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“Thanks GoSkills, the Finance for Non-Financial Professionals course has improved my business sense and I have gained valuable insight of the practices and a new vocabulary to interpret accounting data management. To assist other student, I can comment : The program covers the strategies of following the impact business development and its subsequent tracking using financial/accounting principles. Topics of: structure, analysis, development, options and measurement are highlighted as key guiding components . I definitely learnt from the professional insight of using a business model and financial plan. Following on: background is given to the practices of effective costing and the business strategies to uphold a successful projection for operational management of projects and annual budgets. The theme of the overall study enabled my better understanding of recording and developing business planning for profit/loss analysis. ”

Fleur Pepper

“Great course and the presenter, Ray Sheen! ”

Lee Kheng Yew

“Easy to learn by watching the short videos, found them really helpful.”

Noeline Ohlson

“Value for money and suitable for beginner”

Eunice Tan

“It provides a decent overview of the topic. The instructor presents the material well, and the practice exercises are helpful.”

Erin K Tobin

“Great teaching and learned very quick!”

Joella Lockette

“This was an excellent course. I'm not typically a fan of computer based training but the content, presentation and materials were excellent.”

Matt Deutsch

“I really enjoyed this course. Some of the modules were easier, and some were really in-depth especially for someone with no Finance background. Overall, this gave me a much better insight to Finance than I previously had.”

Jim Leary

“I was a complete beginner and didn't know almost any financial terms. But the explanations made sense to me and now I can understand basic finance for businesses.”

Janet Hilts

“It was a good overview of finance. ”

Karen Shelley

“Thank you! Ray Sheen makes this so understandable!!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Great, digestible bits of information that are put into terms a non-finance manager can understand.”

John Boy Whitaker

“Great course. Very clear explanations and easy to follow. I enjoyed very much. ”

Samuel Eyassu

“Easy to understand and very informative!”

Anonymous user


Ashrul Bin Sabin

“Great Course. I learned a lot”


“Excellent. Clear, concise and very helpful.”

Terry Bratfish

“Sometimes we think we know something, then you do a course like this and you find out how much you really did know. Then you find yourself learning a lot more. Really great.”

Michele Eleanor Hall

“Very well executed learning!”

Brandon Moore

“Well structured course with great fundamentals”

Kristian Clements

“Very informative for someone who knows very little about the Finance world.”

Vic Allen

“Informative ”

Tricia- Leigh Fung