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    You work for a golf course and frequently create PivotTables where you want to see your departments sorted into the following order from top to bottom: Green Fees, Retail, Rentals, Food & Beverage, Maintenance, General & Admin. How should you set up your sorting to be most efficient?

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    You work for a manufacturing company and need to create a PivotTable that displays the products you need to order. You’d like to display your products in the following order: Steel Beams, Stainless Screws, Stainless Bolts, Stainless Nuts, Stainless Washers, Zinc Anodes. How would you do this in order to ensure that the client sees the data the way you sorted it?

  3. 3

    You have a list of product names in cells A1:A10 of a worksheet, sorted in a non-alphabetical order. You’d like to use this sort order for all of your PivotTables. How would you do this?