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GoSkills course builder.

GoSkills: Create Courses with Our AI-powered Authoring Tool

Meet Genie: Your AI content assistant

Genie has been programmed based on ten years of GoSkills’ knowledge in creating award-winning courses that learners love. Spend less time sweating the details of course creation, and more time smashing your training goals.

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Trusted by more than 8000 organizations worldwide

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Integrated with an all-in-one training solution


There’s no need to juggle multiple AI tools to create your own courses. Genie is seamlessly integrated with the GoSkills LMS and course builder, allowing you to generate, customize, launch, and measure performance all in one place.

Optimize your results with easy-to-answer prompts


Answer simple prompts about your desired audience, number of lessons, and preferred lesson length. Genie will create and share polished course content in a logical, easy-to-digest format that’s designed to boost your course completion rates and increase learning retention.

Everything you need to launch your course right away


While other AI tools focus solely on generating lesson content, Genie takes care of everything you need to get your course up and running immediately.

From enticing course titles and descriptions to a structured syllabus, engaging lesson content, and fully integrated quizzes, Genie creates it all within the course builder.

Refine content as you go


Our AI content assistant works in an efficient and progressive way to allow you to edit learning objectives and content at every point.

Genie begins by generating a course outline, which you can use to generate and review one lesson at a time, ensuring you’re in the driver’s seat and that your course is exactly the way you want it.

Consider us an extension of your team

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Our customer success team is invested in your success: from setup to implementation. We are here to help you strategize and achieve your training goals.

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How GoSkills helped Caribbean Airlines

Before using GoSkills we experienced challenges in developing our employees across a multinational network. Due to the pandemic, there was an even greater reliance on virtual training. GoSkills reinforces that development can occur even when one cannot leave one’s home. Employees can be trained in every location in relevant productivity tools used in their jobs daily.

GoSkills is a progressive company with a wide range of relevant online courses and a supportive staff who recognize the need to listen and present solutions to their customers even in challenging times.

Lance Dowrich Senior Manager Organizational Development and Design, Caribbean Airlines Balsam Brands
Lance Dowrich, Senior Manager Organizational Development and Design, Caribbean Airlines