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Follow these simple instructions to set up a Trello account.
Learn how to adjust and customize your user settings.
Get to know the navigation and terminology used within the Trello application.
Recognize how to use boards to create and manage your projects.
Discover how lists can be used and edited within a board.
Find out how cards behave and are utilized with lists.
Create your first card with additional text information.
Learn how to move and copy cards to other lists and boards.
Add labels and customize what they mean for different cards.
Utilize due dates and calendar reminders for certain cards.
Understand how checklists are created and can be re-purposed for later use.
Learn about the various files which can be attached directly to a card.
Get to know how to filter certain cards so you can find the information you want.
Learn how to use the search bar so you can find the card you're looking for.
Understand how archiving works and how to retrieve archived cards if necessary.
Learn to invite new or existing users to a board for team collaboration.
Learn the benefits of adding members to a card.
Learn how to add comments and address specific members within a card.
Learn how to create a team and why this can be beneficial.
Learn what each permission setting does and how to adjust for different member levels.
Understand the benefits of following a card and receiving notifications of card updates.
Learn how to share a card with others and how this helps communication among multiple members.
Get to know the different notifications settings and decide which methods are best for you.
Learn how to take advantage of emailing messages directly to Trello boards and lists.
Understand the benefits of responding to Trello updates directly from your inbox.
Learn how to use the Trello calendar to see all of your cards in an easy to view schedule.
Get the file sharing services you already use integrated with Trello so you can include files directly to cards.
Learn how to have your Trello cards appear on your own calendar with iCalendar.
Understand the benefits of adding custom fields to your card.
Learn how to use voting buttons so others can share their opinion or feedback on certain cards.

Have cards that you use frequently re-appear at specific times.

Learn how to create a simple sales funnel and turn your prospective clients into paying customers.

Learn how to manage all of your personal tasks and projects within a Trello board.
Learn how HR teams can utilize Trello to ensure new employees have a fantastic experience when first joining an organization.
Learn how to manage the life cycle of a product or service within Trello.
Learn how to plan your next vacation and make sure you don't forget anything on your trip.
Learn how to organize a home renovation project so that new kitchen can become a reality.

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