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GoSkills reviews – Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Finance for Non-Financial Professionals course:

“Clear and concise material and presentation. Well thought-out and valuable. I was engaged from the start to the end. Great for Managers who need to understand the basics of accounting! ”

Errol Taitt

“Very straightforward clear and concise. Ray Sheen is an excellent teacher. ”

Theron Bart

“I have enjoyed these lessons with Mr. Sheen. I believe that these courses have given me a competitive edge in my undergraduate studies, as well as in my current full time job. I am very thankful to be able to study on this platform! Best regards, KC”

Kimberly L. Carter

“Very informative and comprehensive, especially if you’re a newbie.”

Donna Macintyre

“This is a great course for anyone to take that's looking to get some insight into financial statements.”


“Detailed and informative course”

Rolanda Ferdinand-Taylor

“Amazing course. Helped me understand everything related to finance.”

Stuti Awasthi

“Exceptionally good at explaining financial terms in layman's terms!!!”

Tony Coppola

“Great course,very informative and well paced.”

Lisa Gabriel

“This is a very informative lesson for beginners I really appreciate the knowledge!!”

Sabrina Smith

“This was a very informative and educational course. I actually enjoyed it!”

Gregory Bridgewater

“Great course. Very clear and understandable. Recommended!”

Airrion Mike

“Informative ”

Tricia- Leigh Fung

“Well structured course with great fundamentals”

Kristian Clements

“Interesting. I am always looking for more ways to expand my knowledge in this subject. ”

Ashley Tipton

“Excellent. Clear, concise and very helpful.”

Terry Bratfish

“Very well executed learning!”

Brandon Moore

“Sometimes we think we know something, then you do a course like this and you find out how much you really did know. Then you find yourself learning a lot more. Really great.”

Michele Eleanor Hall


Ashrul Bin Sabin

“Easy to understand and very informative!”

Anonymous user