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Introduction to CSS


What is CSS and what is it used for?

What tools do you need to write CSS?

Understanding the basic CSS syntax.
Learn the three main ways to use CSS on a web page.
How to add and change the colors of elements.
Changing background colors, images, and more.
Adding borders to elements, and modifying the border style.
Understanding the difference between Margins and Padding.
How to change the height and width properties of an element.
Understanding the CSS Box Model for your design and layout.
Learn how to change the style, color, and width of an outline.
How to change the formatting and alignment of text.
How to manipulate the font family, boldness, style, and size, of text.
Learn to style links. Understanding active, hover, and visited formatting as well as text decoration.
Styling both ordered, and un-ordered lists.
How to greatly alter the look of HTML tables.
Understanding how an element is displayed with CSS.
Understanding static, relative, fixed and absolute positioning.
Understanding Float left, Float right, and the clear statement.
Learn how to make floating easier with Inline-Block
Aligning elements horizontally and vertically, as well as centering objects.
What are Combinators, and when to use them.
Understanding CSS Pseudo-Classes and how to use them.
Adding cool rounded corners to things.
Using images for borders instead of lines.
Using Gradients with nothing more than CSS (no images needed).
Adding Shadows to elements.
Adding Rounded features to images with CSS.
Creating and styling buttons with CSS.
Creating Pagination with CSS.

Understanding the concept of responsive design for mobile devices.

What is the grid view and why is it important?
Showing different web page designs based on different sized devices.
How to resize images responsively for mobile devices.
How to use a framework like Bootstrap to shortcut your responsive programming.
How to add Bootstrap to your website.
Understanding the basics of Bootstrap
How to modify the underlying bootstrap CSS code.
How do HTML, CSS, and Javascript work together to make up front-end web development

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