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Body Language


An introduction to the importance of using body language to look and sound your best in professional environments.

Learn how to assess your body language in a practical way without buying into myths and misinformation.

The real goal of mastering body language is to help you communicate effectively.

Learn how to identify and eliminate the main cause of bad body language.

Study the body language of great speakers to increase your awareness of how to effectively move and communicate.

Review your notes from observing the body language of great speakers. Notice how much and what kind of movement is present, and what aspects of their body language you liked or disliked.

Improve your body language confidence by practicing for meetings, presentations or interviews on video.

Learn which areas people often misdiagnose their body language as being wrong when they are actually doing well.

Learn why it is important to dress appropriately for your working environment or business event.

Like clothing, your hairstyle can also send a message. Learn some practical tips on having a hairstyle that is suited to your working environment.

Practical advice on coloring your hair for the workplace.  

Eye contact is a critical part of body language. Learn best practices for eye contact to build trust in business situations.

How to make a great first impression through body language when meeting people in person.

How to best present yourself at a seated meeting to appear confident and relaxed.

How to meet people and make business connections while appearing comfortable and approachable.

Learn how to incorporate movement to look natural while speaking in public.

Learn how to use your hands naturally when you speak, and avoid bad practices.

Advanced body language tips for public speaking to make you really look like a pro.

Tips for looking and sounding your best in television interviews.

How to continuously improve your body language in business situations.

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