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Looking for a way to stay better organized in your personal or professional life?  This online course will show you how to write, search, share and collect all your information in one place.


Setting up an Evernote Account2m 55s

If you don’t have an Evernote account, follow these simple instructions to set it up.

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The Toolbar3m 56s

One of the ways to access account info, synchronize notes, create new notes, perform searches, etc.

The Sidebar3m 17s

The Sidebar (also referred to as the Left Panel) shows you the broadest level of categorization of your Evernote documents.

The Middle Pane2m 19s

The area to the right from the Sidebar is the main display area.

Work Chat3m 13s

Work Chat allows you to chat with others—either individuals or groups.  You can also share individual Notes and entire Notebooks using Work Chat.

Desktop vs. Web Versions3m 22s

When creating an Evernote account, make sure to download Evernote to your computer.  When you do that, Evernote will store local copies of all your notes, so that you can access them more quickly and when not online.  When you go back online, your notes will be synchronized, with a copy in the cloud and another copy on your home computer.

Evernote Note (Overall Structure)5m 59s

Imagine a bunch of folders with documents in a file drawer.  Evernote is the file drawer, Notebooks are the folders, and a Note would be an individual sheet of paper -- one document in one of the folders.

Formatting2m 42s

Use Formatting when you want to alter the style of the text of your Note, add a list or layout elements.

Reminders3m 22s

For time sensitive items, take advantage of Evernote’s reminder feature.

Note Links3m 06s

Note links come in very handy when you cross reference or share the Notes.

Sharing a Note3m 36s

If you want to give someone access to the contents of your Note you can easily share it.

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Performing Actions with Multiple Notes2m 02s

When you want to make modifications to several Notes at once.

Notebooks (creating, deleting)3m 44s

Notebooks are used to store and organize notes in a logical way.

Sharing Notebooks3m 44s

If you want to give someone access to the contents of your Notebook you can easily share it.

Creating Notebook Table of Contents2m 25s

Creating a Table of Contents is a fantastic way to bundle links to individual notes into a single Note.

Notebook Stacks1m 51s

Notebook stacks are used to organize notebooks by certain characteristic.

Organizing Notebooks2m 12s

If you’d like to structure your Notebooks so that you can quickly find what you are looking for, it’s best to organize them.

Tags3m 12s

Tags are used to organize notes.  

Tagging Strategies3m 38s

Since it’s very easy to have more tags than necessary, it’s important to develop a strategy that you follow when tagging your Notes.

Organizing Tags3m 30s

If you’d like to have a structure for your tags so that you can quickly find what you are looking for, it’s best to organize your tags.

Basic Search2m 13s

Evernote’s search function is very powerful and allows you to quickly find documents without having to remember in what notebook you saved them.

Search Operators2m 28s

When searching in Evernote, use search operators to narrow down your search.

Saving, Retrieving, Deleting a Search1m 56s

If you find yourself running the same searches on a regular basis, you can create a shortcut for yourself by saving that search.  Naturally, you can always modify it and delete it altogether once you no longer need it.

Clipping From Desktop2m 58s

It’s very overwhelming to hunt for key information in multiple locations.  Mastering different ways of getting information into Evernote will help you to turn Evernote into a single information hub.

Emailing into Evernote4m 56s

If you’d like to save in Evernote information received via email, you can forward your emails into Evernote.

Webclipper2m 21s

When you need to clip webpages, articles, or URLs, take advantage of Evernote’s Web Clipper.

Skitch2m 56s

Skitch is an amazing tool to grab and annotate images and send them into Evernote.  It’s very handy to give instructions, draw attention to something, or save an image as an idea or inspiration.

Organizing Evernote Using Notebooks3m 34s

Evernote doesn’t have a rigid built-in structure for organizing your information.  So, you’ve got to take matters into your own hands and organize your Evernote yourself.  One way to do it is by using Notebooks.

Organizing Evernote Using Tags3m 27s

Another way of organizing your Evernote by using tags.

Maintaining Evernote3m 54s

Evernote has the potential to become your “external brain,” which makes it extremely important for you to keep your information in Evernote as orderly as possible.

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Managing Tasks2m 35s

Evernote is not a dedicated task-management tool, but makes it very easy for you to manage uour task lists.

Managing Projects2m 15s

Evernote is a unique platform that allows us to manage projects with ease.

Nurturing Relationships3m 02s

Evernote can help you to master the skill of nurturing relationships and makes it amazingly easy to keep in touch with others.

Evernote for Organizing Events4m 36s

Event planning isn’t easy, especially because you’re also working, raising a family, studying, and being responsible for a thousand and one other things.  Evernote is your all-in-one solution to planning.

For Small Business Owners3m 57s

You could run your business using only Evernote even without upgrading to paid levels.

For Bloggers3m 45s

If you’d like to create a more organized approach to your blogging, Evernote is just the tool to help you.

For Travelers2m 20s

If you love traveling, all information like researching interesting destinations, packing lists, and even pictures you take while on your trip can live in one single place in Evernote.

For Parents2m 53s

Evernote can greatly help if trying to stay on top of everything you need to do as a parent.

For Students2m 52s

Evernote is a perfect tool for students who take notes during lectures, collect research for papers, collaborate with others, or study for a test.

Unconventional Uses of Evernote3m 46s

Evernote is one mighty tool.  Pick something that you do that requires remembering or storing information and play with ways to use Evernote to manage that activity.  


In 40 engaging lessons, you will learn how to take notes, create notebooks, strategies for tagging notes, share information with others, search for information within Evernote and get information into Evernote.  This cloud based tool allows you to access the information from any device and from any location.

Whether you are a manager in a large company, a small business owner or the head of your household, these tutorials will help you stay organized. 


  •     Learn to set up your Evernote Account
  •     Understand how to format Evernote notes, set reminders and share notes
  •     Organize your notes into notebooks
  •     Strategies to help you organize your notes using tags
  •     Easily find information within Evernote
  •     Get information into Evernote through Email, Webclipper or Skitch
  •     Tips and tricks for small business owners, students, parents and more

Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.

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Great course very clear and informative. Have been using Evernote for a while but learned some new things.

— Kathleen Taylor


— Anna S. Mendoza

The course was useful but could of used more real world examples and case studies rather than the instructor showing us notes she created and screen shot. Great starter but need improvement in area of case studies.

— Akil Brown

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