Introduction to JavaScript

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The JavaScript programming language is a fundamental building block of the internet, and is an essential tool to have in your web development toolkit. This online JavaScript training course can help you use JavaScript in conjunction with HTML and CSS to add interactive, dynamic elements to your web pages.

Designed for beginners, no prior experience or special skills are required to take this course. You will learn the basics of JavaScript for front end web development through hands-on application and examples every step of the way. By the end of the course, you will have built a fully functional flashcard app to demonstrate your practical knowledge.


  • 40 practical tutorials.
  • Learn the syntax and output of JavaScript code.
  • Understand JavaScript statements and learn how to comment code.
  • Store data in variables and apply arithmetic, comparison and logic operators.
  • Understand the difference between strings, numbers, and Boolean data types.
  • Utilize arrays to contain multiple items.
  • Master intermediate JavaScript such as objects, functions and conditional statements.
  • Make changes to HTML elements by manipulating the DOM.
  • Make changes to CSS styles on a web page.
  • Understand how to use Events and EventListeners.
  • Add validation to an HTML fill-out form.
  • Learn about JQuery, a popular JavaScript Library. 
  • Understand AJAX requests and responses.
  • Put together everything you've learned by building a math flashcard app with JavaScript and AJAX.

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.

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20h for all materials

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Setting Up a Development Environment

Set up the tools you need to use JavaScript.

Try it!

Where to Use JavaScript

Where does JavaScript go? Putting JavaScript tags in the HTML head, vs body, vs external files.


What does JavaScript code look like?


Learn several ways to output data to the screen with JavaScript.

Statements and Comments

Understanding the instructions that are executed by the web browser, and learning how to comment code.


How to store data in variables in JavaScript.

Assignment Operators

How to assign values to a variable, and do basic math assignment.

Arithmetic Operators

How to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with JavaScript. We'll also look at the modulus, incrementing and decrementing.

Comparison and Logic Operators

How to compare two or more variables and test with logic (and, or, not).

Strings, Numbers, and Boolean Data Types

Understanding the difference between strings and numbers; and understanding Boolean data types.


What are arrays, and how does JavaScript use them?

Try it!


What are objects, and how does JavaScript use them?


Implementing and invoking blocks of code with functions.

Try it!

If and If/Else and If/Else If Statements

Understanding conditional statements using If, If Else, and If Else If statements.


Understanding conditional statements using switch.

For Loops

Looping through things using For loops.

While Loops

Looping through things using While loops.

Intro to JSON

Introduction to JSON and why it is important.

A Short HTML/CSS Primer

JavaScript works with HTML and CSS, let's do a quick refresher video on HTML and CSS.

Intro to the HTML DOM

What is the DOM and why is it important?

DOM Methods and Properties

What are the actions you can perform on HTML elements and what properties can you get and set?

Dom Document Objects

Finding, changing, adding, and deleting elements.

Finding Dom Elements

Finding elements by ID, by tag name, by class name, by CSS selectors, and by collections.

Changing HTML Output, Content, and Attributes

How to change HTML output, content, and attributes with JavaScript.

Changing CSS

How to change your CSS with JavaScript.

Understanding Events

What is an event, and what can you do with it?

Event Listeners

What are event listeners, and how to listen for event handlers.

Navigating DOM Nodes

What is a DOM node and how do you navigate them.

Creating New Nodes

Adding new nodes on the fly with JavaScript.

The Node List

How to retrieve an array-like collection of nodes.

Form Validating

How to validate an HTML fill-out form with JavaScript.

Introduction to jQuery

What is jQuery, and why is it important?

What Is AJAX

What is AJAX and what is it used for?

AJAX Requests - GET or POST?

What's the difference between GET and POST and when should you use them?

AJAX Response

How to handle an AJAX response.

Putting It All Together - What We'll Build

Introduction to building a simple math flashcard app with JavaScript and Ajax.

Create the Fill-Out Form

Let's create a fill-out form to enter our answers.

Checking for Numbers

Let's make sure the user entered a number!

Output the Result

How to output the answers to the screen.

Finishing Up

Create pages for Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division and finish the app.

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