Photoshop Advanced

by Howard Pinsky

5h 11m

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Have some experience with Photoshop and want to improve your skills, or taken our Photoshop Beginners course? This online course will help you learn intermediate and advanced Photoshop techniques.


Turn a Photo into a Sketch8m 20s

With just a few layers styles and filters you can turn a photo into a sketch and even use the same style on video.

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Create a Pumpkin Face9m 46s

Great technique for combining different images together for stunning results.

Time Lapse Part 110m 19s

This is part one of a two part tutorial that sets up an animated time lapse look. It is a useful tutorial on the tasks of manipulating multiple image size and placement. 

Time Lapse Part 211m 26s

In combination with part 1 of this tutorial and a flower with the background removed. Learn how to set key frames for movement and color adjustments.

Photographic Fireworks7m 13s

Good for compositing tasks, and adding elements like reflections. 

32-Bit HDR Images5m 08s

Combine a series of images into a single High Dynamic Range image using Lightroom and Photoshop

Porcelain Doll Effect11m 24s

Isolate facial features and adjust skin tones. Adjust size and placement of features like eyes, nose and mouth. 

Camera Shake Reduction3m 26s

Useful tips for reducing that camera shake blur.

Camera Raw Filter4m 25s

Raw filters essentially treat your image like a negative rather than a finished product. Raw filter in Photoshop offer an extended range of color adjustments to even regular non-raw images and has the added advantage of editing the photo in only one window (and no stacked Adjustment Layers).

Interweaving Effect3m 44s

Learn how to create and save your own patterns, and then apply them to images in interesting ways. 

Basic Video Editing in CS6 and Above4m 30s

Extend your Photoshop skills into the time dimension. Add effects and layer styles with ease. Turn a ho-hum phone video into expressionist art.

Clouds Animation4m 29s

Create a time-lapse style effect with some simple video effects in Photoshop.

Animated Loading Circle6m 26s

This tutorial will show you how to make an animation that pulses a great light effect with layer styles and animation.

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Animated GIF on Mars12m 23s

When reality is just not interesting enough you can always rely on Photoshop to spice it up.  This unit is a good introduction to GIF creation.

Glowing Button13m 44s

Combine layered styles and animation to create this great effect.

Animating a Power Button: Frame Animation4m 39s

Turn a static design into a glowing button by using the Frame style of animation in Photoshop. 

Load Files into Stacks and Converting to a GIF3m 26s

Bring in a number of files simultaneously and get Photoshop to organise and align them in layers.

3D Text Intro2m 43s

Turning your text into a 3D object opens up lot of interesting possibilities. Control textures, deform shapes, and add lights and shadows to your text in realistic ways. 

Chrome Text7m 20s

Explore Photoshop’s (CS6 and above) 3D text generator.

Bubbly Text10m 28s

Create inflatable text with the 3D properties in Photoshop.

Long Shadow Effect5m 06s

The long shadow is a clean design look that can be created a few different ways in Photoshop; here we achieve the look by using 3D objects.

Importing 3D Models4m 59s

Importing a 3D model into a 2D background can be tricky, but with a few simple steps you will be able to blend lots of design elements like lighting, position, color tone, and texture.

Image Based Lights2m 45s

Improve the realistic look to your 3D images with Image Based Lights.

Create a 3D Pool Ball6m 48s

Create and add 3D objects to an existing photograph with this tutorial. Create a new texture, add lights and composite it in an existing photo. 

TRON Legacy Text Effect6m 19s

This tutorial will teach you how to create 3D text, edit many useful features and then add 2D elements as well. 

Missing Filters1m 46s

The more up to date versions of Photoshop have tucked away some of the rarer filter effects. Find out how to drill down into the filter gallery. 

Adaptive Wide Angle2m 18s

Straighten out those distorted images with this very clever Photoshop Feature.

Working with Kuler2m 36s

The Kuler extension for Photoshop makes finding great color combinations a breeze. 

Color Coding Layers3m 23s

Organise your complex Photoshop projects with this simple tool. Particularly useful for template projects that you will be coming back to again.

10 Just Do It (JDI) Tips3m 27s

10 little Photoshop productivity tips.

Hiding Menu Items1m 29s

Clean up your menu interface.

Interface and Performance Improvements4m 52s

Improve your familiarity of Photoshop with this list of interface tips and tricks.

Fireworks Text Effect5m 43s

Transform text into a path and apply a brush present to a path. 

Hairy Text Effect6m 23s

Give text a furry feel within a few easy steps.

Beer Text Effect12m 07s

Add a frothy amber liquid appeal to your text.

Wood Engraved Text Effect8m 19s

Add text or a logo and create a great wood texture effect. 

Graffiti Text Effect8m 53s

In this tutorial Howard will introduce you to Displacement Mapping, which is a fancy way of saying ‘making text bumpy’. 

Battlefield 3 Text Effect5m 22s

The video game is such a classic that of course you need to make text look like it. 

Refine Edge Tool10m 01s

Refine the edge of a selection so that fine strands of hair can be included with the person or animal in the photo.

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Copy CSS3m 14s

Let Photoshop do your geek work for you with this simple but powerful method for converting Photoshop designs to flexible web formats.

Tool Recording within Actions2m 28s

Record repetitive edits so that you can save time.

Clone Source Panel1m 33s

A few more tips for using the clone source tools on Photoshop.

The Swatch Panel Advanced1m 23s

Grab a color scheme from a web pages CSS data.

Transforming Selections3m 07s

Transforming the size and shape of a selection masks from within the mask mode.

Conditional Actions2m 49s

Delve into Photoshop’s one button solution to repetitive editing tasks. 

Generator5m 25s

This is an advanced technique for those who want to design their web pages primarily in Photoshop. 

iOS Icon Design7m 36s

Design an app icon for IOS or Android.

Create a 3D Switch Icon5m 18s

With the principles of this design you can create all sorts of switches, toggles and doorways. This is a good tutorial for learning how to stack and transform layers. 

Create a Space Scene9m 24s

Make stars and planets to design your own Solar System in the Cosmos. 

Create the Minecraft Icon7m 34s

Get that pixelated look into your image editing, or use the basics of this lesson to apply 2D images to a cube shape. 

Minecraft Skin4m 33s

This technique is good for adjusting images at the pixel level.

Lightroom Smart Previews4m 46s

Work with files in an offline mode.

Lightroom Upright1m 38s

This is a onestep solution in Lightroom for straightening up photos, and saving the need to take it into Photoshop for a simple edit. 

Lightroom Radial Filter1m 24s

Use the radial filter to add quick vignettes and style touches directly in Lightroom. 

Lightroom Healing Brush1m 46s

Lightroom has a few ways to repair spots and blemishes in photos, explore them here.


In 55 engaging lessons you will learn how to use advanced techniques including creating animations, basic video editing, tool recording, a variety of text effects and more.

Whether you use Photoshop for work, study, or leisure, these tutorials will help you on your journey to becoming a Photoshop pro!

Videos tutorials are recorded in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6.

If you haven’t used Photoshop before, try our Beginners course. And if you'd like to know everything - from beginner to advanced lessons, why not take both?

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.

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Thank you very much! It was very helpful!

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Easy to follow. Videos are interesting and exciting so that I didn't easily get bored. Would recommend this course to everybody.

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Excellent course. Thank you so much, I learned SO much!

— Susette Kruger

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