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Learn how to create professional looking websites step by step with Ruby on Rails! Ruby on Rails is an open source web development framework that utilizes the Ruby programming language. Proficiency in Ruby on Rails is a highly marketable skill, with growing demand for Rails developers in the job market. Top companies like Twitter, Hulu and Github all built their sites using Ruby on Rails, and in this online course you will learn to build professional web apps of your own with no programming or web design experience required.

Designed for beginners, you will build a Pinterest style website in Ruby on Rails, mastering the concepts and skills required through practical, hands-on application and examples. Experience with HTML or CSS is a bonus, however it is not necessary to take this course. By the end of the course, you will have built a fully functional website that you can add to your portfolio if you are seeking employment as a Rails developer, or use as your foundation to creating more web apps in Ruby on Rails.


  • 44 practical tutorials.
  • Explore options you have to download, install, and use Ruby on Rails.
  • Set up your development environment with Cloud9, Github, BitBucket and Heroku.
  • Add, install and remove Gems to add third party functionality to your Rails app.
  • Create links with embedded Ruby and HTML.
  • Add CSS, a Jumbotron, buttons and customize styles with Bootstrap.
  • Install and customize Devise to allow users to sign up to your site, log in, and log out.
  • Add images to your app with Paperclip and ImageMagick, and host images on Amazon AWS.
  • Enable users to add, edit, and remove pins.
  • Easily make your website mobile ready.

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