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#1 SharePoint Course Online 

Mastering SharePoint is a must for anyone who wants to elevate the way their organization handles information. After all, SharePoint enables organizations to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. 

This online SharePoint course equips SharePoint administrators and users with the skills they need to create, manage, contribute to, and leverage sites on this market-leading Microsoft product with ease. 

Online SharePoint Training 

In a series of bite-sized, expert-led courses from a certified Microsoft SharePoint expert, you will receive all the training you need to use SharePoint to its fullest. 

By the end of this course, you will: 

  • Understand what SharePoint is and why to use it. 
  • Be able to access SharePoint and explore the SharePoint Online interface.
  • Know what the different roles and permissions are. 
  • Have in-depth knowledge of what Lists are, and how to create, modify, sort, and filter them. 
  • Know how to import data from Excel to SharePoint. 
  • Understand how to create Discussion Boards.
  • Be able to manage Custom Library Views. 
  • Know how to work with metadata and version control, and much more! 

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SharePoint Online
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Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 41
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Versions supported: 2019, 2021, 365
Video duration: 3h 34m
Estimated study time: 12h for all materials

Accreditations and approvals



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Course Introduction

What to expect from this course


Creating a Practice Site

Create a practice SharePoint site so you can follow along with the instructor. 


Why Use SharePoint?

Explore how information has traditionally been stored and shared with others and learn how SharePoint can make this process more efficient. 


Accessing a SharePoint Site

Learn how to access SharePoint Online through Microsoft 365. 


Exploring the SharePoint Online Interface

Get to know SharePoint Online by exploring the interface and navigations menus. 


Understanding Roles and Permissions

Understand the 3 default permission groups in SharePoint Online. 


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Working with Lists

Explore some examples of lists in SharePoint Online. 


Creating a Task List

Create a Training Task List in SharePoint Online. 


Adding Items and Modifying Lists

Add to-do items to the task list and update their progress. 


Deleting List Items

Learn how to delete items from lists and then restore them to their original location or permanently remove them from SharePoint. 


Sorting and Filtering Lists

Practice sorting and filtering lists in SharePoint to arrange data into a more meaningful order making it easier to read and analyze. 


Understanding List Views

Understand what list views are and how they can be helpful when viewing list information. 


Creating List Views

Create a new view for the training contacts list and edit the view to define the parameters. 


Modifying List Views

Learn how to edit list views, add new columns, delete columns, and modify existing columns. 


Creating Custom Lists

Use the Custom List template to create a bespoke list from scratch. 


Importing List Data from Excel

Import a contact list that's stored in an Excel spreadsheet into SharePoint as a list. 


What is a Document Library?

Understand what a Document Library is and what type of information we can store in it. 


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Creating a Document Library

Using the templates, create a new document library and modify the columns. 


Uploading Documents

Practice uploading files and folders from our local drives into SharePoint using menu options, drag and drop, and library synchronization. 


Modifying and Editing Documents

Create a new document in Word Online and learn how to make edits. Explore all the options available for working with and managing documents stored in the library. 


Working with Metadata

Learn what metadata is and how we can use it to search for content in our SharePoint team site. 


Creating Custom Library Views

Add columns to an existing view and create a brand new view that filters only for documents that are relevant to a specific team. 


Version Control

Learn how to work with version control, restore old versions, and convert minor versions to major versions. 


SharePoint Notifications

Set up notifications on a list or library to receive an email or text alert when something changes. 


Creating a Discussion Board

Add a Discussion Board to the team site to help organize and manage questions, feedback, and discussions. 


Exporting SharePoint Lists to Excel

Export the Training Contacts list from SharePoint to an Excel spreadsheet and update the records. 


Connecting SharePoint to Outlook

Connect SharePoint to Outlook and merge the SharePoint team calendar with the Outlook calendar. 


Workflows Explained

Understand what a workflow is and how we can use workflows in SharePoint to streamline common business processes. 


Creating an Approval Workflow

Create a workflow to approve a client document. 


Automated Workflows

Create an approval workflow that is automatically triggered when a new file is added to the document library. 


Working with the Wiki

Create a Wiki Page for the SharePoint site. 


Editing the Wiki Page

Edit the Wiki Page and insert different pieces of content. 


Using App Parts

Add an App Part to the Wiki Page to display the document library for Team 1. 


Using Web Parts

Insert the list of Training Contacts on to the page using a Web Part. 


Creating Web Pages

Create a web page using a template and learn how to edit the web parts. 


Adding Content to Web Pages

Add three YouTube videos, a Twitter Feed, Weather, and World Clock information to the web page. 


Customizing SharePoint Permissions

Add and remove users from permission groups and create custom permission groups.


Managing Permission Groups and Levels

Change permissions for members so they have full control over the document library. 


Creating a Subsite

Create a subsite for 'Training Team 1' and add it to the top link bar. 


Applying Themes and Site Settings

Change the look and feel of the site. 


Course Close

A recap of what we have learned throughout the balance of this course.

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