Claudia Buckley

Claudia Buckley

Microsoft Office Specialist - Excel Expert

  • Awards & achievements:

    • Masters Degree in Business Administration
    • Diploma in Educational Psychology
    • Certified MOS Excel Expert
  • Expertise & interests:

    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word
    • Contact Center Management
    • Customer Service
    • Soft Skills
    • Sales

Claudia Buckley is a corporate trainer who has spent over 18 years professionally training others. 

She is a Subject Matter Expert in the aviation industry,  specializing in technical and soft skills areas such as Microsoft Office, workforce management, customer service, sales, as well as industry-specific courses. She is a certified Microsoft Excel Expert.

In recent years, Claudia opted to leave city life behind in favor of life in the Canadian countryside. This presented the opportunity for her to cross over into online education and content writing. 

Claudia is a firm believer that education, whether formal or informal, should enhance our understanding of the world.

"Why is time referred to as the most precious commodity? Simple. It's the one no one truly knows how much of it they have. Make every bit you use count. Challenge yourself to learn something new every single day."

- Claudia Buckley