channels

Create channels within a team and manage the channels and channel members.


Post and Receive Messages

Post and receive messages within team channels.


Target Messages using @mentions

Use @mentions to target messages towards specific people.


Edit and Delete Messages

Learn how to edit messages and delete sent messages and draft messages. 


Bookmark and React to Messages

Post reactions to messages and bookmark important messages to review later.


Add Images, Emojis, and Gifs to Messages

Give messages personality by adding images, emojis, and gifs.


Format and Send a Private Message

Have a private conversation with a specific person or multiple people by sending a private message.


Set a Status and Message

Let team members know your availability by setting a status and a status message.


Post Announcements to Multiple Channels

Post important messages as announcements across multiple channels. 


Loop Components

Send content in chat that everyone can edit and collaborate on. 


Target Groups with Tags

Target messages towards groups of people using Tags. 


Leave, Hide, Delete or Archive a Team

Learn how to leave a team, hide a team, delete a team, and archive a team.


Create, Upload and Share Documents

Create files, upload files, and share files with team members via the Teams channel or Files tab.


Co-author Documents in Real-Time

Harness the power of Teams in Microsoft 365 to work with multiple people on documents in real-time.


Initiate a Video or Audio Call On-Demand

Start a video or audio call on-demand using 'Meet Now' in a teams channel or from the calendar.


Add and Manage Meeting Participants

Add and manage additional participants to a call that's already in progress.


Join a Meeting or Call

Learn how to join a meeting or call. 


Share Content in a Meeting

Share files, your desktop, and an application window with meeting participants and pass control of the mouse. 


Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a meeting in advance using the Teams calendar. 


Use the Whiteboard for Brainstorming

Use the whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and collaborate with team members. 


Record a Meeting or Call

Record a meeting or call so participants can review after the meeting has finished. 


Manage Lobby Settings

Manage lobby settings and control how and when participants can enter a meeting. 


Background Effects

Maintain privacy by adding a background or blur effect to disguise your environment. 


Together Mode

Feeling a bit disconnected from your team? Try working in Together Mode and enjoy the experience of virtual face-to-face contact.


Meeting Notes

Create shared meeting notes before or after the meeting commences. 


Breakout Rooms - Part 1

Facilitate group work by creating breakout rooms and assigning participants to each room.


Breakout Rooms - Part 2

Manage breakout rooms by opening, closing, and sending announcements as needed.


Make and Receive Calls

Use Teams to make and receive calls. 


Recap Meeting

Find all materials related to a meeting such as the recording, meeting notes, attendance report, and transcript in one place. 


Share Information Using the Wiki Tab

Share additional information with team members by creating a Wiki tab.


Extend Teams with Apps and Custom Tabs

Extend what your teams can do by adding apps and creating custom channel tabs. 


Teams and Outlook Integration

Create and join Teams meetings without leaving your Outlook inbox and calendar.


Search and Filter for Messages, People and Files

Search for keywords and phrases across conversations, people, and files and apply filters to refine search results. 


The Command Bar and Quick Commands

Use Quick Commands to execute common tasks in Teams. 


Adjust User Settings

Explore your user settings and customize your Teams experience. 


Notification Settings

Review notification settings and adjust to prevent a bombardment of pop-ups. 


Work with the Teams Mobile App

Download and use the Teams mobile app to stay connected when on-the-go. 


Course Close

Course close and instructor goodbye.

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