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“Easy to follow course in small bite size sessions. Learned so much. ”

Julia Maria Guerin

“Really enjoyed the course! Very clearly presented and easy to understand. Recommended!”

Airrion Mike

“Very helpful, hope to have this available at all times for refresher ”

Tonya Whitaker

“Really helpful for Teams users ”


“Brett is a great teacher: he was very detailed! Highly recommend this course!”

Mickenzie Haan

“Very good and informative”

Lucas Pallone

“Awesome course!”

Megan McKinney

“The course was very detailed and informative, needed it!”

Regina Thomas

“Well presented, easy to follow and understand. ”

Donna Macintyre

“Bret did a great job and I especially appreciated the reviews at the end of each presentation.”

Derek R Boyd

“Great course!”

Rolanda Ferdinand-Taylor

“Great content and has helped me at my place of employment numerous times”

Marc Harris

“Excellent delivery of what can be a confusing subject”

James Beard

“Helpful, concise, and covered the need-to-knows.”

Annette Ridenour

“Great information, easy to follow for first time user. Thank you”

laura-lea Brunner

“This course was simple and easy to follow using the presenter's information and guidance.”

Tennille Narinesingh

“Using Teams at work. Have better understanding now.”


“This course is an excellent introduction to many of the features available in Teams. If you're new to Teams but accustomed to other collaboration tools, this course will help you either adjust to how things are done in Teams or possibly incorporate the tools you're used to into Teams. ”


“This was a great intro to Teams! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia