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19 Free HTML Resume Templates to Help You Land The Job

Nick Mertens

Nick Mertens

Do you know a little HTML? Do you want to impress at your next job interview? Of course, you do! Well, you've come to the right place. Today we will be looking at a variety of free HTML resume templates (written in HTML and CSS).

They will range from your usual Word-doc-like collection of work experience and key skills to fully-fledged websites you can customize to your heart's content.

If you find you need a little refresher on your HTML knowledge, check out our Introduction to HTML course, which shows you how to build your own professional resume website in two ways - with templates like we have below, or with the handy Bootstrap framework. And to take things further, we've also got courses on CSS and JavaScript!

Take a sip of your coffee, and let's dive straight in.

Plain HTML templates

The following couple of templates are great for quickly getting a CV written up and sent out. They're written in HTML and CSS so you can host these on your website or send them in a ZIP file by email.

Get your free HTML resume templates

Ready to rock your resume game? Then download these free resume templates!

1. Responsive HTML & CSS CV Template

For a stylish but straightforward template, check out this CV template by Thomas Hardy. It's written in plain HTML and CSS and has a subtle fade-in effect that's rather pleasing to the eye.


2. DIY HTML CV Template

That's a lot of acronyms in a row, but if you're looking for a one-pager that's sure to impress, have a look at this DIY HTML CV Template by SRT. Just make sure you add a link to a PDF version or remove the button in the header. The simplest way to generate it is to print the page in Chrome and change the printer to "Save as PDF."


Website resume templates

If you have a little more time on your hands, we recommend checking out the following templates. They've been designed a little more, so they're quite lovely to read and navigate.

3. I AM X

Built with Bootstrap 3, this is a robust theme for beginners and pros. I AM X also comes with documentation, so you'll know exactly how to use it.


4. Scribbler

For those developers with us: first of all, fist bump! Second of all, you might enjoy this code-focused template. If you want to show off your portfolio in code, this is the one for you. If you're applying for a developer role, it'll likely go down well!


5. Miller

Great for a visual CV, Miller has a nice, smooth feel to it as you scroll down, and has space for a big image of you or your work on one side of the template.


6. Hola

This beautifully designed website template will make you stand out for sure. Hola has distinct sections for you to fill out and includes a contact form & download option.


7. Kelvin Resume Template

The big splash image in the Kelvin Resume Template will help grab their attention, so they scroll down and read all about your education, work experience, skills, and portfolio.


8. Creative CV Website Template

If you're after something a little more flashy, give this Creative CV Website Template a go, created by TemplateFlip. As the name reveals, it's a website template that shows off your creative side. It's a little more engaging than a simple static page, and it suits job applications related to creative industries or web developers.


9. Kards

Another template by the great people at Styleshout, Kards has timeline items, stats section, skill bars, working ajax form, frontend form validation, a portfolio section to showcase your works, and many more.

10. One

This One (see what we did there) is clean and dark - great for the minimalist in you. Easy on the eyes and easy to edit, give it a try!


11. Infinity

"To Infinity and beyond!"

Sure, it's not specifically a CV template, but just like Toy Story, with a little imagination, it could be! You can quickly transform it into a website that shows off your work instead of a company's.


12. Pixfly

If your portfolio is the main attraction, check out Pixfly. If you have enough images to show off, this template can pop off the screen.


13. Responsive Resume

Sitting somewhere in between a plain CV template and a CV website, this Responsive Resume Template by Philip Davis could work for you. It has a bit more room for customization than some of the others listed above. It even includes it's own grid, letting you rearrange parts of the template easily.


14. Industrious

Industrious is the only one on this list with a video background in the header, something you can use to grab their eye! As some of the templates before this one, it's not solely focused on CVs or resumes, but with a little elbow grease, we know you can make it work in your favor!


15. Grit

Far from gritty, cleaner and to the point, Grit will work well for a CV with your usual suspects, a portfolio and a blog.


WordPress CV Templates

For the most impressive online CV, create a free WordPress account and pick one of the many great CV and Resume templates. Fully customizable, they are fully hosted websites, so it will take a little longer to set up. It's worth it, however, for the impression you'll make.

16. Hired

This beautiful dark theme is responsive, fully customizable, and even has the option to display content in various languages!


17. Personal

With space for past experience, portfolio, and even a blog, this Personal WordPress theme could be your living, dynamic CV website. Keep it updated regularly, and you'll be sure to stand out.

18. Proper Lite

As the title of the page suggests, this one is made for creatives. If you have a lot of visual work to show off - designs, photos, etc. - then Proper Lite might be the theme for you.


19. Argent

While not a template that's necessarily pitched as a CV or resume template, Argent is very flexible and could easily be transformed into a resume and portfolio hybrid.


Thanks for reading

Whether you're new to the world of web or an experienced veteran, we hope you have found the template for your next CV. If you have any templates you like, be sure to leave a comment. For extra help in setting them up, check out our Intro to HTML course which shows you how to modify your template, step by step.

And with such a professional looking resume, you'll probably want to brush up on some common interview questions for your field. So check out our guides below, which will help you put your best foot forward:

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