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Unlock effective tools for powerful mentorship

This comprehensive course unpacks everything you need to know to further professional growth through successful mentoring relationships. 

Learn about different types of mentorship (hint: there’s no one-size-fits-all approach) while mastering essential skills like active listening, empathy, and providing constructive feedback. 

Through a series of bite-sized lessons, you’ll finish this course feeling confident in your ability to handle even the most challenging situations in mentorship.

This course is ideal for potential mentors and mentees, in which we’ll cover:

  • Different ways to provide mentorship, including remote and group mentoring.
  • The crucial points for finding the best mentor or mentee to align with your objectives.
  • How to set and achieve goals to ensure a successful mentoring relationship.
  • Methods to empower mentees and provide constructive feedback.
  • Steps to establish a mentoring program within your organization.
  • Navigating difficult situations with confidence and respect.

While effective mentorship can be transformative on someone’s professional path, it should always be approached with careful thought and intention.

In less than one working day, you’ll be fully equipped to foster talent within your field and build stronger, more successful working relationships.

Mentoring Essentials
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Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 13
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Video duration: 50m
Estimated study time: 6h for all materials

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Introduction to Mentoring

Introducing the concept of mentoring and exploring its significance for business and professional development.


Different Types of Mentoring

A look at traditional, reverse, group, peer, and e-mentoring.


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Finding the Right Mentor or Mentee

A discussion of what makes a mentor or mentee the right fit for you.


Establishing Clear Expectations

Start a mentoring relationship off right by defining goals and responsibilities, and setting expectations.


Active Listening

This skill is essential for mentoring relationships to ensure proper communication and understanding.


Empathy and Understanding

A discussion of skills that build trust, facilitate open communication, and encourage personal and professional growth.


Providing Constructive Feedback

Tips on how to provide feedback to help others improve performance and foster a positive learning environment.


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Encouraging Independence and Growth

How to ensure your mentee builds essential skills for growth as well as self-confidence and independence.


Navigating Difficult Conversations

Skills and techniques to consider when a mentoring relationship faces a challenging topic or hurdle.


Remote Mentoring

Tips to ensure the success of a mentoring relationship when you're paired with someone you'll primarily interact with online.


Group and Peer Mentoring

Exploring mentoring relationships that involve groups and the benefits they can bring.


Ending the Mentoring Relationship

Every mentoring relationship has a natural endpoint, so we'll discuss ways to move forward in a positive way.


Establishing a Mentoring Program

If your company is interested in establishing a mentoring program, these ideas will help provide a strong foundation.

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