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Adobe Illustrator is the industry-leading vector drawing program used by professional designers around the globe for digital graphics, illustrations, and typography for print and web. In this online course, you will learn how to design a mascot logo from scratch, learning essential Illustrator tools and techniques in the process.

If you are an aspiring graphic designer or digital artist, you will harness Illustrator's powerful design tools to create a professional vector artwork that can be added to your portfolio to showcase your skills to potential clients or employers.

Video tutorials are recorded in Adobe Illustrator CC 2017. If you are new to Illustrator, master the basics first with our Illustrator - Basics course.


  • 31 practical tutorials.
  • How to import a sketch to use as the base of the design.
  • Trace the outline of a photo or sketch, then finer shapes and details.
  • Best ways to come up with color schemes, and save your color palettes.
  • Lay down flat colors, then add shadows and highlights for depth.
  • Strike a balance with color tweaks and adjustments.
  • Use the Blend Tool to give the illusion of 3D extruded text by adding depth.
  • Warp and distort text to make it fit within your design.
  • Convert text and shapes into vector points to save on RAM.
  • Use the Pathfinder tool to merge everything together and group similar colors.
  • Create and apply a custom texture.
  • Merge textures and logo design to create the final product.
  • How to save your file in various formats for output.

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.


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