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This course is retired.

Looking for a way to stay better organized in your personal or professional life? This Evernote training course will show you how to write, search, share and collect all your information in one place.

In 40 engaging evernote training videos, you will learn how to make the most out of the tools and features included in the software application. By the end of the course, you should be able to take notes, create notebooks, share information with others, search for information within Evernote and get information into Evernote.


  • Learn to set up your Evernote account and get familiarized with the software application
  • Understand how to format Evernote notes, set reminders and share notes
  • Format your notes into notebooks
  • Learn tagging strategies to help organize your notes
  • Easily find information within Evernote
  • Get information into Evernote through Email, Webclipper or Skitch
  • Learn how Evernote can elevate your productivity when managing tasks and projects, nurturing relationships, and organizing events
  • Tips and tricks for small business owners, students, parents and more

Who is this Evernote training course for:

  • Those who want to learn practical tools and techniques to use Evernote effectively
  • Novices or existing users who want to learn how to use Evernote to its fullest capability
  • Business professionals, students, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs

About the instructor:

An Evernote Certified Consultant, Natasha Vorompiova is a total systems geek. In the corporate world, she always gravitated towards organizational projects even if it meant going above and beyond her duties. She fell in love with Evernote and decided to share her tips and tricks to help others in this online course. In addition to being a passionate instructor, she has written Evernote guides that have been featured all over the web for their strength in helping small business owners.

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Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes

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This course has been retired

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