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Microsoft Access - Basic


An introduction to Microsoft Access.

Enter a new record into a table and move between fields.

Create a form and combo box for easy data entry and storing numbers for foreign keys.

Modify the form created in the previous lesson, set properties and add controls.

Make great looking forms by changing colors, creating a close button and sorting or filtering columns.

Create a query from scratch to line up data for a report that is grouped by something.

Import objects from Access and manage Trust Center settings.

Import data from Excel spreadsheets into tables in Access.

The Navigation Pane is an area on the left side of the database that enables you to open and change the design of objects.

Further explore the Navigation Pane and learn how to use a query to calculate data.

Overview of the Access objects covered so far. The main object types are Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, and Modules.

Recognize the different Number Data Types. The actual Data Type of a Number is specified by the Field Size property.

Learn about Short Text and Long Text Data Types and how to change the Data Type of a field.

Change the format of a Currency field and define the currency symbol in Windows Region settings.

Best practices for using the Yes/No Data Type, which can be displayed as a check box to show when something is active.

Date/Time is an important, but problematic, data type. Recognize Date/Time functions and formats and how to enter them into fields.

A review of Simple, Special and Complex Data Types.

Learn how to lay out the Relationships Diagram to see what you have in the database.

Add a subform to a main form and store when a record was changed in a Date/Time field.

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) for form and report design.

Create a complex query to be used as the source for a grouped report.

Learn how to create a new report and fix a broken report.

Create a report from scratch using Report Design, add field to Record Source and align controls.

Learn how to add grouping and sorting to a report to order information.

Learn how to change report Record Source to show all records.

Identify how to switch between different views such as Report View, Design View, Layout View and Print Preview.

Learn calculation to Sum Field in Group Footer/Header, Page Header/Footer, or Report Header/Footer and calculation to get percent of a total in another control.

Identify Page Setup options and learn how to force a new page between sections of a second grouping.

Choose and customize themes for forms, animate Command Buttons and define an alternate back color so that rows will display in alternating colors.

Define a Running Sum, hide duplicate information and copy formats with the Format Painter.

Learn how to Repeat Section on the next page so you can see the group value that detail continues from, and use VBA to add a Continued label to group header on a report.

Change sort to group using the Group Sort and Total pane, and change the Default View of a report to Print Preview.

Learn how to hide sections and controls on a report, such as key fields, when you don't want them to show.

Create a textbox to show the date and time a report was printed, page number, and total pages at the top of each page.

Create a form to use as a Main Menu and make a command button to open a form using a macro.

Create a command button to open a report using a macro or VBA and create a Combo Box using the wizard to show Customers and Store CustID.

Use criteria from a Form Control when opening a report with VBA.

Use multiple criteria from Form Controls when opening a report.

Create a command button to open a table or query and make it the Startup form when the database opens.

Add logo to Main Menu Form and review what has been covered in the course.

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