Introduction to Python

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Python is one of the world's most popular, fastest-growing programming languages. It's versatile enough to build apps for data analysis all the way to building robots with Raspberry Pi.

You don't need any previous experience writing code to take this Intro to Python course online. When you’re finished you will understand the fundamentals of the object-oriented Python language, and you’ll be able to write your own basic programs.

Why learn Python?

  1. It’s good for your resume. Python programming is a highly marketable skill, which is in demand across many different industries including data science, web development, and fintech - just to name a few.
  2. It’s simple. Python’s uncomplicated syntax makes it highly readable, and relatively easy to work with.
  3. It’s versatile. Since Python is a general-purpose language, it can be used in almost any way you can imagine - your creativity is the limit.
  4. It’s accessible. You don’t need to purchase any special tools or software to use it.

This Intro to Python training for beginners will teach you the fundamentals, so that you'll be ready to jump into the world of programming with confidence.

In this Python course online you will learn how to:

  • Install Python on your operating system
  • Understand data types including strings, numbers, lists, tuples, variables, and dictionaries
  • Use assignment operators
  • Convert data types
  • Use comparison operators and conditional statements like if, else, and elif
  • Use membership and identity operators
  • Import and create your own modules
  • Write loops and loop control statements like while and for loops
  • Write functions
  • Open, close, rename and delete files
  • Create and initialize classes, and calling attributes
  • Use class inheritance for classes to interact with each other

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.

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Install Sublime and Git Bash Terminal

We'll start off by installing the Sublime Text editor and the Git Bash Terminal.

Installing Python

We'll download and install Python.

First Program

Let's create our first program.

Try it!

Comments and C9 Transition

Learn when and how to use comments in your code.


What is a variable and how can you name them?

Data Types

We'll look at data types including numbers, strings, lists, tuples, and dictionaries.


What is a string?

String Manipulation

How to manipulate strings.

Math Operators

How to do basic math in Python.

Try it!


What's the difference between a floating point number and an integer?

Assignment Operators

What are the different assignment operators and how are they used.


What are lists and how do we use them?

Lists of Lists

We'll look at multidimensional lists, or - lists of lists.


What is a tuple and how is it different from a list?


What is a dictionary and how do we use them?

Data Type Conversion

How to convert one data type into another data type.

Comparison Operators

How to compare two things.

Conditionals If/Else/Elif

Using comparison operators to make decisions.

Try it!

Multiple Conditionals

What are the logical operators AND/OR/NOT and how do we use them?

Python Formatting

Formatting in Python is important! Let's look at lines and indentation, and single line If statements.

Membership Operators

We'll look at the membership operators "In", and "Not In".

Identity Operators

We'll look at the identity operators "Is", and "Is Not".

While Loops

Learn to loop using a While loop.

For Loops

Learn to loop using a For loop.

Loop Control Statements

Take control of your loops using "break", "continue", and "pass".


Let's build a FizzBuzz app!

Functions Part 1

What are functions and how to use them.

Functions Part 2

More about functions and how to use them.

Program Flow

Understanding Program Flow in Python, and how functions can change that flow.

Random Numbers

How to create and use random numbers.


Using third party modules in your code, and creating your own.

Getting User Input

Allow the user to interact with your program with raw_input and input.

Opening and Closing Files

How to open and close a file with Python.

Reading and Writing Files

How to read and write to a file with Python.

Renaming and Deleting Files

How to rename and delete a file with Python.

Overview of Classes and Object Oriented Programming

What are classes and what are they used for.

Creating a Class Part 1

How to create a simple class.

Creating a Class Part 2

More about creating simple classes.

Creating A Class Part 3

Finishing up our tutorial on classes.

Built-In Class Attributes

What are the built-in Python class attributes?

Class Inheritance

Using other classes inside of your class.

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