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    You inherited a workbook with a few PivotTables in it. On one worksheet you find a formula that reads =GETPIVOTDATA("Sales $",Report!$A$2,"Category","Burgers") Providing the formula is working, what fields can you guarantee you’ll see in the PivotTable field list?

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    You’ve got the PivotTable shown below. You click in a blank cell, type =, select C2 and hit Enter. What will the resulting formula be?

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    You have the following PivotTable. On the same worksheet you also have a cell that includes the following formula: =IFERROR(GETPIVOTDATA("Sales",$A$1,"Category","Bottled Beer","Class","Alcohol"),"Not Found! ") What would happen to the GETPIVOTDATA function’s result if someone added a slicer to the PivotTable and filtered out the Food records so they didn’t show in the PivotTable?