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    Assume you have two PivotTables (Sales and Inventory) which both include the “Product Size” field. You’d like to give your end user the option to filter the PivotTable to only select product of a specific size, but want to keep both tables filtered by the same sizes. How would you do this?

  2. 2

    Assume you created two PivotTables: Sales is in columns A:B and Inventory is in columns D:E, as shown below. You’d like to keep both tables filtered to the same category, so you select E2 and type =B2. What would you expect to happen when you try to commit the formula?

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    Assume you’ve got the Sales PivotTable (on the left) and the Inventory PivotTable (on the right) linked to the Category slicer as shown below. You then decide you only want the slicer linked to the Sales table (on the left). How would you correct this?