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GoSkills Ranked as Top LMS by Software Advice's FrontRunners Report

Claudia Buckley

Claudia Buckley

We couldn't be more thrilled! Software Advice's 2022 FrontRunners Report featured GoSkills among the Top Learning Management Systems (LMS).


About FrontRunners

The FrontRunners report is published by Software Advice, a Gartner company and a leading advisory research provider that helps businesses find the best software solutions. This report evaluates verified end-user reviews to position top-scoring products based on their usability and customer satisfaction rates.

GoSkills scored an overall rating of…🥁…4.7 out of 5! This is a fantastic achievement that we're super proud of, and that couldn't have been possible without the efforts of our talented team and loyal customers who are willing to spend some of their time giving us detailed feedback.

Do you want to see some of this feedback with your own eyes? Let's dive into our customers' reviews!

What users say about GoSkills

Can you spot the similarities among these testimonials? Let's see!

Sherilyn, who works at a law firm with more than 200 employees and who has used GoSkills monthly for more than two years, says:

GoSkills has been a great asset to the firm and our employees, especially since going remote. We can streamline employee training. What has made it particularly great is how user-friendly the platform is user-friendly. Little training is required on how to use the platform. 

Michelle, who works in the Financial Services industry, and who has used been using GoSkills daily, says:

10 out of 10! GoSkills courses have given me insight into financial modeling. There are a ton of shortcuts and field knowledge that you can’t beat for the monthly price. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, and I loved that the lessons were bite-sized, so they didn’t feel daunting. The instructor of the course I took was engaging and hilarious. I recommend this platform to anyone who wants to bulk up their resume.

And Joe, who works in the Events industry, says:

10 out of 10! Overall, it is a very easy and user-friendly platform to train. I have used it to learn Excel, but I plan on taking other courses. It’s great because it allows you to take placement tests before starting the course so that I can tailor my learning to my strengths and weaknesses. The training videos were very clear and straightforward as well. I could go back and re-watch before taking each section’s quiz.

These are just a few testimonials, but they all point to one fact: we love making learning easy and fun because we believe that's the only way to make it stick. Our platform's user-friendliness, bite-sized lessons, gamification features, and quizzes are meant to give you, or your team, the most enjoyable learning experience possible. 

Because of these testimonials and many others, we can proudly call ourselves front-runners.

Here's to many more achievements to celebrate together! 🥂

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Claudia Buckley

Claudia Buckley

Claudia is a project manager and business skills instructor at GoSkills. In her spare time, she reads mystery novels and does genealogy research.