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Illustrator - Basic


Launching the program from the beginning and looking at the different types of documents that can be created in Adobe Illustrator.
Covering the differences between CMYK and RGB.
How and why to use art boards when working in Adobe Illustrator.
Creating and saving your first document.
Once setting up a document we will take a look at the basic tools that you will want to know about and how to navigate the toolbar interface.
Taking a look at the panels that you will want to know about and how to use them.
Browsing the different menus that you will want to know about and briefly covering the different things that can be found in each menu.
Learn how to use Rulers, grids, Smart Guides and guides that snap into place.
Learn about working with layers - how to create them, stack and reorder them, hide them, and delete them.
We will take a look at the different tools and methods available for making selections (Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool, Magic Wand, and Lasso Tool).
Covering the different types of basic shapes that can be made and how to scale them, rotate or flip them, and manipulate them.
How to toggle between fill and stroke and how to change the settings for each.
Using and saving colors to the Swatches Panel.
How to apply linear and radial gradients.
An introduction to the Pen Tool and how to use it. Will discuss Anchor Points / Handles and how to add or remove points from shapes.
A brief look at the Curvature Tool and how it can be used with the Pen Tool.
A basic demonstration of how to use the default / preset brushes in Illustrator.
How to create, save, and load your own Illustrator brushes.
How to draw with the Pencil Tool and use the Smooth Tool to smooth out jagged lines.
How to use the Shaper Tool to quickly scribble and manipulate shapes.
How to use the Pen Tool to create basic paths or trace an image.
Show how to change the weight of a stroke or make the caps rounded or flush.
Show how to create dotted lines or dashes from a stroked path.
Showing how you can use the Line Tool along with the Arc and Spiral Tools.
How to change the width or thickness of a line.
Showing how you can erase shapes or parts of shapes.
Using the Scissor Tool and Knife Tool.
Covering the basics of how to add text and adjust the size, style, kerning, and linespacing.
How to format and justify copy.
Show examples of how to distort type using the Envelope Warp feature.
Show examples of how to distort shapes using the Bloat and Pinch Tools.
How to distort shapes and type.
How to add perspective to your shapes and text.
How to quickly and easily scale any object using percentages using the Scale Tool.
Rotate objects or shapes or create a series of shapes on a circular path.
How to blend lines or shapes either gradually or with a specified number of steps.
How to use the Shape Builder Tool.
How to use the Pathfinder Tool to manipulate shapes.
Masking shapes or text using shapes.
Using opacity masks to mask gradients or highlights inside of shapes and text.

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