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Public Speaking


Brainstorm every topic you want to cover in your speech.

Decide what key points your presentation will cover.

Plan what you want the key takeaway of your speech to be.

Tell the audience how your speech will benefit them.

Avoid the most common mistakes people make in writing a speech.

Use relevant examples to illustrate your points.

Become a better speaker by rehearsing your presentation on video.

The goal of a PowerPoint presentation is the same as any presentation - to deliver a memorable message to the audience.

Best practices for how many points, slides and images to use in a PowerPoint presentation.

Make your presentation easier to follow by reducing the amount of text used in your slides.

Best practices for using animations and special effects in a presentation.

How and why to black out your screen during a PowerPoint presentation.

Become a better speaker by rehearsing your PowerPoint presentation on video.

The reasons people feel nervous about public speaking and how to reduce your nerves.

Why your voice sounds different in a recording and how to overcome a complex about how you sound.

How to increase your confidence when speaking in front of an audience.

Best practices and techniques for how to effectively start a speech.

Best practices and techniques for how to pace and end a speech.

How to work with time limits and time reductions.

Caveats of telling the audience the same message repeatedly in a linear fashion.

How to make the audience and yourself feel comfortable during a presentation.

Best practices for choosing messages tailored to the audience.

Benefits and best practices of using humor in a speech.

Most effective methods for rehearsing your speech to get results.

How to manage time when preparing, rehearsing and giving your presentation.

What you should do to stay cool, calm and collected during a memory lapse.

How to manage an inattentive or disruptive audience member.

How to remember what to say without reading your speech word for word.

How observing and critiquing other public speakers can help you improve your speaking skills.

Become a better speaker by rehearsing your presentation on video.

How to tell stories that make your speeches interesting and memorable.

How to describe the setting of your story to capture the audience's imagination and memory.

How to use dialogue and conflict to make your story more effective.

How to relive a story so that the audience can visualize and remember your messages.

Become a better speaker by rehearsing your presentation on video.

Key takeaways for continuous improvement in public speaking.

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