Intro to Ruby Programming

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If you have ever wanted to learn Ruby online, this intro to Ruby programming course can help you get started building your own web apps. Ruby is known for being a fun and comparatively simple language to learn, ideal for beginners and aspiring web developers. Proficiency in Ruby and its accompanying framework, Ruby on Rails, is a marketable skill, with growing demand for Ruby and Rails developers in the job market.

Designed for beginners, this intro to Ruby course starts out helping you learn the basics of Ruby programming, including operators, variables and conditional statements. You will build on this foundation with intermediate and advanced concepts in Ruby, with practical, hands-on application and examples every step of the way. By the end of the course, you will apply your skills to build a math flashcard game that you can add to your portfolio, and gain the fundamental knowledge you need to start creating more projects with Ruby.


  • 41 practical tutorials.
  • Store data in variables and apply arithmetic, comparison and assignment operators.
  • Learn how to comment code and deal with errors.
  • Create and use arrays and multi-dimensional arrays.
  • Understand how and when to use loops, including while, until, for and each loops.
  • How to create, use and manipulate hashes.
  • Utilize classes, class getters and class setters.
  • Learn different modes for opening files and how to write and append data to a file.
  • Install and use a third party Gem in your program for extra functionality.
  • Put together everything you've learned by building a math flashcard app.

Want to continue improving your skills in Ruby? Check out the Ruby on Rails course.

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Course Introduction

What to expect from this course.

Install Sublime and Git Bash

How to install Sublime Text and Git Bash Terminal for your development environment.

Install Ruby

Installing Ruby is easy with

Hello World and c9 Transition

In this lesson we'll create our first Ruby program!

Try it!

Comments and Errors

How to comment code and deal with errors.

Arithmetic Operators

How to do basic math with Ruby.

Try it!

Floats and Integers

Understanding the difference between floats and integers and when to use each.

Comparison Operators

How to compare two or more items with Ruby.


Storing information in variables is easy!

Assignment Operators

How to assign items to variables (and other things).

Getting User Input with Gets

Allowing the user to interact with your program.

Conditional Statements

How to use if/else/elsif statements in Ruby.

Multiple Conditional Comparison Operators

Sometimes you need to compare more than two things, here's how.

String Manipulation

Modifying a string is simple with these string manipulation tips.


What are arrays and how do we create and use them?

Multi-Dimensional Arrays

An array of other arrays is multi-dimensional.

While Loops

Using while loops in Ruby.

Until Loops

Looping until a condition is met using until loops.

For and Each Loops

Understanding for and each loops, and when to use them.


Fizzbuzz! is a popular interview question/quiz. Let's build it!

Try it!


What is a hash, and how do you create and use it?

Hash Manipulation

Adding and removing items from a hash.


Understanding methods in Ruby.

Methods Part 2

More on methods...

Random Numbers

How to generate random numbers with Ruby.


What is a class and how do we use them?

Classes Part 2

More on classes and how to use them.

Instance Variables

What is an instance variable and how is it different from a regular variable?

Class Getters

What is a getter and how do we use it?

Class Setters

How to create a class setter and why you should.

Understanding Attr_accessor

Let Ruby create your getters and setters automatically with attr_accessor.

Class Inheritance

Inheriting information from other classes.

Opening a File

How to open another file in your Ruby file.

Open a File into an Array

We'll learn to output the contents of a file into an array.

Open File Modes

There are several "modes" for opening files. Learn them all here.

Write to a File

We'll learn to write and append data to a file.

Adding Third-party Functionality with Gems

How to install and use a third-party gem in your program.

Building a Flashcard Game

Let's use what we've learned to build a math flashcard game!

Flashcard Addition Method

How to handle the addition flashcards.

Flashcard Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Methods

How to handle subtraction, multiplication and division flashcards.

Creating a Menu

Allow the user to choose which type of flashcard game to play with a menu.

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