Natasha Vorompiova

Natasha Vorompiova


  • Awards & achievements:

    • Evernote Certified Consultant
    • Graduate Service Endowment Award
    • Baruch College Alumni Association Leadership Award
    • Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach
    • Certified Quiet Power Strategy Coach
  • Expertise & interests:

    • Evernote
    • Asana
    • Trello
    • Business Systems
    • Business Operations Management

Natasha is a total systems geek.  She has a system for everything—and always has.

In the corporate world, she always gravitated towards organizational projects even if it meant going above and beyond her duties.

Natasha’s 9-to-5 life in the corporate world was a great stepping stone. Even though she’s a natural-born systematizer, those years within corporate America and, later, Cyprus, allowed her to develop a more formal understanding of how businesses—big and small—are run and granted her the opportunity to create effective operational shortcuts and systems for her employers.

When Natasha became a mom, she realized that she didn’t want to miss out on the joys of motherhood by spending whole days at a corporate job.  So, she started to look for ways to earn money while working from home. Running an online systems business was the perfect solution.

Natasha founded her business SystemsRock in 2012.  Since then she has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs through the process of designing productive systems that truly suit them and are easy to maintain.

Her guides—Evernote for Small Business, Asana for Small Business, and Trello for Small Business—have been featured all over the web for their strength in helping small business owners get more time back from their business.

Natasha loves helping micro-business owners find ways to make the most of their time, tools and team.


 Simple systems can make a big difference—whether they involve settling upon a specific place to keep your ideas, writing out all the details associated with the way you work with clients so that you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel, or just committing to not checking your phone when you’re playing with your child in the evening. We often put off creating these “little” systems because they don’t seem urgent. But they’re precisely the self-management systems that can make our lives easier and our work more productive.  
– Natasha Vorompiova