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Introduction to JavaScript


Set up the tools you need to use JavaScript.

Where does JavaScript go? Putting JavaScript tags in the HTML head, vs body, vs external files.

What does JavaScript code look like?

Learn several ways to output data to the screen with JavaScript.

Understanding the instructions that are executed by the web browser, and learning how to comment code.

How to store data in variables in JavaScript.

How to assign values to a variable, and do basic math assignment.

How to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with JavaScript. We'll also look at the modulus, incrementing and decrementing.

How to compare two or more variables and test with logic (and, or, not).

Understanding the difference between strings and numbers; and understanding Boolean data types.

What are arrays, and how does JavaScript use them?

What are objects, and how does JavaScript use them?

Implementing and invoking blocks of code with functions.

Understanding conditional statements using If, If Else, and If Else If statements.

Understanding conditional statements using switch.

Looping through things using For loops.

Looping through things using While loops.

Introduction to JSON and why it is important.

JavaScript works with HTML and CSS, let's do a quick refresher video on HTML and CSS.

What is the DOM and why is it important?

What are the actions you can perform on HTML elements and what properties can you get and set?

Finding, changing, adding, and deleting elements.

Finding elements by ID, by tag name, by class name, by CSS selectors, and by collections.

How to change HTML output, content, and attributes with JavaScript.

How to change your CSS with JavaScript.

What is an event, and what can you do with it?

What are event listeners, and how to listen for event handlers.

What is a DOM node and how do you navigate them.

Adding new nodes on the fly with JavaScript.

How to retrieve an array-like collection of nodes.

How to validate an HTML fill-out form with JavaScript.

What is jQuery, and why is it important?

What is AJAX and what is it used for?

What's the difference between GET and POST and when should you use them?

How to handle an AJAX response.

Introduction to building a simple math flashcard app with JavaScript and Ajax.

Let's create a fill-out form to enter our answers.

Let's make sure the user entered a number!

How to output the answers to the screen.

Create pages for Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division and finish the app.

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